Are Gold Watches Still in Style?

Are Gold Watches Still in Style? Cover

  The watch world is buzzing with the news of gold watches making a grand comeback. Watch dealers and manufacturers are seeing a rise in demand for gold watches. Especially with brands like Rolex and Nautilus, prospecting that consumer preference … Read more

Onion Crowns (Watches 101)

It’s rare for the crown of a watch to take center stage but in the case of the onion crown, that’s exactly what happens. While we usually don’t pay much attention to the crown of a watch, there are some … Read more

What is a Chronograph Watch?

Chronographs were originally invented for measuring the movements of astrological bodies but chronograph watches. The term for an extra watch feature like a chronograph is “complication,” so named because they add extra levels to the mechanics of a traditional mechanical … Read more

Guide to White Gold Watches

Guide to White Gold Watches cover

Are you considering buying a white gold watch? Or perhaps, wondering what makes white, rose, and yellow gold different from one another? In this article, we take a deeper look into some commonly asked questions about white gold in watches … Read more

Are Rose Gold Watches Real Gold? + Other FAQs

Are Rose Gold Watches Real Gold-Other FAQs Cover

The watch market gives us a plethora of options for stylish and classic-looking watches. Of these, rose gold watches and accessories have always been a head-turner. Be it for watches, fashion accessories, or even electronics, brands now have a wide … Read more

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold Watches

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold Watches Cover

Watch metals define the look and essence of the watch. Ever since clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches have been around, manufacturers have used precious metals like gold as part of the design. Even with gold, we now have a range … Read more