How Does A Mechanical Watch Keep The Date?

In terms of watch movements, the most common types you would encounter are mechanical or quartz movement. (Although of course, there are other types of watches: such as solar or kinetic, chronometer, and spring drive. Before the rise of battery-powered quartz … Read more

Solar Watches Pros and Cons

In this day and age where efficiency and sustainability are given much importance, it may be worth considering buying products that feature “green technologies.” One such product is the solar watch. Is a solar-powered watch right for you? Read on … Read more

How Does a Kinetic Watch Work?

What is a kinetic watch? A kinetic watch, also known as an automatic quartz watch, combines a self-winding rotor mechanism to generate electricity with a piezoelectric quartz crystal as its timing element. This type of watch is hailed for its … Read more

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