Cool Watches for Photographers | Camera Inspired Watch Designs

Photography is my favorite hobby. There is something almost zen-like about taking your camera out and capturing images, whether it’s scenic nature shots, personal portraits, or moody black-and-white stills. More than almost any other hobby or profession, photography inspires great passion in its adherents and can often become an entire lifestyle. Whether you’re a paid … Read more

Best Watches For Veterinarians & Vet Techs

Hand in hand, a veterinarian and a vet tech provide healthcare to animals. Pet owners rely on their vet to care for their animal, from routine checkups and vaccinations to diagnosing and treating health problems, and when necessary even performing surgery. A vet tech assists by providing nursing care, first aid, shots, and observing behavioral changes … Read more

Durable Watches for Construction Workers | Our Top 10 Picks For 2019

Dealing with the physical construction of buildings and infrastructures, a construction worker’s job is very strenuous. At the same time, it can also be risky, what with the accident-prone surroundings involving potentially dangerous objects; temporary structures; heights; and the possibility of falling debris. When at work, for protection and precaution, they’d wear a hard hat; … Read more

Best Watches For Teachers To Wear In Class & After School

teacher wearing watch

Teaching, perhaps, is one of the noblest professions but rarely appreciated. Teachers, instructors, professors, or whatever they may be called are investing not just their career but their whole being as they guide others, especially the younger generation. It was once said that “Teaching is a profession of sacrifice.” Teachers have to sacrifice their time, … Read more

Wall Street Watches | Best Watch for Investment Bankers?

For decades, “Wall Street” has served as shorthand for great wealth, flashiness, excess, and, of course, greed. In the decades since Michael Douglas famously extolled the value of avarice, the nation’s relationship with Wall Street has had its up and downs. Meanwhile, investment bankers and stock traders have continued doing what they do best: making … Read more