Best Watches For Teachers To Wear In Class & After School

teacher wearing watch

Teaching, perhaps, is one of the noblest professions but rarely appreciated. Teachers, instructors, professors, or whatever they may be called are investing not just their career but their whole being as they guide others, especially the younger generation. It was once said that “Teaching is a profession of sacrifice.” Teachers have to sacrifice their time, … Read more

Wall Street Watches | Best Watch for Investment Bankers?

For decades, “Wall Street” has served as shorthand for great wealth, flashiness, excess, and, of course, greed. In the decades since Michael Douglas famously extolled the value of avarice, the nation’s relationship with Wall Street has had its up and downs. Meanwhile, investment bankers and stock traders have continued doing what they do best: making … Read more

Best Watches to Buy for Medical Students

All the hard work and years of stress have paid off. The all-nighters, the missed meals, the total abandonment of the faintest semblance of a social life have led to this: your kid is on their way to medical school. You couldn’t be prouder of her (or him) and even though it’s going to mean … Read more