8 Best Luminous Watches That You Can See In The Dark

wristwatch at nighttime

There are different types of luminous watch material—for instance, those that have the dials painted with a non-harmful coating, those that have embedded glass capsules that produce an instant glow, or those that have LED technology. Most big brands have their own versions of these watches, so choosing the best one may get a bit … Read more

15 Best Women’s Watches Under $100 {Plus One to Avoid}

More than ever, watches have now become a popular ladies accessory. Wristwatches are often regarded as men’s accessories. When we think of women’s accessories, we usually think of jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and belts. But now, more and more women are wearing timepieces featuring different designs, colors, and functions to expand and enhance their wardrobe. It’s … Read more

Anniversary Watch Gift Ideas By Year For Him & Her

There is perhaps no gift more complicated to buy than the anniversary gift. When searching for the perfect present for a significant other, you want a gift that reflects their personality, as well as your personal relationship, and the amount of time you’ve been together. That can be a tricky needle to thread. An anniversary … Read more