Watch Ranker is one of the world leading publishers writing about wrist watches. Founded by watch fanatic Matthew Anderson in 2018 we have quickly become the go to source for news and facts in the wristwatch community.

Since the start, Watch Ranker’s team has grown from being just Matt to having assistance from several writers and editorial staff to provide our readers with the latest.


WatchRanker will be the leading wrist watch news and style guide. Helping beginners in the hobby to get an understanding of everything from an overview of watch brands, the inner workings of the movement and reviews.

WatchRanker will also be for the senior watch collectors that have deep knowledge already. Providing interesting reads, information about collections and identification of unknown watches.

This means we cover everything from everyday watches such as Fossil and Casio, to luxury brands such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

We will listen to you readers and continue our journey together.


My love of watches started almost 30 years ago when I inherited my grandfather’s watch. A watch that is still in my collection and one of my most prized possessions although not the most valuable in terms of money.
My grandfather served during WWII in Italy and wore his 1940 Panerai Radiomir until his passing in the 80s when he left it to me.

Since my grandfather’s watch sparked my interest I went on to study Horology in Switzerland for three years and worked in the Swiss industry for five years before moving back to the United States.

As the founder and a writer for, I would personally like to thank you very much for being a reader.


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