50 Watch Engraving Ideas For Every Gift Occasion & Life Event

bride and groom wearing watch

Finding a perfect gift for every situation can be tricky. Between all those birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries, graduations, and other gift-giving occasions, it’s often hard to find a present to express the right sentiment. For instance, a watch is always a nice gift, but how can you be sure that it’s conveying the message you want? … Read more

Why Are Quartz Watches So Accurate?

Beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, wristwatches began to get cheaper and more accurate. This was due to the invention of the quartz watch, which is an electrical or battery-powered watch. Quartz is the most common alternative to a mechanical watch. Quartz watches can be incredibly cheap or jaw-droppingly expensive. What they … Read more

Why Do Watches Have Jewels: Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds Best?

Watches are intriguing devices and have always been objects of fascination due to their extreme portability but highly sophisticated but tiny mechanical parts. What is even more interesting is the fact that all this sophistication is fitted into such a tiny enclosure. You may have noticed that it is written on some watches that they … Read more

Hamilton Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

Hamilton Watch Company is a Swiss manufacturer of wristwatches currently based in Bienne, Switzerland.Yes, you read that right. Hamilton is a Swiss brand. However, many still perceive the brand still as an American one. But they are not completely wrong. The Hamilton Watch Company can indeed trace its roots back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Its first products … Read more

What Is a Field Watch? | History of Field Watches & Current Models

In this era of increasingly complex and complicated technology, there is something quite elegant and refreshing about a field watch. By definition, a field watch isn’t overstuffed with features or “smart” tech. It does one thing, and one thing very well: it tells the time. It would seem counterintuitive that basic timepieces could maintain their … Read more

Fossil Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

closeup of fossil mens watch

Fossil is an American fashion designer and manufacturer. Primarily, Fossil is known for designing, manufacturing and distributing quality and trendy watches worldwide. As such, it has license agreements with Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Diesel, Burberry, Relic, Michele, Zodiac, Skagen, Adidas, Tony Burch, and Armani Exchange. Evidently, most of its watches … Read more

Guess Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

guess watch review

Guess is a global lifestyle brand with a full range of denim, apparel, and accessories offered in more than 80 countries around the world. As such, Guess is not particularly a watch brand. Rather, it is a fashion brand that makes designer watches. So that should pretty much set your expectations right about the watches … Read more

42 Quotes About Watches, Clocks & Time | Temporal Thoughts

famous watch quotes

Temporal Thoughts: Inspiring, Funny, and Revealing Quotes about Time & Timepieces Everyone loves a pithy or elegant quote. They can be used for big moments in life to put things in perspective, to celebrate success or to commiserate loss. For the watch aficionados in the audience, we have compiled a list of inspiring, thought-provoking, and … Read more