Watch Rules Every Guy Should Know

With all areas of style and fashion etiquette, there are common rules that all guys should know.  There are some things we just know are wrong; matching two similar colors like pink and red or wearing a black belt with … Read more

12 Good Reasons to Wear a Watch

The art of wearing a watch originally stemmed from practicality and unsurprisingly, wanting to know the time. Aside from their timekeeping abilities, since their inception watches have become a staple accessory and grown into a fashion phenomenon. In the modern … Read more

Best Huawei Smartwatches in 2021

Despite Huawei’s recent struggle in the US market, Huawei is still one of the best performers and most successful tech giants in recent years. Everything from their smartphones, smart home devices, and smart wearables have been well received by the … Read more

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