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Defined by style and affordability since 1975, Armitron is a leading watch brand in the United States of America. At the time of its inception, the watch company, then called E. Gluck Trading Company, functioned as a subsidiary of the Armin Group. During this time, the watch brand developed various LED and digital watches, using the electronic expertise of its parent company.
With LED watches becoming obsolete, Armitron ventured into developing liquid crystal display watches. Years of reliable performance combined with durability and accuracy paved the way for Armitron to enter the world of sports. To this extent, the brand is the official sponsor of the New York Yankees. Some celebrity patrons of the brand include Jerry Rice, Larry Bird, Daryl Strawberry, and more!
In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Armitron’s online exclusive watch collections.

Jen Stark x Armitron

Driven by the philosophy – time is personal – Armitron fuses high-quality watches with unique styles that bring to you a curation of unprecedented designs. The online store of Armitron offers exclusive deals in the spirit of accessibility for all. One such is the Jen Stark Collection.
Vibrant and colorful, the Jen Stark collaboration with Armitron takes inspiration from the artist’s geometrical patterns. Designed to express the individuality and depth of the wearer, this collection signifies the free spirit and function of the brand. This California-based artist, exploring intricate patterns and designs through her art using bright colors, brings together design and functionality with this watch collaboration. Her long-standing success, such as public art installations for Citizen Hotel M, MTV Awards 2015, Miami International Airport, and Hard Rock Stadium, amplifies Armitron’s reach and audience.
Available for both men and women, the Jen Stark X Armitron collection comes in three varieties – with a silicon strap, with a mesh strap, and bands for Apple watches. The timepieces come powered by a quartz movement and are designed in a 40 mm case. The silicon strap complements the design on the face of the dial, giving the watch a cohesive look.
On the other hand, the mesh strap edition uses either gold, silver, or black mesh, with a vibrant dial. The face of the dial takes a simple, clean design with just dash marks for numerals. The geometric patterns on the dial empower the wearer to freely express themselves, with a flair for unmatched style.
Both these editions, available at an affordable price point, make for a perfect daily companion with a promise of durability. The Apple watch band, on the other hand, comes in two unique designs – a vivid colorful one and a more subdued monochrome option.

Women’s Online Exclusive Collections

Besides the Jen Stark-inspired watches, the Armitron online store also hosts some classic watches for women.
The Prismatica is yet another innovative and colorful watch introduced by the brand. The Prismatica displays a dial that changes color with the change in time. Currently, the gold, rose gold, and silver shade watches are available for purchase. This edition also features an Iridescent shade, available to pre-order.
All four timepieces display different dial shades in a 33.5 mm case. The face of the dial showcases a clean analog movement, and the outer bezel of the watch indicates the minute markings. With a design and style unlike any other in the market, the Prismatica is sure to be a hit with the ladies!
In addition to these contemporary designs, it is worth mentioning the Grand and Griffy editions as well. The Grand watches take after a retro-classic design in an octagonal 37 mm case. The face also displays a date and day window. The Grand edition aims to bring back the vintage hits with a modern twist. On the other hand, we have the Griffy edition, a retake of the ’70s design with a LED display. An extremely affordable digital watch with contemporary styling, the Griffy offers a smart look for the urban woman.

Men’s Online Exclusive Collections

Much like for the women, the men’s collection on the online exclusive store features the Armitron Horizon collection, Armitron Tactical Chrono collection, the Grand collection, the Skeleton Collection, and more.
If you are looking for a chunky, smart, and affordable watch, the Armitron Horizon offers attractive timepieces. A pro sports watch with 330 feet water resistance, a chronograph, a countdown timer, alarm, and a dual timezone, the Horizon comes fitted in a 55 mm case. The Resin band offers the utmost durability for activities without easy damage.
In a similar vein to the Horizon, Armitron also introduced the Tactical Chrono collection. Taking a more military-like design, this edition comes with similar functionality as the Horizon, but in a slightly smaller dial made to fit in a 53 mm case. Both these editions personify a rugged, sporty design for the adventurous soul.
The Skeleton is another marvelous timepiece by Armitron worth highlighting. Currently available to pre-order,  this edition comes in black or silver bracelet. The face of the watch proudly presents the 21 jewels automatic movement, offering a peek into the stunning working of the brand’s craftsmanship.
One thing is for certain – Armitron harmonizes the art of watchmaking with highly functional design and quality. With different editions taking different styles, the brand’s ethos forms the underlying keystone of their success. Above all, affordability without a compromise on quality makes the brand an undefeated competition in the world of horology. Bringing back vintage designs with a modern reinvention takes a certain fineness. And, Armitron has mastered what it takes to make stylish watches affordable to all!

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