Mathey-Tissot Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Swiss watchmaker Mathey-Tissot has been around for over a century. Founded by Edmund Mathey-Tissot, this brand has no association with the other Swiss watch brand ‘Tissot’.
Most renowned for its craftsmanship, precision, and quality, the brand is amongst the leading Swiss watch manufacturers. Armed personnel, watch aficionados, experts, and their patrons swear by the brand and its history is a testament to it. In its 134th year of existence, the brand continues to unveil stunning timepieces for both men and women. The brand garners adulation and praise for its personalized handling, timeless styling, expertise, and pedigree.
As a result, Mathey-Tissot watches remain sought after the world over. Some of their memorable watches include the coin watch, the Elvis Presley watch, and the Edmund series.

Mathey-Tissot Brand History 

Brand Inception & Early Years

Mathey-Tissot’s inception dates back to 1886 in Switzerland. Founded in the village of Les Ponts de Martel, in the heart of the Jura mountains, marks the origin to its incredible journey.  Most importantly, the brand’s philosophy and values in quality, integrity, and personal service have successfully endured over the decades.
In its early years, Mathey-Tissot specialized in ‘repeater’ watches. These timepieces would chime at every hour and half-hour. After that, the brand moved on to chronograph. This shift ensured instant success given the craftsmanship, precision, and dexterity of the timepiece. As a result, a host of awards and superlatives attached themselves across Europe with the chronograph.
Meanwhile, four years after its founding, another major event would mark the brand’s growth. The Boer war between England and South Africa in 1890 created a demand for Mathey-Tissot timepieces. Consequently, the brand constructed a new larger factory to cope with the growing demand. Amongst the many orders, a notable one of 2500 pieces came from a Scottish Jeweller. A local nobleman commissioned Mathey-Tissot gold repeater watches for every officer of his son’s regiment. In addition, the other men received sterling silver models.

Success & Recognition

Acknowledgment for the brand’s craftsmanship, precision, and quality soon followed with prestigious wins. For the 1914 Kew Observatory Competition, Mathey-Tissot entered six chronographs with split-second timing. Every single watch passed with a Class ‘A’ rating and a ‘specially good’ mention. In a similar vein, Mathey-Tissot picked up the coveted Grand Prix at Berne’s Swiss National Exhibition.
Subsequently, many other awards and laurels followed. However, World War One erupted and the Mathey-Tissot’s precision-driven timepieces grew in demand. Large orders came in from the United States Army Corps of Engineers for precision chronographs. Furthermore, General John J Pershing, Commander of the United States Expeditionary Forces, awarded members of his staff with Mathey-Tissot timepieces. In addition, they also produced watches for the US Armed Forces and British Navy before and during World War Two.

Present & Future

In 1975, the last of the founder’s descendants retired from the brand. However, Mathey-Tissot has successfully transitioned into the modern era of watchmaking. This said, the brand still values its rich history and values. Customization is another key aspect that is unique to Mathey-Tissot. Their latest watches resemble the essence of the company’s plans for the future.

Mathey-Tissot Watch Collections

Mathey-Tissot today manufactures and customizes both mechanical and quartz timepieces. Currently, the official website for Mathey-Tissot features its products under the following categories – men’s, women’s, duo watches, and accessories. In addition, the website at present lists forty-three collections. Given the wide variety, Mathey-Tissot is a fairly affordable brand, and here are a few of their popular collections.

Edmund 1886 Calibre 98

Edmund 1886 Calibre 98
Edmund 1886 Calibre 98

To pay tribute to the founder, the brand unveiled the Edmund 1886 Calibre 98 collection. The two exquisite timepieces under this edition marked a limited edition run. The pink gold-colored version is the most expensive watch under the Mathey-Tissot brand. The 42mm stainless steel case features an open heart dial that showcases the gears and wheels of the watch. In addition, the watch also features a see-through rear and is water-resistant up to 5ATM. The limited-edition watch hosts Swiss Made movements and Antireflex Sapphire. The collection also has a stainless steel colored version.

Edmond LE Open Heart

Mathey-Tissot Edmond LE Open Heart
Mathey-Tissot Edmond LE Open Heart

Another limited edition model unveiled recently by the Mathey-Tissot brand pays homage to the late founder. The watch features a stunning green scale and open heart dial. Similarly, the strap comes in green scale leather. The 42mm stainless steel case with the see-through case back comes with a 38H power reserve. In the same vein as the above-mentioned watch, this one hosts Swiss Made automatic movements.
This limited edition piece is currently available on the site. Apart from these limited edition watches, you can also check out the Edmond Automatic, Edmond Moon, and Edmond Quartz collection.


Mathey-Tissot GMT
Mathey-Tissot GMT

The GMT collection is also amongst the brand’s latest offerings. Five new timepieces complete this collection. All the five watches host the Swiss Made Ronda quartz movements. The 42mm stainless steel cases have sapphire coated glass and are water-resistant up to 10ATM. In addition, all watches showcase the date complication and come in five different color options for the dial, bezel, and strap.

Type 21

Mathey-Tissot Flyback Type 21
Mathey-Tissot Flyback Type 21

Mathey-Tissot’s iconic Type 20 1930 generation is amongst the most sought after collector’s piece. Flyback Type 21 is the brand’s modern-day successor. Type 21 features sub-dials that include a 60-second chronograph counter, 60 minutes, and 12 hours. The dial also receives a date complication. Type 21 comes with Swiss Made ETA quartz movement and is water-resistant up to 5ATM. The collection features two pieces – one with a leather strap and one with a stainless steel bracelet.
Subsequently, a more contemporary looking Type 22 followed.

Urban Collection

Mathey-Tissot Urban
Mathey-Tissot Urban

The Urban collection caters to both men and women. With a 42mm case for the men, the women get a 30mm stainless steel case. The collection is available in both metal and leather options for you to pick from. Designed with the Quartz movement, the watches are water-resistant up to 5 ATM. In addition, they also showcase the date.

Mathy Collection

Mathey-Tissot Mathy Vintage Quartz
Mathey-Tissot Mathy Vintage Quartz

The Mathy collection is quite the popular one under the Mathey-Tissot brand name. The following series of watches feature under Mathy collection – Mathy I, II, III, Vintage quartz, and Vintage automatic. The Mathy collection shares a very ‘Rolex’ like design and overall look.
The vintage automatic series features a numbered bezel and a see-through rear. The vintage quartz features a similar bezel but comes with a quartz movement. In addition, they are also available in several color options. Watches under Mathy I, II & III feature either a simple or a perforated bezel. Every Mathy watch showcases the date on the dial as a similar feature. Furthermore, the watches also carry the brand logo on either the second hand or the hour hand.

Mandy Collection

Mathey-Tissot Mandy
Mathey-Tissot Mandy

Amongst the brand’s collection for women, the Mandy collection is noteworthy. The sleek and curvy design gives it a unique look. Mandy collections offer nine different watches to choose from with different dial designs, bracelet colors. The 32mm stainless steel case features the Ronda quartz movement.

Darius Collection

Mathey-Tissot Darius
Mathey-Tissot Darius

Under the Darius collection, we see two distinct design features. One dial features roman numerals while the other showcases sleek lines for the hour numbers. These two designs are available in a host of color options. All watches host the Swiss Made Ronda quartz movement brass dials.
A few other notable collections include Eric Giroud, Skeleton, and Bolton collections. If you are one for retro styling, check out the brand’s Retrograde, Retro Chrono, and Retro Renaissance Automatic collections.

Mathey-Tissot Accessories

Mathey-Tissot Tan Leather Wallet
Mathey-Tissot Tan Leather Wallet

The website also features the accessories section by the brand for you to choose from. There is an array of wallets to choose from to match your stylish timepiece. Do check for availability, as the listings remained out of stock at the time of writing.

Mathey-Tissot Brand Reputation

As a watchmaking brand, Mathey-Tissot has successfully endured for over a century. The Swiss brand has not only produced many popular watches, but due recognition has followed. The numerous awards the company boasts of should cement its reputation amongst Switzerland’s best watch brands. For instance, the Grand Prix at Berne’s Swiss National Exhibition is an illustrious win. Legendary icon Elvis Presley himself admired the brand and commissioned a customized set of Mathey-Tissot timepieces. With his name engraved on the bezel, these watches made it to his inner circle. The brand also made an appearance in Martin Scorcese’s film – ‘The Irishman’.
Revealed documents have recently shown that Mathey-Tissot has manufactured parts for leading luxury watch brands. The company also went on to produce complete watch assemblies for a few brands.
More importantly, Mathey-Tissot made its name at the height of both World Wars. Over the years, armed forces from different countries have turned to Mathey-Tissot for its precision and quality. This recognition itself should stand testament to the brand’s strong reputation. As a result and a combination of rich history on its side, the brand continues to have a great reputation.

Is Mathey-Tissot A Good Watch Brand?

Mathey-Tissot Calamatic 1947
Mathey-Tissot Calamatic 1947 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Mathey-Tissot, admirably, started very strong. Surviving through two World Wars, while maintaining its status with veterans across the globe is evidence of its performance and quality. Yet, the current reality of Mathey-Tissot does not live up to its glory days. Watch reviews and forums offer mixed reviews on their modern timepieces.
Watch enthusiasts point out that the watches are amazing for its inexpensive price but the quality might not always be what you hoped for. Nevertheless, the adoration for its looks remains uncontested. More so, reviews indicate that watch aficionado hold higher regard for Mathey-Tissot’s vintage watches. This perhaps is proof that the brand’s vintage watches truly stand the test of time, while their modern watches can be a hit or miss. 
In recent history, the brand is trying to reinvent itself to reclaim its past glory. However, in comparison to Casio, Timex, or Swatch, Mathey-Tissot offers what you pay for. As we suggest in all our reviews, don’t let just the price decide the watch for you. Count in factors like usage, brand history, watchmaking know-how, budget, etc. while determining the perfect timepiece. If you are looking for a timepiece below $250, suitable for everyday wear, Mathey-Tissot can be one of your options. 

Where To Buy Mathey-Tissot Watches?

If you are looking to buy a Mathey-Tissot watch, the official website is a good place to start. The website currently lists an extensive line of Mathey-Tissot collections for you to choose from, subject to availability. You will have to create and authenticate an account to purchase from the website. The brand accepts payment in CHF, EUR, USD, or GBP for patrons outside of Switzerland. Mathey-Tissot products are available to order online from and delivered to any part of the globe.
Furthermore, the website also offers a store locator option in case you want to purchase a watch in person. Mathey-Tissot has stores across many different countries. Check the nearest official store to pick up your favorite piece.
Mathey-Tissot products are also available on online retailer Jomashop You can also find some deals on Walmart and Overstock
Vintage and new Mathey-Tissot on eBay from sellers around the globe.

Where Are Mathey-Tissot Made?

The brand has stayed true to its Swiss roots. Mathey-Tissot watches carry the inscription ‘Swiss Made’ on their dials. The century-old watch manufacturer has set up headquarters in Geneva and continues operations from there. Mathey-Tissot hand assembly continues in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Mathey-Tissot Warranty

All watches sold by Mathey-Tissot come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear that occurs with usage and time. However, the brand also lists a few terms and conditions under its warranty policy. For instance, if the product arrives damaged during shipment the carrier takes responsibility and not the brand. Refunds are issued if the value of the product is under 500CHF. For purchases over 500CHF, the brand issues vouchers which can be redeemed on further purchases.
For more details on Mathey-Tissot’s warranty policy, refer to Article 8 and 9 under ‘Terms and Conditions of use‘.

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