Alpina Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches

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Precision. Quality. Elegance. Toughness. Perhaps you might have thought that you can’t have all those characteristics in one watch at the same time. That will be too much to ask, so you think. Other watches offer precision, quality, and elegance but you can’t expect them to be tough. These are usually referred to as the … Read more

Emporio Armani Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

Emporio Armani is just one of the many sub-brands under the umbrella brand of Giorgio Armani. Emporio Armani, as a brand, is known for its ready-to-wear and runway collections. It focuses on current trends and modern traits. It boasts of collections that are designed by Giorgio Armani himself and has a spotlight at Milan Fashion … Read more

Citizen Watch Brand Review | Are They Good Quality Watches?

Citizen is the core company of a Japanese conglomerate, Citizen Watch Co. Ltd., that is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. It is generally popular for its Eco-Drive watches that are powered primarily by light. With the slogan, Better Starts Now, the company has been driven to always produce something better. As a result, more functions … Read more

Cool Watches for Photographers | Camera Inspired Watch Designs

Photography is my favorite hobby. There is something almost zen-like about taking your camera out and capturing images, whether it’s scenic nature shots, personal portraits, or moody black-and-white stills. More than almost any other hobby or profession, photography inspires great passion in its adherents and can often become an entire lifestyle. Whether you’re a paid … Read more

Bulova Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

Bulova is one of the longest running brands in the watch and clock-making industry. This American brand has been founded in 1875 in downtown New York. Since then, it was dedicated to producing the finest watches with high accuracy. Some of its great products have been vital even to global history. Bulova also designs and … Read more