50 Best Swiss Watch Brands (2021 Guide)

  Watches with the tag “Swiss-Made” or “Swiss watch” hold the highest ranks in the world of horology. What makes a watch Swiss-made? Not any watch brand can easily fit within these ranks. A watchmaking company can claim the reputation … Read more

Rolex Rolesor vs Rolesium

The longer you are around the watch industry, the more terms you will come to understand and see more often. If you have been shopping for a Rolex you have likely come across the term Rolesor or Rolesium, but what … Read more

9 Best Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatches in 2021

Heart rate monitors have become commonplace in smartwatches over the past few years. This is because they add lots of useful features such as tracking your workouts to see if you’re pushing yourself enough, monitoring your sleep patterns, and estimating … Read more

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