Anonimo Watch Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Swiss performance and Italian styling – The Anonimo brand exquisitely blends precision and sophistication with their line of watches. Anonimo watches take shape in Italy and their Swiss movements are provided by ETA SA or Sellita. Founded in 1997 by Federico Massacesi in the home of the Renaissance art – Florence, Italy, the timepieces were originally manufactured for professional divers.
Over the years, the Anonimo brand has garnered admirers globally for the brand’s perseverance in design and efficiency. Anonimo takes pride in the core characters it holds dear – excellence, Dolce Vita (excellence and luxury), friendship and conviviality. The collections that Anonimo offers today stand out as unique timepieces that reflect the brand’s rich heritage.

Anonimo History 

The origins of the brand and its initial clientele set the path to the successful and sought out the brand we know today. With professional divers and diving companies preferring the brand over anything else in the market, the Anonimo timepieces grew to be the champions of underwater and waterproof technology. This seal of preference by the divers built the brand’s reputation initially.
Subsequently, the brand’s dedication to excellence has propelled them successfully across two decades, increasing its customer base to all corners of the world. 

Early Days of the Anonimo Brand

Florence in the late 90s saw a coming together that made the Anonimo brand we know today possible, giving the city another successful brand to its name. While Federico Massacesi was envisioning a future in the watchmaking industry, the Italian watch brand Panerai based out of Florence moved to Switzerland.
Consequently, Federico saw potential in the local watchmakers who were now available and made the best use of the opportunity. Federico Massacesi’s dream turned to reality, and Anonimo came to be.

The First Patrons

Anonimo Millemetri 2000-04 Automatic-self-Wind Mens Watch 1604 (Certified Pre-Owned)
Anonimo Millemetri (Image: Amazon)

The Anonimo brand was unparalleled when it came to their patented screw-in crown locking system and water-resistant push buttons. Anonimo brought out their first offering, the Millemetri – a diver’s watch. Divers preferred the iconic timepieces as it could withstand water pressure tantamount to over 1000 meters
Amongst their many patrons, was the famed Cooperativa Nazionale Sommozzatori S.c. a r.l (CNS) – an enterprise that undertook diving operations, hydro testing, pipeline trenching, etc. This collection is no longer in stock today.

Subsequent Brand Development

Establishing themselves as pioneers and leaders in underwater and waterproof watches, Anonimo looked towards martial elements that could be incorporated into the watch. With this new drive, Anonimo officially launched the Militare in 2001.
Apart from just the dial, the strap securing functionality promised excellent mobility underwater. Anonimo went a step further by upping the ante as they tested the Professionale at a depth of 2000 meters.
The Militare collection was upgraded in 2006 when Anonimo welcomed Colonel Dr.Dino Zei, a military engineer who had previously served with the Italian Navy. He also held the position of CEO at Panerai. Guided by his technical vision, the brand developed and released the Nautilo collection.
The Polluce collection then successfully followed. Anonimo, by now, had established faithful in both the diving and military personnel. Their push toward excellence is a testament to their quality. 

Anonimo’s Bronze Approach

Anonimo Mens Nautilo Automatic Watch - 45mm Analog Blue Face with Luminous Hands Date and Sapphire Crystal - Blue Leather Band Swiss Made Stainless Steel Classic Watch AM-1001.04.003.A03
Anonimo Nautilo -Brushed Bronze (Image: Amazon)

Bronze cased watches weren’t instant crowd-pleasers when they were first debuted to the public. Anonimo embraced Bronze like no one before them – they celebrated the metal’s metamorphosis. While many watchmakers shied away from the fact that bronze would tarnish with time, Anonimo believed this watch became part of the wearer’s journey.
With this very personal philosophy, Anonimo released the first bronze encased diving watch in 2006. Divers and seafarers strongly lauded the lineup for the use of bronze as the metal never degrades in salty conditions. The change in color garnered great acclaim as a unique signature and not a defect.

Transition to Anonimo SA

2013 marked the year of transition for the Italian brand. With its global patronage growing, company acquisition followed, and it rebranded itself as Anonimo SA. Resultantly, Anonimo moved its company head office to Switzerland. While many aficionados and industry watchers believed that this would signal the end of the tun for the once famed independent company, Anonimo as always strived to evolve and grow. The brand continues to remain an independent watchmaker.

Anonimo Watch Collections

anonimo watch closeup
Anonimo Automatic Watch (Image:

The brand celebrated 20 prosperous and pioneering years in 2017. The brand also decided to narrow down and focus on limited collections – the Militare and the Nautilo. The brand continues to adhere to the same values that have brought it two decades of success. 
Over the last twenty years, the brand has presented some memorable collections under its name – Millemetri (1997), Militare (2001), Match Racing (2002), Professionale (2003), Anonimo Dino Zel (2003), Cronoscopio (2003), Militare Crono (2003), Polluce (2005), Nautilo (2005) and Dino Zel San Marco (2007).  In 2018, Anonimo unveiled its latest collection of watches – the Epurato. Presently, the brand sells three premium collections – the Militare, the Nautilo and the Epurato.

The Militare Collection

Anonimo Militare Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Leather Bracelet AM112301002A05
Anonimo Militare (Image: Amazon)

The earliest version of this collection came out in 2001 with a focus on martial aspects of a watch. The Militare lineup was designed to use by Italian Navy divers. With its central focus concentrated on underwater and martial elements, the watches are as robust and durable as they come. The collection also features bronze and oxidized bronze casing in its line up.
The patented crown design provides excellent water-resistance to the watches. The crown position at 12 adds to the unique feature of the Militare collection. The most sought after watch in the collection is the stunning Militare Chrono Oxidized Bronze watch, which is limited to 25 pieces. The Militare collection currently retails at an average of $3500 – $5000. 

The Nautilo Collection

Anonimo nautilo Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Leather Bracelet AM100207005A07
Anonimo Nautilo (Image: Amazon)

Making good on the focus on water resistance, the collection promises water-resistant at 20ATM. The watches host the crown at 4 o’clock. With the Nautilo series, Anonimo redefined what diving watches should be capable of by setting new benchmarks. With its cushion-shaped casing,  a minimalistic approach in design on the dial, it can be read easily in difficult environments. The Nautilo collection currently retails at an average of $2000. 

The Epurato Collection

Anonimo epurato Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Leather Bracelet AM400001103W22
Anonimo Epurato (Image: Amazon)

The latest lineup takes on a more sleek and refined approach with a focus on finesse and the brand’s Italian heritage. The Epurato collection features watches that are contemporary while looking back at the brand’s roots in Florence. It marks a true celebration of the brand’s heritage. The watches are somewhat condensed in its diameter when compared to the collections mentioned above but stand out for their elegance.
The Epurato Bronze, with its nautical bronze metal casing, stands out in the collection with two very unique dial and strap color options. The Epurato collection currently retails at an average of $2000. 

Special Editions

Militare Chrono WRC Special Edition
Militare Chrono WRC Special Edition (Image: Amazon)

Anonimo is currently offering special edition timepieces amongst their collection on their official website. These watches are part of either the WRC edition and Le0pard Racing limited edition. The special edition is a tribute to motor racing. 

Anonimo Brand Reputation

The Anonimo brand was built with absolute focus, and over the years, they’ve established themselves as a leading watchmaker out of Switzerland. What makes them stand out is their roots in Florence, which is reflected in their design philosophy.
Anonimo has always looked to push the boundaries and pioneer with their greatest strength – water resistance and underwater use. The timepieces are a must-have for divers, seafarers, mariners, and many in the military services. These occupations put the watch to its ultimate test, and the brand has successfully faced every challenge head-on, stamping the seal of trustworthy.
Over the two decades, the brand has grown with innovation and pioneering technology like the bronze cases, the screw-in crown system, etc. While initially offering many collections, Anonimo trimmed down and focused down only on two collections post the takeover. In 2018, they took a different approach at making sleeker and more elegant watches, unlike what they made in the past. The Anonimo brand is staying true to its heritage while trying to adapt to present times.
If you’re a diver/seafarer by profession, or if you’re a frequent visitor to the beach, then Anonimo is highly recommended.

Is Anonimo A Good Brand?

Watch reviews and forums overall love the brand even today. Anonimo has built a loyal clientele and customer base over the last 20 years. For which, their avid fans do not doubt that Anonimo will continue to serve like before.  As the workers of Panerai moved to Anonimo, Panerai’s everlasting trust over quality and standards has attracted many new customers to invest in an Anonimo timepiece.
However, given the recent change in management, many watch aficionados have their doubts.  Watch enthusiasts are troubled with the change in management, especially concerning after-sales services of Anonimo’s previous collection. While it is unsure if you can get your previous Anonimo versions serviced and repaired, their new collections have drawn considerable attention with innovative design and styling.
Despite any such uncertainties, the Militare collection remains popular and in-demand even today.  
Having said this, there is no definitive answer to whether Anonimo is a good brand. As we suggest in our brand overviews, a lot of factors like budget, type of usage, and price range of other watches for the same use weigh heavily while determining the purchase of a timepiece. Additionally, the luxury pricing of Anonimo attracts only a small section of customers who know that Anonimo suits their style and use perfectly. 
With brands like Panerai, Graham, Doxa, and Sinn competing with Anonimo for new deepwater technologies that are cheaper than Anonimo, only changing times will indicate which brand will reign the market in the years to come. 

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Anonimo Watch Warranty

Anonimo International Warranty extends for two years from the date of purchase against any problem in the working of the watch. The brand, however, offers an unlimited period against any manufacturing defect in the watch. The Anonimo Watch Warranty comes in the form of a USB warranty card during the purchase in the Anonimo watch box. Please ensure you register your purchase and warranty.
Post the two year guarantee period, only parts that are defective as a result of manufacturing issues or defects are replaced or repaired at no cost. Authorized Anonimo service agents will determine and evaluate the extent of defects. 
The international warranty does not cover or offer a guarantee for the following:

  • Water-resistance loss after two years from the date of purchase
  • Damage as a result of negligent use or accidental impact

Detailed information is provided in the USB Warranty card on International Repair Warranty. Do note; the warranty can be extended by an additional year through the USB under warranty conditions.

Where to Buy Anonimo Watches?

Anonimo offers a premium line up of watches from its three collections. The watches, known for their durability, style, and robustness, are often sought after by many aficionados. Amongst them, mostly seafarers and divers who happen to be loyal patrons. If you’re looking to getting one for yourself or gifting an Anonimo watch, the brand offers diverse styles for you to choose from.
The official brand website sheds considerable light on the brand and the collections they have to offer. Under each collection, the watches have different dial colors and strap options for one to pick from. Purchases can be made directly from their website for domestic and shipping to most EU countries are available. This will include a shipping charge along with the price on the watch itself.
Anonimo watches can be bought globally from their partner stores. The brand’s store locator should help identify the nearest retailer.
You can also find Anonimo on Amazon. If you are UK or EU, check out to get your hands on an original Anonimo. The brand currently offers only three premium luxury watch collections. If you are a fan of their earlier collections that have been discontinued, a quick search for Anonimo watches on eBay should help you locate them. 
In addition to retailing watches, Anonimo offers a small range of watch straps. If you are keen on a higher degree of personalization to your timepiece, visit Anonimo’s website. They offer a unique collection of both stainless steel and leather strap options for you to choose from. 
Word of caution – A lot of dealers sell fake or damaged timepieces. Check the website store locator to identify an authorized dealer near you. Most importantly, the warranty benefits do not apply to watches purchased from unauthorized dealers. 

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