10 Cuff Watches You’ll Love (Top Ladies Watch Picks)

Cuff watches made their debut into the watch industry as early as the 1920s. Typically chunky in style, cuff watches have a leather pad at the bottom with a timepiece/dial attached to it. The leather pad and the timepiece merge together at the strap to form one whole unique looking piece. Originally designed and developed with an intention to prevent the discoloration of the watches and to not stick to the skin. As the years passed, the modern cuff watches went on to become a symbol of the contemporary fashion industry. Over the years, the success of cuff watches pushed watch brands to take functionality, durability, and design more seriously.

three cuff watches
Cuff watches by Gucci, Peugeot & Calvin Klein

As cuff watches grew to be more functional, they became the symbol of the armed forces. The German pilots first innovated with cuff watches by placing their cockpit watches on the leather strap. They did this to prevent the discomfort felt on the bare hands as they navigated between hot and cold temperatures. Resultantly, this paved the way for the production of the bund straps where celebrities like Elvis Presley, Miles Davis, and Steve McQueen adorned luxury timepieces on a bund strap. Even Paul Newman broke the fashion industry when he paired his infamous Rolex Daytona on a bund strap. 

Subsequently, cuff watches made their way to the fashion industry as different watchmakers took this army symbol to push the boundaries of luxury and innovation. With watching making advancements, it is incredibly easy to switch to cuff watches. You can either purchase an originally designed cuff watch or if you love the cuff style, you can also swap out your existing timepiece for a cuff strap, easily available online.

Our Favorite Women’s Cuff Watches

Timex Welton Cuff Watch

Timex Waterbury Welton Brown 1 One Size
Timex Welton Cuff Watch (Image: Amazon)

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Inspired by Timex’s original collection, the Welton Cuff Leather watch is a testament to the bygone era with a touch of modernity.

The handsome 33mm gold case timepiece designed with a white dial sits perfectly on the brown leather cuff. Furthermore, the detachable cuff gave the customers an option to wear with or without the leather cuff strap. 

The large crown, spade-shaped hands, and faux bronze finishing is a winner with the customers. Moreover, reviews indicate that the leather is thin and ultra-comfortable while keeping alive the style of WWI watches. Above all, the vintage look attracts customers of all ages, alike. Water-resistant up to 30 meters deep, the watches come equipped with Indiglo light-up dial for clear readability in the dark. 

If you love cuff watches, you can check out other Timex cuff watches on eBay.

Caravelle New York Women’s 44L142 Cuff Watch

Caravelle New York Women's 44L142 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Watch
Caravelle 44L142 (Image: Amazon)

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Luxurious look with an affordable price, the Caravelle New York Women’s Cuff watch wins over the ladies’ heart effortlessly. Resistant up to 30 meters underwater, the Caravelle Women’s Cuff Watch comes equipped with Japanese quartz movement. This gold cased watch with Swarovski diamonds on the face of the watch gives it a stylish and expensive look. 

Currently sold by Bulova, this timepiece is ideal for gifting to loved ones. Customers find value with the comfortable close hand fit, along with the ease of wearing and removing it. With this design, Bulova manages to create the ideal combination of cuff and bangle watches that are comfortable, durable, and yet does not burn a hole in the pocket. 

Calvin Klien Gold-Tone K8C2S516 Watch

Calvin Klein Seamless Silver Dial Ladies Small Gold-Tone Bangle Watch K8C2S516
Calvin Klein Gold-Tone Bangle (Image: Amazon)

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Calvin Klien, one of the leading world fashion brands, collaborated with the Swatch Group from 1997 to produce fashion watches. Most of Calvin Klien’s watches come equipped with quartz movement, minimal functionality, and basic components. Although, with the brand’s energetic design, the watches enhance the style and love for the fashion industry. 

With yet another modern take on cuff watches, the Calvin Klien Gold-Tone Watch comes with stainless steel bezel, plain white dial, and golden hands. Resistant up to 30 meters underwater, the gold-tone blends perfectly for all occasions. Unlike the traditional cuff watches, Calvin Klien manages to seal the deal with the gold cuff strap that also doubles up as a bangle watch. 

With just 21mm dial and 38mm case, the Gold-Tone Watch is Calvin Klien’s effort to reinvent fashion watches. Furthermore, this model also comes in silver and rose-gold shades. See on JomaShop.

Guess Women’s Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap

GUESS Women's Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap, Black, 35.4 (Model: U1140L1)
Guess Steel Quartz with Leather Calfskin (Image: Amazon)

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In 1983, GUESS launched its first-ever watch collection. Ever since its inception, the brand has come a long way in shaping and defining its presence in the fashion industry. 

This bold piece reflects GUESS’s focus on lifestyle-driven fashion. Designed with crocodile patterned leather strap and cuff, along with the intricate studded crystals patterns showcases this watch as GUESS’s ultimate trendsetter. Furthermore, with a 36mm case and stainless steel bezel, the watch comes with a black dial for better readability. 

Resistant only up to 10 meters in water, GUESS Women’s Leather Calfskin Strap is the epitome of the fashion watch industry. Additionally, the crystals adorned on the dial, bezel and even the cuff complements, the black dial, and strap. 

Peugeot Women’s 14K Gold Plated Enamel Cuff Bangle Dress Jewelry Watch

Peugeot Women's 14K Gold Plated Enamel Cuff Bangle Dress Jewelry Watch
Peugeot 14K Gold Plated Enamel Cuff (Image: Amazon)

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Peugeot launched itself as a luxury brand that made handcrafted timepieces. Upon reaching its pinnacle of success in the luxury watchmaking industry, Peugeot reinvented itself to become a leading fashion watchmaker that we know today. Consequently, the Peugeot Women’s 14K Gold Plated Enamel Cuff Bangle Watch is evidence of the brand’s promise to make high-quality fashion watches. Retaining the essence of cuff watches, Peugeot redefines the design to create this unique enamel cuff bangle. 

Designed with mother of pearl dial, the collection comes in shades of blue, pink, white and green enamel cuffs. Although reviews show that the watch comes only in one size to fit bigger wrists, watch lovers who have invested in the watch stand by its quality and durability. Certainly, the watch is stylish and ultra-modern, perfect for a glamours night. 


GUESS Women's Stainless Steel Quartz Leather Calfskin Strap, Blue, 51.6 Casual Watch (Model: U1139L1)
Guess U1139L1 (Image: Amazon)

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For the denim lovers, GUESS strikes again with its Analog Denim Cuff Watch U1139L1. Staying true to its fashion roots, this GUESS timepiece comes designed with dull silvertone dial on a faded denim cuff strap. The rhinestone embellishments on the face of the dial with the Quattro G brand add to its unique features.  

As far as the cuff goes, customers love the quality of denim on their wrists. Fun, casual and chic, the timepiece comes with a 44mm diameter case. The GUESS U1139L1 comes equipped with quartz movement and 10 meters of water resistance. Hence, if you are looking to make a bold statement, this timepiece perfectly fits the bill. 

Guess Rose Gold-Tone + Pink Genuine Leather Cuff Watch

GUESS Rose Gold-Tone + Pink Genuine Leather Cuff Watch. Color: Pink (Model: U1150L3)
Guess U1150L3 (Image: Amazon)

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GUESS yet again showcases its fashion watchmaking know-how with this Rose Gold-Tone Leather Cuff Watch.

With an elegant 25 mm rose gold dial and studded crystals on the bezel, the timepiece stands apart from all other cuff watches for its sophistication and design. The watch strap and the cuff designed in pink provides the watch a classic look as it complements the rose gold case. 

The detachable cuff adds to the unique feature of the watch. Although the cuff is much thinner than most other cuff watches, the timepiece goes well with a casual or formal look. Originally featured as part of the Fall 2018 Collection, GUESS launched this watch to showcase fashion watches as everyday functionality. As a result, this watch has been liked by all ages alike. 

Harley-Davidson Women’s Crystal Embellish Shaped Cuff Watch

Harley-Davidson Women's Crystal Embellish Shaped Cuff Watch, Black/Silver 76L183
Harley-Davidson 76L183 (Image: Amazon)

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Although not a brand we normally mention on our website, the Harley Davidson Women’s Crystal Embellish Shaped Cuff Watch is one worth mentioning for hard-core fans. To keep in pace with the overall brand identity, the watch comes designed with dull silver dial, orange hands, and black leather cuff straps. 

The matte dial with Harley-Davidson’s shield logo provides a unique look, much like their bikes. Quoted with luminous paint on the hands and the dial, the watch provides for clear and accurate reading even in the dark. Although the brand not known for its watchmaking know-how, it comes equipped with quartz movement, the timepiece can withstand 50 meters underwater. 

Versace Women’s ‘DV-25’ Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel and Snake Skin Casual Watch

Versace Women's 'DV-25' Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel and Snake Skin Casual Watch, Color:Red (Model: VAM070016)
Versace DV-25 (Image: Amazon)

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Versace, a synonym for high-street luxury fashion, stays true to its name with the Women’s DV-25 Cuff Watch.

Designed with an iron-plated 36mm grey case, the bezel showcases engraved greek design. Given Versace’s watchmaking technology, the timepiece comes equipped with a quartz movement. Yet, the design looks distinctive and can easily catch one’s eye for its burgundy snake scale patterned cuff strap. 

Resistant up to 30 meters in water, the leather cuff can be easily detached from the timepiece. In addition, a simple grey strap comes with this timepiece, to provide an option to switch from the cuff strap, while also retaining the mystic effect. 

Gucci G-Timeless Leather Cuff Watch

Gucci G-Timeless Leather Cuff Watch YA1264092
Gucci G-Timeless YA1264092 (Image: Amazon)

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Gucci proudly boasts of vibrant and colorful fashion trends that extend to their watch collections as well. One such is the G-Timeless Leather Cuff Watch. The face of the watch comes debossed with Gucci’s trademark bee design above the Gucci logo. The fixed bezel with the tri-color strips run across the whole length of the watch.

Finally, resistant up to 50 meters in water, the black dial and its luminous hands ensures accurate readability. The G-Timeless collection is Gucci’s promise to reclaim its spot amongst the upper echelon of the fashion watch brands

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