10 Best G-Shock Watches For Diving (From Budget To Premium Picks)

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G-Shock watches are well-known for their incredible durability thanks to their extreme shock-resistant design. This is a watch designed for tackling the great outdoors, as well as a worthy companion for sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. All G-Shock watches come with a 200-meter water resistance rating, sufficient for dive watches. That said, there are other factors that make up a dive watch, not just water resistance. A true dive watch, as per ISO 6425,  would have a diving time indicator (e.g. rotating bezel), clearly minute markings, and clear readability from 25 cm in total darkness among others.
Due to its adventure-centric design, adding a solid water resistance rating is a must. A 200-meter water-resistant watch, like all G-Shock watch models, is good enough to be used in most recreational water activities such as swimming and snorkeling. However, 200-meter water resistance is not exactly suitable for more strenuous marine activities such as scuba diving.
When it comes to G-Shock watches specifically designed for diving, the Frogman series fits that bill to the letter. In fact, this is the only (at the moment) watch line in G-Shock’s catalog that fits the bill as a true-blue dive watch. The reason for this is that while all G-Shock watch models have a 200-meter water resistance (20 ATM), the Frogman series is the only model that comes with an ISO diver certification.
The G-Shock Frogman series has been at the forefront of the brand’s diver watch market and it is home to a variety of models that range not only in features but prices as well. In this article, we will be taking a look at G-Shock’s offering in this particular category. Not only are we including G-Shock watches that have solid water resistance, but we will also be taking into account functionalities that are specifically focused on diving and marine use.

Best G-Shock Dive Watches

G-Shock GA700UC-3ACR XL Series

Casio Men's XL Series G-Shock Quartz 200M WR Shock Resistant Resin Color: Matte Olive Green (Model GA-700UC-3ACR)
G-Shock GA700UC-3ACR XL Series (Image: Amazon)

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Tough, reliable, and affordable – these are the three words that made G-Shock into one of the most popular timepieces in the world today. Nowhere is this more prominent than with the G-Shock GA700UC XL Series model. Not only does it come with all the key features that rocketed G-Shock to the upper echelons of the watch market, it is also an ideal option for marine activities and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.
First and foremost, the GA700UC model has a 200-meter water resistance rating and an LCD display that is equipped with the Super Illuminator LED backlight with Afterglow technology. Despite the relatively low price tag, this G-Shock model is still packed with a slew of features that can bring other watch models in the same price bracket to shame.
The GA700UC model comes with World Time functionality and can display up to 31 different time zones with 48 cities. Other helpful features include an hourly alarm, the ability to set up to four daily alarms, and daylight-saving mode.

G-Shock GWX5600-1JF

Casio Men's GWX-5600-1JF G-Shock G-Lide Tough Solar Radio Controlled Watch [Japan Import]
G-Shock GWX5600-1JF (Image: Amazon)

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Here is another G-Shock watch designed for use in marine activities, specifically for surfing. While you can undoubtedly still use this model for swimming and some recreational diving activities, it truly shines when partnered up with surfing. This is because of its accurate moon data and tide graph which can give users a good idea as to where and when to go to the beach for surfing. Users can also input the longitude and latitude of a location to get an up to date information on the tide status.
In terms of overall features, we highly recommend the GWX5600-1JF due to its well-rounded qualities. While some watches focus on a particular aspect such as dive or aviation, the GWX5600 model casts a wide net and is considered as a ‘Jack-of-all-Trades’ as it is also equipped with a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping and Tough Solar power technology.
The GWX5600 model also takes the classic direction in terms of aesthetics with its square 49mm diameter resin case. It genuinely harkens back to the 90s era of G-Shock, but with an updated repertoire with its features. The GWX5600 also comes with the standard 200-meter water resistance, making it suitable for a bunch of water-based activities – even some recreational diving.

G-Shock GW6900-1 Tough Solar

Casio G-Shock GW6900-1 Men's Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch
G-Shock GW6900-1 Tough Solar (Image: Amazon)

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gest you take a look at the GW6900 series. While not specifically a ‘dive watch’ per se, it still meets the minimum in regards to marine-based activities. I have consistently used this watch for recreational swimming and some light snorkeling activities before without encountering any issues whatsoever.
When it comes to features, the G-Shock GW6900 model comes with all the standard functionalities that you would expect from this tough and reliable watch series. It comes with the signature durability of a shock-resistant G-Shock build. The digital display is also equipped with LED backlight for optimum visibility even in low-light environments, like say, being submerged underwater.
The digital screen also displays both day and date alongside the timekeeping. Underneath its 44mm robust and sporty resin case build is a multi-band six atomic timekeeping mechanism for high precision. Other features include a World Time, 12/24-hour format, and daily alarm. This G-Shock watch model is also equipped with Casio’s signature Tough Solar power technology.  

G-Shock Gulfmaster GN1000B

G-Shock [Casio] CASIO Watch GULFMASTER GN-1000B-1AJF Men's
G-Shock Gulfmaster GN1000B (Image: Amazon)

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The G-Shock Gulfmaster GN1000B model is a step towards a more exclusive water-based watch from Casio. It is also one that offers excellent value for money, considering the functionality that this G-Shock series can bring to the table. Of course, there are other similarly designed watches out there that can surpass what the GN1000B offers, where the Gulfmaster beats its competition is with its competitive price tag.
The Gulfmaster is designed for the seafarer and will be of great assistance when it comes to navigating the vast ocean. Some of its key features include a tide graph, moon data, and a digital compass – combined these three can provide a reliable way to navigate your way around the high seas.
The Gulfmast GN1000B also comes with all the standard G-Shock features such as the 1/100 second stopwatch and thermometer. In addition, Casio incorporated a thermometer into the Gulfmaster as well. The GN1000B model is not just for navigating though as the 200-meter water resistance rating means it is good enough for swimming and some light diving activities.

G-Shock DW5000

Casio G Shock GW-5000-1JF Multi Band 6 Japan Made
G-Shock DW5000 (Image: Amazon)

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Next up, we have the G-Shock DW5000 model which will appeal to those who value subtlety more than a bombastic aesthetic. Despite having a more subdued design, the DW5000 model still excels with its highly functional and practical build. It uses the classic square watch design and incorporates a substantially sized LCD screen for better legibility.
The DW5000 utilizes a combination of resin and stainless steel in the construction of its 43mm diameter case. This is pretty much what you would expect in a G-Shock watch model – tough and lightweight. The DW5000 model is also equipped with a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping for optimum accuracy.
Another notable feature that will prove to be quite useful in swimming and diving activities is the auto-illumination capability of the LCD screen display. When the watch is not sensing any light, it will automatically turn on the backlight feature if you twist it to point upwards. This is a pretty nifty feature considering that it is best not to operate any of the buttons when the watch is submerged.
The G-Shock GW5000 watch is certainly an excellent timepiece designed for use outdoors. It also provides enough score points in the water-based category to be a suitable and reliable watch for some swimming and snorkeling activities.

Casio G-Shock Men’s 35th Anniversary Frogman (GF8235D-1B)

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Frogman GF8235D-1B Black Gold Tough Solar Tide Watch GF-8235D-1B
Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Frogman Solar Tide Watch (Image: Amazon)

Known for its highly resilient watches jam-packed with tons of features, G-Shock brought forth a special edition Frogman in honor of G-Shock’s 35th anniversary, the 35th Anniversary Frogman GF8235D-1B, which makes a superb diver’s watch that comes with a plethora of nifty features good for diving and more.
The features of this Japanese quartz watch that come in handy for diving include its 200-meter water resistance, moon data, tide graph, and dive time and surface interval measurement.
This watch is powered by Casio’s Tough Solar technology that draws in energy from either natural or artificial light and even the weakest source. On a full charge, its approximate battery life is up to 10 months. A battery power indicator, as well as a power-saving function, is included.
Its rugged construction composed of resin and scratch-resistant mineral crystal is reinforced with G-Shock’s trademark shock resistance. This watch tells the time in either 12/24-hour formats. For illumination, it has a full auto EL backlight with Afterglow.
Other useful features of this watch include 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm, hourly time signal, a full auto-calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099, 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, world time, 31 time zones (48 cities + UTC), city code display, and daylight saving on/off. 

G-Shock GWFA1000-1A2JF Frogman Solar Watch

CASIO G-Shock FROGMAN GWF-A1000-1A2JF Solar Watch (Japan Domestic Genuine Products)
G-Shock GWFA1000-1A2JF Frogman Solar Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The G-Shock GWFA1000-1A2JF Frogman pushes the limits further of what it can deliver in regards to its aquatic capabilities. As with all Frogman models, the GWFA1000-1A2JF comes with an ISO diver certification and is water-resistant for up to 200-meters. It is equipped with all the standard G-Shock features which are further enhanced with the use of multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping.
Casio also saw fit to employ its signature Tough Solar power technology to this Frogman model which boosts its overall grade when it comes to outdoor use. In addition, the GWFA1000-1A2JF model also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can pair this fantastic dive watch to your smartphone to further expand its functionality.

G-Shock GF8251K-7JR Frogman – Love the Sea and the Earth 25th Anniversary

CASIO G-SHOCK GF-8251K-7JR FROGMAN Love The Sea and The Earth 25th Anniversary Solar Watch (Japan Domestic Genuine Products)
G-Shock GF8251K-7JR Frogman (Image: Amazon)

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Let us now take a dip into the premium-grade high-end dive watch models that G-Shock has in its inventory. First off, we have the G-Shock Frogman GF8251K-7JR model. This is a limited-edition model and is an exclusive Japan-only release. Fortunately, you can order this online, but expect to plunk down a hefty amount to get your hands on one of these stunning beauties.
This particular G-Shock Frogman model was designed in partnership with the Cetacean Education Research Center (ICERC). This is a sleeker Frogman watch as well with its 52mm stainless steel case construction. What makes this model unique is its whale pattern resin texture band. There is also a blue ion-plating incorporated into the bezel design.
Besides the unique aesthetics and some upgrades in the overall construction, the Frogman GF8251K-7JR model is, beat by beat, quite similar to standard Frogman models. It features 200-meter ISO-certified water resistance and a Triple Sensor design (thermometer, depth meter, digital compass). The watch can also provide moon data and a tide graph as well. It also comes with Casio’s Tough Solar technology which powers up its quartz digital movement.

G-Shock GWFD1000-1JF Frogman

CASIO G-SHOCK Master of G FROGMAN Multi Band 6 GWF-D1000B-1JF Mens Japan Import
G-Shock GWFD1000-1JF Frogman (Image: Amazon)

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This is definitely the most high-end Frogman model that is not a limited-edition version. This Frogman model features the sleek black color scheme but partners it up with a cool blue accent that is easy on the eyes. This is another Japan-only release and that means that it offers a few significant changes that separate it from the model that we got here, stateside.
In particular, the Japanese have an affinity for high-quality material and craftsmanship. With that in mind, the GWFD1000-1JF model utilizes a diamond-like carbon finish on the back case. The band also incorporates carbon fiber inserts which boost overall appearance and quality. You will also notice the blue ion-plated screws and sensors which gives it a highly modern charm.
The window dial glass is also where this Japanese-exclusive G-Shock Frogman took things further. It features a high-quality sapphire crystal window which is a material praised for its durability as well as impeccable scratch-resistance.   
Of course, an upgraded structure is not the only area where the GWFD1000-1JF excels. It also adds some extra features to round things off. One of which is the data log that can record up to 20 dive sessions. This data dive log can record the duration, max dept, and lower temperature reached during a particular diving session. Also, of note, this watch comes with an excellent Triple Sensor design (thermometer, depth meter, digital compass) and the Tough Solar power technology.

G-Shock GWFD1000ARR-1JR Frogman Antarctic Research ROV

Casio G-Shock GWF-D1000ARR-1JR Frogman Antarctic Research ROV Collaboration Mens Watch (Japan Domestic Genuine Product)
G-Shock GWFD1000ARR-1JR Frogman Antarctic Research ROV (Image: Amazon)

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Finally, we reach the end of our list, and what fitting way to do so than with a G-Shock watch named after what is basically the last stop frontier, Antarctica. The G-Shock Frogman Antarctic Research ROV was developed with the help of Antarctic researchers. This G-Shock Frogman model was designed to help operate ROVs or remotely operated vehicles. It features a diamond-like carbon finish (DLC) and it also uses sapphire crystal glass which is scratch-resistant and comes with an anti-glare coating.
One of its unique features is the ascent alarm which is incredibly helpful for divers. This is because the Frogman Antarctic Research ROV can alert the wearer if they are ascending too fast (10-meters per minute or faster). Users will also be able to take advantage of the dive log mode that is built into this durable G-Shock dive watch.
If you are interested to see what else G-Shock has to offer, might we point you towards their Master of G collection which covers durable and multi-functional timepieces designed for the land, air, and sea.

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