Tracking Sleep | How Do Watches & Fitness Trackers Track Your Sleep?

Obviously, technology is pretty frickin’ cool. We can talk face-to-face with someone 2,000 miles away, read an entire book, and see satellite images of the whole planet, all via our phones. Admittedly, though, some technology is a little weird. Those same phones broadcast our location 24/7 and provide us a never-ending stream of news and … Read more

Why Are Quartz Watches So Accurate?

Beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, wristwatches began to get cheaper and more accurate. This was due to the invention of the quartz watch, which is an electrical or battery-powered watch. Quartz is the most common alternative to a mechanical watch. Quartz watches can be incredibly cheap or jaw-droppingly expensive. What they … Read more

Why Do Watches Lose Time & How Do Watches Keep Time?

Chances are, right now, you’re wearing a watch. It’s possibly a prized possession, or a gift from a loved one. The wristwatch has gone from status symbol to practical necessity and back to status symbol over its illustrious career. Even as mobile phones challenge the need for a watch, people still love them. No matter … Read more

Best Watches to Buy for Medical Students

All the hard work and years of stress have paid off. The all-nighters, the missed meals, the total abandonment of the faintest semblance of a social life have led to this: your kid is on their way to medical school. You couldn’t be prouder of her (or him) and even though it’s going to mean … Read more