What Watch Do Astronauts Wear? | Watches Worn in Space

NASA Archive Photo

  This is especially true in the arena of timepieces. Ever since Buzz Aldrin famously wore an Omega Speedmaster, watches and space flight have been intricately linked. In truth, the connection between the two actually predates the moon landing and it continues to this day with the latest generation of astronauts. Let’s take a look … Read more

What Are Watch Winders Used For And How Do They Work?

There are many watch owners who have never had to wind a watch in their life. The “quartz revolution” of the 1970s changed the entire industry and threatened to make the wound mechanical watch a relic of the past. In the 1980s, digital watches began devouring much of the market, as well, making old-fashioned timepieces … Read more

9 Affordable Watches With Sapphire Crystal For Men & Women

Sapphires are one of the hardest minerals in the world. They are also extremely versatile. For that reason, they can be found in a lot more than engagement rings. Their mix of smoothness and scratch-resistance has made them extremely popular in mechanical watches as a substitute for both external glass faces and internal metal bearings. … Read more

Best G Shock Watch For Ladies | Durable Women’s Watches

The Casio G-Shock is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2018. It’s a giant milestone for the watch that is considered by some to be the toughest in the world. Designed to be practically unbreakable, the G-Shock name is now proudly associated with rough and tumble professions such as firefighters, law enforcement and even Navy SEALS. For … Read more