Phoibos Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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It was 2016 when the Phoibos brand was first established. With the objective of creating watches that are sturdy and functional and also classy, the watch company worked hard to introduce to the world China-made timepieces that not only serve as accessories but also as tools.
In 2018, Phoibos first released its original watch design. Integrating the ever-reliable Swiss quartz and Swiss automatic movements and the trusted Japanese automatic movements in their timepieces, they were able to break into the highly competitive watchmaking and manufacturing market and have since shown that their brand concept and innovation has a place in the industry.
Today, Phoibos watches have greatly expanded its reach. It has gone global with markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Phoibos Brand History 

Phoibos was founded in 2016 by a young couple, Ethan Guo and Emily Feng. Inspired by their visit to Greece two years prior, they decided to name their brand Phoibos, which, in Ancient Greek mythology, is the other name of Apollo, the God of light and sun.
Wanting to create a product that offers great quality at an entry-level price, they began manufacturing watches in 2018 and gave the world diver watches with Swiss quartz, Swiss automatic, and Japanese automatic movements. They also take pride in their customer-first mentality, which has helped them come up with designs and styles that their customers actually like.
However, the road was not all calm and easy throughout Phoibos’ journey. Some of the biggest challenges the brand has faced are probably the negative perceptions and thoughts on China-made products. In the beginning, the company was not sure how to debunk this stereotype that products that have a Made in China stamp are low quality. Eventually, they decided to just leave it to their well-made watches to change the public’s views, and they succeeded at that.
Although cheaper than the more popular brands, their timepieces are up to par in terms of aesthetics and function. Using only good quality materials, they take pride in their products that offer outstanding and long-lasting performance.

Phoibos Watch Collections

Phoibos strive to make superior quality watches that feature Swiss automatic, Swiss quartz, or Japanese automatic movements handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The list below showcases the different Phoibos watch collections for men and women available today.
Wave Master

PHOIBOS Wave Master PY010C 300M Automatic Dive Watch Black
Phoibos Wave Master (Amazon)

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The Phoibos Wave Master collection consists of beautifully designed watches powered by Japanese automatic movements and water-resistant capabilities. With wave patterns on their black, green, blue, abalone shell, or mother of pearl dials, they look fine and sleek, perfect for everyday use. Featuring stainless steel cases and bands, they are anti-reflective and offer excellent lume.
Reef Master

Phoibos PX002B Men Dive Watch Swiss Quartz Blue
Phoibos PX002B

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The Phoibos Reef Master watches offer solid automatic movement and high-level durability. Water-resistant for up to 300 meters, they are suitable for various water activities, such as snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. They are encased in stainless steel and have black crazy horse straps with black, orange, or blue accents. They also feature luminous black or blue sandwich dials, hands, and markers.
Eagle Ray

PHOIBOS Eagle RAY 300M Automatic Dive Watch PY025A Green

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The Phoibos Eagle Ray collection is made up of automatic dive watches with attractive colors and designs. The cases and bands are made of stainless steel and the dials come in glossy green, red, and black. The limited-edition models feature noteworthy designs that are a mix of rugged and metallic. They are encased in bronze with black or blue nature meteorite dials and leather straps. All with 300-meter water resistance, they feature luminous bezel markings and hands and have embossed backs.
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Sea Nymph

PHOIBOS SEA Nymph 300M Lady Diver Watch PX021 Women Sport Red

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The Phoibos Sea Nymph collection is the brand’s specially made diver watches for women. They are made with the Swiss quartz movement called Swiss Ronda. Available in five different colors — blue, black, orange, red, and white — the timepieces are encased in stainless steel and have double-domed anti-reflective sapphire-coated glasses. Sporty, quirky, and fun, they are also made with luminous hands and markers and offer 300-meter water resistance. They make a perfect accessory for casual everyday use and outdoor adventures.
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Great Wall
The Phoibos Great Wall is a limited edition diver watch series that possesses several features that professional divers would appreciate. At the heart of the timepieces is the Swiss automatic movement, which is renowned for exceptional quality and precision. In addition, they all offer impressive 500-meter water resistance. Crafted with stainless steel cases and bands, their dials come in brilliant blue, grey, and black with gleaming orange or blue accents. They are also anti-reflective, double-domed, and sapphire-coated, and have luminous hands and markers.
The Phoibos Proteus collection showcases automatic watches with NH35 movements. Encased in thick stainless steel and featuring steel bands with three-fold clasps, these diver watches feature grey, black, white, or blue meteorite dials and black or blue bezels with digit markers. Coated with anti-reflective layers and sapphire crystal, their 300-meter water resistance capability and superb lume make them a fantastic wear for underwater exploits.
The Phoibos Voyager collection is made up of automatic diver watches with durable stainless steel cases and bands. Water-resistant and anti-reflective, the dials come in five different colors — brown, blue, green, grey, and black — and feature luminous hands and markings. Because their design is a mix of classic, refined, and smart, they are great for both casual and professional use.
The Phoibos Leviathan collection probably features the brand’s most unique-looking watches. They are encased in bronze and have dials in three different colors — blue, green, and black. They also have luminous bronze hands, indices, and markings that look like they are from medieval times.  Automatic and water-resistant for up to 500 meters, they come with blue, green, or black genuine leather bands.

Phoibos Brand Reputation

Although relatively new, Phoibos has already proven that its watches can compete with other more well-known brands, especially in the affordable dive watch category. It only uses tried and tested watch movements and materials to make timepieces that can deliver.
While not as experimental and out-of-this-world in terms of designs and styles, its diver watches feature aesthetics that make them distinct and recognizably Phoibos. They are also made to withstand underwater conditions and should have no problem when worn while swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling.
Because of its strong belief that watches can be a tool that is functional and an accessory that enhances a wearer’s look and appearance at the same time, it strives to manufacture timepieces that can serve both purposes. So far, it has not disappointed, releasing each year three to four models that represent what the brand is all about.

Is Phoibos A Good Watch Brand?

Phoibos is proud of creating timepieces that are crafted using Swiss and Japanese movements and are utilitarian and enduring. 
In watch forums, some people who purchased a Phoibos watch were very impressed with its quality for such a low price. They liked the overall look — the glass, clasps, bezel, dial, and links. They also found it to have better lume than other watches. Others complimented its sharp and cool design and incredible functions and features and thought it was definitely good value for money. However, some were of the opinion that Phoibos watch designs seemed like derivatives or even rip-offs of models from other brands.
In comparison to more popular swiss brands like Tissot or Japanese brands like Seiko, the China-made Phoibos may appeal more to the budget-conscious watch aficionados while the two more renowned brands may attract those who value the more well-established brands.

Where To Buy Phoibos Watches?

Phoibos watches make for fantastic presents for underwater enthusiasts because they are water-resistant and made with durable materials. If you want to look at the different timepieces in their catalog, you can go to the official Phoibos website to see their collections. If there is one that catches your fancy, you can directly purchase it there right there and then.
You can also shop online for Phoibos watches on Amazon.
See Phoibos on eBay.

Where Are Phoibos Made?

Phoibos watches are made by their very own watch manufacturer in Hong Kong. The company headquarters is located in Hong Kong too.
In China, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Phoibos also has warehouses that supply orders coming from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world.

Phoibos Warranty

Phoibos offers a one-year or two-year warranty on their watches.
If you purchase a Phoibos quartz watch from the Phoibos website, you can avail of a one-year warranty that takes effect from the date of purchase. Meanwhile, if you purchase a Phoibos automatic watch from the Phoibos website, you can enjoy a two-year warranty that starts on the date of purchase.
The warranty only covers the watch movement. This means Phoibos will service your watch if problems regarding its movement, such as abnormal loss or gain of time or inability to keep accurate time, is observed. It does not cover the repair of wear or external damage to the glass, bracelet, case, bezel, clasps, straps, crown, and other external parts.
If you purchase a Phoibos watch from a Phoibos distributor, you are advised to get in touch with the store or shop directly to avail of the warranty.
You can contact Phoibos through their Customer Service form or email them at [email protected]. You can also call them at +852/67450689 or +86(0)22/58283980.

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