Timex vs Daniel Wellington Watch Brand Overview & Comparison

timex vs daniel wellington

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This is quite an interesting watch brand comparison as this is as close as we are going to get to a situation that is akin to the young lion challenging the old lion scenario. Timex is a longstanding watch brand with a rich history behind it. The well-respected watch company has proven time and time again to be one of the go-to brands for quality yet affordable timepieces. As for Daniel Wellington, the company is still entirely new to the game but has quickly made a name for itself within the watch market.
Can the youthful challenger topple the reliable veteran? Or will the experience of the old guard be enough to give it once again the victory? Let us get to it to find out.]

Timex Brand Overview

Timex was founded way back in 1854 and has always been focused on providing the public with a quality timepiece at a highly reasonable price. Timex is best known for its impressive variety of clocks in their catalog. These watches range from the extremely affordable (around $10) to more expensive models such as limited-edition watches. That said, even their higher-end and more costly watch models are still significantly affordable in comparison to other watch brands in the market. All of this, while still maintaining decent brand recognition.
Timex began manufacturing affordable yet classy looking pocket watches. This lasted up until the early 1900s when the looming popularity of wristwatches was inevitable. Timex adapted quickly to this current watch revolution and shifted their focus on crafting wristwatches. By 1914, Timex has completed its transition from an affordable pocket watch manufacturer to an affordable wristwatch company.
Timex is also known for some of its signature watch models such as the V-conic timepieces. Also, Timex is probably best known for their excellent yet affordable sports watches. If you are not familiar with Timex sports watches then know two crucial elements to expect here: affordable and durable. Timex sports watches feature a modern design that is backed up by an incredibly robust build to ensure it will withstand a beating. This aspect of Timex sports watches is also the main reason why they are quite popular with marathon runners and athletes.
Currently, Timex is still making some excellent watches at a highly affordable price tag. If you are looking for everyday casual watches that are built to last, then Timex will give you every bang for your buck, and then some.

Daniel Wellington Brand Overview

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand that is still relatively new to the watch market. Founded slightly under a decade ago in 2011, Daniel Wellington was kickstarted by Filip Tysander with the mission of delivering stylish and modern timepieces that will appeal to the younger generation. DW’s current approach to their watch models undoubtedly resonated with their target audience as the company managed to carve a niche in the market quickly.
Daniel Wellington watches hit its mark as it quickly rose in popularity in the watch market. The brand managed to catch a record-breaking sales figures of six million units in record time. Without a doubt, a massive factor to DW’s success is its marketing strategy. The company pooled their attention in strategically placing advertisements into popular social media sites as well as influencers. This strategy unquestionably paid in dividends as Daniel Wellington’s popularity soared incredibly fast. Daniel Wellington watches are currently available in over 25 countries at the moment.
Of course, a visually appealing timepiece can only take a brand so far. They also need to back up a stunning aesthetic with top-notch performance; in this regard, Daniel Wellington hits the mark with their use of Japanese quartz movements outsourced to a Japanese company, Miyota Movements. Daniel Wellington was also recognized as one of the fastest private companies in Europe, a testament to their incredible development as a brand.
Overall, Daniel Wellington is a great watch brand if you are looking for modern and stylish timepieces. While the quality of their watches’ construction still leaves room to improve upon, the company has shown its eagerness to adapt and grow – an essential trait that lends to the success of any business.

Timex and Daniel Wellington Watch Comparisons

Casual Watches:

Timex Marlin Hand-Wound Review

Timex Marlin Hand-Wound
Timex Marlin Hand-Wound

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The Timex Marlin is an example of elegance and simplicity rolled into one sleek-looking wristwatch. The watch’s design takes on a conservative approach which focuses on a sublime charm that exudes sophistication without appearing lavish. The modest design of the Timex Marlin makes it suitable not only for casual everyday use but will also fit nicely with formal attire.
The Timex Marlin is incredibly sleek and features a stainless-steel case that measures in at around 37mm. In terms of design, the Marlin utilizes a traditional look with a reasonably traditional charm. Nothing too extravagant in regards to its appearance, but that is one of Marlin’s appeal lies.
The Marlin takes its traditional aesthetic to heart with its use of the classic automatic hand-winding movement with analog display. The dial itself is relatively unassuming and straightforward with its neat design. Overall, the Timex Marlin is a classy timepiece that blends well with both casual and formal attires while being quite affordable.

Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall Review

Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall
Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall

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The Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall timepiece encapsulates its namesake perfectly. The timeless design exudes a combination of ruggedness and complexity that captures the rustic spirit of Cornwall perfectly. The lightweight build and sleek design of the Classic Cornwall timepiece also make it perfect for both men and women. The use of NATO strap enhances the watch’s overall flexibility and comfort while maintaining top-notch durability.
There are two variations of the Classic Cornwall, one that features a 36mm rose-gold stainless steel case and another that measures in at 40mm. As stated previously, the combination of black NATO strap and black dial with a rose-gold stainless steel case gives the timepiece an added flair of style and luxury. The dial itself takes quite a modest approach with a simple index hour marker along with its small pin-like hands.
As for performance, the Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall takes a reasonably straightforward approach with all of its watch movements. All DW watches feature Japanese quartz movement with an analog display which is a stable and reliable watch mechanism overall. The Classic Cornwall is a classy timepiece that keeps things relatively grounded, with a minimalist design topping off its stunning appearance.

Dress Watches:

Timex Easy Reader Date 38mm Expansion Review

Timex Easy Reader Date 38mm Expansion
Timex Easy Reader Date 38mm Expansion

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The Timex Easy Reader features a polished stainless-steel design combined with a timeless classic timepiece aesthetic. The Easy Reader is simple with an affinity to tradition as can be seen from the traditional Arabic numeral markers at the forefront of a pristine white dial. Additionally, the watch also features a date display that is located beside the 3 o’clock marker.
We thoroughly enjoyed the Easy Reader’s retro-vibe and its shiny silver-toned appearance. The polished design will undoubtedly fit well in a formal gala or business meeting where you need to look both presentable and professional. Also, the affordable price tag means this won’t be burning through your pocket at all.
One of the Easy Reader’s biggest strengths is referenced in its name. Timex designed this watch with optimum legibility. To further improve upon its naturally legible dial is the Indiglo night-light feature which makes checking the time possibly even in low to zero-light environments. Another notable aspect of the Easy Reader is the 30-meter water resistance. While it is not designed for submersion, it will handle itself well if you ever found yourself caught in the rain.

Daniel Wellington Iconic Link Review

Daniel Wellington Iconic Link
Daniel Wellington Iconic Link

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The Daniel Wellington Iconic Link features a contemporary minimalistic design that makes it quite appealing to modern watch enthusiasts. The Iconic Link comes in a variety of size variations from the petite 28mm to the more substantial and more masculine 40mm case. The watch case is made from durable and polished 316L stainless steel material, which gives it a subtle sheen.
The simple yet elegant black dial is accompanied by a distinct steel index markers and hands. As for what makes the Iconic Link tick, it features a highly accurate Japanese quartz movement that operates its analog dial. The DW Iconic Link also provides a decent water resistance rating of 3 ATM, which means it can withstand the occasional splash of water or the rain, but refrain from wearing it when showering or if you plan on swimming.

Conclusion: Timex and Daniel Wellington – Which is Better?

Overall, Timex still manages to take the crown. While Daniel Wellington provides some stylish modern timepieces, Timex offers far more than that. From sports watches to other tool watches, Timex has it all at an affordable price.
Daniel Wellington, at the moment, is still looking for that slam dunk that will help propel towards the next level. Timex is a safe bet if you are looking for a reliable watch brand on a budget.
As for Daniel Wellington? The brand still has much to prove in this industry, which as things are going, they can manage to achieve soon enough. For now, though, Timex is the better all-around watch brand all things considered.

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