Tufina Watches Review (Theorema & Pionier) – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Set up in 1828, Tufina is now a German brand with a focus on design and quality. With a long-standing history of a family of skillful watchmakers of horology with tower clocks and longcase clocks. As the years went by, the brand dwelled into developing pocket watches and wristwatches as well.
Attention to detailing with a captivating design forms the cornerstone of Tufina. With this in mind, the brand introduced Theorama and Pionier editions for the cosmopolitan man. To this extent, the brand’s underlying mission is not just to help you tell time, but also to accompany you through time itself.
In this article, we take a closer look at Tufina’s history, its top collections and features, brand reputation, and where you can buy Tufina watches. According to watch enthusiasts, Tufina watches showcase superior design, much like a luxury watch, yet affordable by all. If you are looking for a German-grade watch backed with rich history and unique designs, Tufina will not disappoint you.

Tufina Watch Brand History 

Dating back to 1822, the forefathers of the Tufina family set out to England to learn from prestigious watchmakers. Subsequently, he was able to build the Clock Tower of Triana in Albania in collaboration with the Ottoman Turks. This was the symbol of their culture. A clock with four faces and audible for miles, the Tower of Triana laid the groundwork for the Tufina family to grow as horological pioneers.

Albania to Germany: The Rise of Tufina

During its initial years, Tufina functioned based out of Albania. However, some descendants of the Tufina family moved to Munich, Germany, at the outset of local conflicts in Albania. After which, the family set up its watch company based in Germany.
In 1888, SH Tufina was able to partner with brands like Longines and Eberhard, opening new doors for the watch brand to hone its skill as a traditional watchmaker. Some of the brand’s early inventions like a traveler’s clock function well even today. This stands as the brand’s testament to design and timepieces that can last for many generations.

Launching Theorema and Pionier

In 1999, two brothers of the Tufina family launched two new brands under Tufina’s name – Theorema and Pionier. Symbolizing the core of the watch company, these two brands brings together tradition with modern innovation. In 2004, Tufina officially patented Theorema and Pionier as global brands, setting themselves up in the international stage of luxury watchmakers.
Crafted with high-quality steel and leather straps, Tufina design only skeleton watches, truly standing the test of time! What’s more notable is the fact that there are many brands offering skeleton watches, Tufina managed to create a niche for itself. By adding their own unique identity and artisanal craftsmanship, Tunfina is on a path to redefine the way we perceive this style of watch with uncompromising character. We’ll learn more about these two brands and their top collection of watches below.

Spreading the Tufina Wings Globally

In 2016, the watch company opened its sales in the US by starting a base in Chicago. While Germany continues to serve as the headquarters, the Chicago base serves North and South America. Continuing on this track, Tufina aims to take its name globally as visionaries of affordable luxury watches.

Theorema Watch Collection 

Made in Germany GM-111-3 Copenhagen Theorema Automatic Watch
Copenhagen Theorema Automatic Watch (Amazon)

Designed with an intricate face, Theorema watches feature skeleton dials with a view into the movement underneath. Metallic bands give the watch a more formal look, making it perfect for formal setups and meetings. Interestingly, Therorema watch collections predominantly take after names of popular destinations from around the world. In this section, we list some of the most famous collections under the Theorema brand.

Sao Paulo

High functionality with a modern design, Sao Paulo is a watch designed for versatile use. Engineered in a similar 44 mm dial as the above watches for men, Sao Paulo comes with added features. This includes multiple time zones engraved on the inner bezel of the watch allowing you to track different times at once.
Additionally, the face of the watch also features to track dual time along with the sun and moon placement. Available in high-grade steel and premium leather, you can take your pick with the nine different timepieces part of this collection.


Casablanca is one of the most loved Theorema watches ever made. Every watch collector or watch enthusiast is sure to have their eyes on this timepiece. Available in both leather and steel band, this collection personifies Tufina’s passion for crafting exquisite watches.
A solid build with superior finishing gives this timepiece a high-end luxury watch look. The face of the dial showcases Roman numerals along with a secondary dial, carefully fit together to demonstrate the movement below. All packed in a 44 mm case dial, the watches part of this collection come powered with a mechanical movement with 17 jewels and water resistance of 100 feet. This collection features ten different timepieces on their official website.

Lady Butterfly

The first-ever collection exclusively for ladies, Lady Butterfly is a departure from their men’s watches. Previously, Tufina never made women’s watches stating that women can wear their men’s line, as bold and chunky never go out of style. Even so, this collection comes with high expectations.
Designed in a fully skeletal case, you can see the inner movement from the front and back of the watch. Bold and different, the Lady Butterfly watches use a  mechanical movement with twenty jewels in a 41 mm case. Limited to just 99 pieces, the Lady Butterfly is a masterclass of the brand’s ethos. The timepieces use Swarovski diamonds to mark the hours. If you are into skeletal watches, rich in style and fashion, Lady Butterfly comes at an affordable price without burning your savings.

Pionier Watch Collection

The Pionier brand, too, showcases a skeleton face like Theorema. However, they are less formal, giving them a more casual sporty look. Most remarkably, some modern Pionier watches have the automatic tourbillon, developed over five years for ultimate reliability and performance. Let’s look at some best-selling Pionier brand watches below.


Made in Germany GM-515-4 Amsterdam Pionier Automatic Watch
Made in Germany GM-515-4 Amsterdam Pionier Automatic Watch (Image: Amazon)

If you are into huge and chunky watches, Pionier’s Amsterdam Collection comes in a 50 mm case dial. The face of the dial displays the day, date, and month. Additionally, a small window above 6 o’clock offers a sight into the components lying under. Fitted with a carbon fiber top ring, and a leather band, these watches withstand more than normal wear and tear. Above all, it will be your true companion through time.


Made in Germany GM-514-1 Hawaii Pionier Automatic Watch
Made in Germany GM-514-1 Hawaii Pionier Automatic Watch (Image: Amazon)

With fine attention to detailing with a touch of fashion and versatility marks the essence of the Hawaii collection by Pionier. Much like Amsterdam, the Hawaii collection comes in a 50 mm case with automatic movement. Fitted with a dual time zone with sun and moon phase indications, the face of the watch is rather busy. Available in seven varieties, the Hawaii Collection brings together classical elements with a new-age design.

New York

Made in Germany GM-511-3 New York Pionier Automatic Watch
Made in Germany GM-511-3 New York Pionier Automatic Watch (Image: Amazon)

A shift from Pionier’s signature style, the New York Collection resonates with the brand’s mission to be dynamic with the change in times and preference. Encased in a 48 mm case, the face of the dial displays day, date, and month. The inner bezel of the dial features a tachymeter as well. To this extent, the New York Collection is not only versatile but also edgy with its style and finishing.

Tufina Brand Reputation

Overall, Tufina’s reviews are on the bright side. Customers who have invested in either Theorema or Prionier have all praises for its build, quality, and finishing. More particularly, the affordability of a luxury watch fitting to the standards of a high-end luxury watch is a major driving force in attracting new customers.
Most upcoming watch brands unveil various types of watches to reach a wide range of audiences. On the flip side is Tufina, and their strategy of mastering one niche is putting them on a track of immense success. Value for money combined with an outstanding quality underscores the reputation of the brand. If you want to turn many heads, Tufina is sure to help you achieve that mission.

Is Tufina A Good Watch Brand?

Taking into account the consensus of watch lovers, Tufina seems to be fairing well in terms of performance and durability. Many reviews highlight the longevity of Tufina watches. The intricate designs with multiple features seem to be a hit as well.
However, there is always a flip slide to the argument, much like for any watch brand. Watch aficionados are unsure where or who exactly makes the movements on some models. For this reason alone, many believe Tufina does not live up to the name of a German watch brand.
Compared to other affordable watch brands selling below $1,000, Tufina has quite a bit of solid competition. And if their high-quality skeleton watches are not your cup of tea you may find Tufina less appealing. As with any watch purchase, much of it is personal taste.  We also recommend you research prices, brand history, functionality, use, and after-sales services before finally investing in a watch of your choice.

Where To Buy Tufina Watches?

Tufina watches are sold worldwide on the brand’s online store.
Theorema and Pionier have their own official websites from which you can buy these watches too.
Amazon sells Tufina watches as well, but search for these watches on Amazon as either Therorema or Pionier

Where Are Tufina Watches Made?

Tufina watches are German-made. Unfortunately, some online comments in some watch forums question this based on a lack of clear information about the movements on some of the watches.  Nevertheless, Tufina brands its timepieces as “Made in Germany”, indicating that 75% of parts and construction of the timepieces happen in Germany. This guarantees German standards combined with years of watchmaking expertise.

Tufina Watch Warranty

Tufina extends up to two years of warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty extends to all workman faults and manufacturing defects. In the event of a warranty claim, Tufina will replace repaired or damaged parts for free or replace the model with a new one.
However, the warranty does not cover negligent use, water damages, and normal wear and tear. All Tufina watches come with just 100 ft resistance, hence the brand does not recommend using it for long-term water activities or diving underwater.

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