August Steiner Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Unified by theme, but distinguishable by piece – August Steiner boasts of stylish and versatile watches. 
Born in 2006, August Steiner is a relatively new fashion watch brand that is yet to make its way amongst the upper echelons of the watchmaking industry. Laying down foundations for producing high-quality watches, the brand promised only the finest of materials and extensive detail to attention in every timepiece. 
To date, August Steiner seeks to maintain its fundamental value of manufacturing age-old yet modern looking stylish watches. The brand sources watch components from Switzerland and Japan. The assembling of timepieces happens in China. This allows August Steiner to produces quartz watches at affordable rates. 
Currently, the brand sells over 200 watches for men and women on their website

August Steiner Brand History 

While very little information about the watchmakers is available online, we know that the brand has won the hearts of many for its style and elegance. So much so, information about the CEO and the company that runs the brand is relatively unknown. Based in Brooklyn, New York, USA, this young brand appeals to a market that craves fashion watches. 
Crafted for the modern individual, August Steiner watches come in different designs, styles, and functions; seamlessly fusing together fashion and functionality. 

August Steiner Watch Collections

Given a wide range of collection, August Steiner makes watches suitable for all. You can pick from a simple movement to a complex chronograph, with stainless steel or leather strap, or even crystals studded – for, the brand ensures that the taste of the contemporary world is properly met. Here are some top collections by August Steiner that we love. 

Men’s Watch Collection

With 105 timepieces part of the men’s collection, here are some top picks by watch lovers around the world.

Urbane Collection

August Steiner Men's Dual Time Zone Swiss Chronograph Quartz Watch - 3 Subdials with Date Window On Genuine Leather Strap - AS8151
August Steiner Urbane Wave Texture Dial AS8151 (Image: Amazon)

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The Urbane collection is the most sought after collection by August Steiner. With 38 timepieces part of this collection, August Steiner truly embodies the essence and desire of the contemporary mind. Given the variety of timepieces, here are this collection’s three unique pieces worth mentioning. 
The Urbane Wave Texture Dial AS8151 comes equipped with double movement and sub-dials to indicate the seconds and minutes. The black-faced, wave design dial with white numerals stands out for its classic look.
If you are one to love rectangular watches, the Urbane AS8181 is stylish, yet simple. Available in gold, silver, and black stainless steel straps, the AS8181 comes equipped with black dial and simple three-hand indication. The Urbane Coin Edge AS8124 is sporty, chunky and highly functional. Equipped with a deep-set dial featuring a tachymeter dial ring, the timepiece adorns a coin-edged bezel and Japnese Quartz movement. 

Mercury Collection

August Steiner Men's Multifunction Watch - 3 Subdials Month, Day, and GMT with Date Window On Stainless Steel Bracelet - AS8162
August Steiner Mercury AS8162 (Image: Amazon)

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Rugged, sporty and functional – these three words best describe the essence of the Mercury collection by August Steiner. More specifically, the AS8140 is a true testament to the brand’s promise to make modern yet timeless watches. Equipped with an octagon bezel, the design of the dial resembles square patterns. Integrated with a stainless steel link bracelet, the AS8140 allows you to read day, date, month and hours through multiple sub-dials. 
For the gold watch lovers, the AS8162 will capture you with its stunning, intricate design and style. This edition is also available in silver, black and blue tones. The AS8162 encapsulates the brand’s craftsmanship and attention to minute details. For, the dial comes equipped with a tachymeter track and rigged dial. Much like other timepieces part of the collection, the watches allow you to keep track of the day, date, month and hour. 

Endeavor Collection

August Steiner Men's Chronograph Watch - 3 Small Subdial Multifunction Movement with Sunburst Effect Dial On Stainless Steel Bracelet - AS8163
August Steiner Endeavor AS8163 (Image: Amazon)

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Highly-functional and reliable, the Endeavour collection resonates August Steiner’s mission in making durable and longlasting watches.
Particularly, the AS8163 is designed to provide maximum readability in complete darkness. Styled in full black, the face of the watch radiates under low light.  Additional sub-dials for minutes, hours and seconds, perfectly placed above the 6 o’clock provides an ultra-modern look. The chronograph is an added benefit as well. 

Kingsman Collection

August Steiner Men's Multifunction Watch - Two Genuine Diamonds Moon Phase Indicator Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet - AS8050
August Steiner Kingsman AS8050 (Image: Amazon)

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Unlike other collections unveiled by August Steiner, the Kingsman collection showcases just four unique timepieces. First, the AS8050 is for the metal heart. You can choose between gold, rose gold or silver/gold dual-tone straps. The face of the watches comes integrated with a Moonphase, and two sub-dials for date and day. The rigged bezel adds to its stylish look. Second, the AS8051 is a similar take on its predecessor but with a leather strap in shades of black and brown.
Third, the AS8224 is a departure from the others. With certified gold Ingot carved on the face of the dial, the timepiece offers a fresh perspective into fashion watches. Available in black or white dial, the watch design works on a simple quartz movement for timekeeping. Finally, with the AS8226, August Steiner approaches customers who favor rectangle-shaped fashion watches. Although, in all other aspects it is the same as the AS8224. 

Women’s Watch Collection 

With almost 100 timepieces part of the women’s collection, let’s take a dive into the brand’s top collection in terms of style and elegance. 

Vida Collection

August Steiner Women's Crystal Glitz Watch - Crystal Filled Bezel On Ceramic Link Rose Gold Bracelet - AS8052
August Steiner AS8052 (Image: Amazon)

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The Vida collection is primarily for women but also showcases a couple of watches for men, in similar designs. If you are looking for a timepiece with crystals, supremely fashionable and yet unique, the AS8052 is a perfect option. Paired with a link bracelet strap, the dial adorns crystals carefully placed in a spiral design, integrated with a simple quartz movement. The AS8192, as well, is an intriguing addition to their collection. Elegant, yet sophisticated, this timepiece integrates stainless steel bracelet with a round crystal-studded bezel and a date slot at 6 o’clock. This edition is available in silver, gold and rose gold.
Another classic timepiece as part of the Vida collection worth mentioning is the AS8028. Simple, clean and refined in style, the AS8028 is a stand out from its other contenders. It comes designed with a black ceramic watch case and paired with a black leather strap to make a perfect wear for an evening out.  

Classique Collection

August Steiner Women's Skeleton Automatic Watch - Stainless Steel Face on Genuine Calfskin Leather Strap - AS8033
August Steiner AS8033 (Image: Amazon)

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The Classique collection by August Steiner is commendable for the intricate designs and assembling required to produce these marvels. In light of this, the AS8035PK proudly showcases its automatic movement, given the semi-open face dial. Additionally, the watch comes with another sub-dial for reading seconds.
With an aim to push further innovation, the AS8033 comes with a fully open-faced dial to display the intricate, yet the mesmerizing movement of the watch. Available in silver and gold, you can also choose between leather or stainless steel link strap. Another piece of marvel, the AS8038 is one of the few watches for women equipped with a Moonphase complication. Additionally, the sub-dials for day and date, along with the chronograph makes this timepiece a compelling buy. 

Marques Collection

August Steiner Women's Dazzling Diamond Watch - Genuine Crystal Filled Bezel 3 Diamond Hour Markers Mother-of-Pearl Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet - AS8043
August Steiner AS8043 (Image: Amazon)

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Last, but not the least, the Marques collection caters to the quintessential urban women. The AS8043 is designed with mother of pearl dial, crystal-studded bezel, and dial, that throws a beautiful iridescent finish to the watch. This edition is also available in white dial with silver or gold bracelet strap. 
Very much like the AS8224 for men, the AS8255 for women embraces gold on the face of the dial with the certified Ingot gold engraved on it. Styled with a simple movement, the timepiece is available in stainless steel and leather strap. 

August Steiner Brand Reputation

Being a relatively newer brand in the watchmaking industry, with almost no uniquely crafted features, the name August Steiner is yet to form a name for itself. To the extent, when compared to brands with a long-standing history, August Steiner’s official website throws very little light about themselves, their owners and the history of the brand.
One side of the argument is that August Steiner has taken this approach to keep themselves in the dark with an intention to redirect all the limelight solely on their watches. That, they believe the watches will speak for themselves. However, if you are a watch enthusiast, you probably will want to know more about the makers of the brand and the process involved in the watchmaking. 
In spite of this, customers who purchase August Steiner, buy it not for its functionality or watchmaking know-how. But, for its low cost despite looking like a high-end fashion watch. Having said this, August Steiner makes for a good worthy gift for any special occasion. 

Is August Steiner A Good Watch Brand?

Much like many entry-level, consumer watch brands, August Steiner draws divided responses from customers and watch forums. While features like Tachymeter and chronograph when equipped within an inexpensive timepiece place an upper hand amongst its customers, reviews have also complained that the components tend to wear off easily or break. 
More specifically, timepieces like AS8189, AS8146, AS8199 attract a lot of attention, given its styling, design, and attention to intricate detailing. When all these features combined with a low cost, customers tend to give the brand a shot. However, watch enthusiasts have noted issues with some of the watches. In one forum, the discussion follows that one of August Steiner’s timepiece lost 9 seconds in just two months, indicating that they are not accurate and precise in the long term. Complaints about loose threads on the screw holes are not uncommon as well. 
August Steiner definitely affordable but whenever considering any brand, we don’t think the price should not be the singular factor in deciding which watch to buy.  Brand history and watchmaking technology weigh in equally to ensure the longevity of the watch.  If you’re unsure,  you could compare them to brands like Timex or Casio, that are known for quality watches and reliability and have some models in the same price range. One thing to note on price is that the official prices on the brand’s website are often several times higher than what you find on other online retailers, leaving some shoppers questioning why they are so heavily discounted on online. Although the same can be said about many brands, we covered that question here when talking about Invicta.

Where To Buy August Steiner Watches?

The official website for August Steiner is a good place to start if you are keen on purchasing one. They ship throughout the world and have all the collections available.
Many of their watches are sold on Amazon.

Where is August Steiner Made?

The headquarters for the brand is located in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Although, August Steiner sources its components and movements from around the world. The movements include automatic quartz movement. 
Some parts come from Switzerland, the movements imported from Japan, and finally, assembled in China. The back of some August Steiner timepiece indicated “made in Swiss” – although the brand draws criticism since the movements and assembling happens in Asia. As a result of this process of importing and assembling elsewhere, the watches retail at lower costs. 

August Steiner Watch Warranty

All of August Steiner’s timepieces come with two years limited warranty. To validate the warranty, make sure you purchase from the official website, or from authorized retailers only. The warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects, however, it does not cover:

  • Defects arising out of physical damage;
  • Damage arising out of normal wear and tear;
  • Defects arising from negligence and misuse. 

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