Best G-Shock Watches for Working Out

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If you consider yourself a gym rat, then G-Shock certainly has a watch series that is specifically designed to cater to your needs. Not only does Casio develop G-Shock watches for outdoor use, but they also have a whole line dedicated to fitness tracking. These G-Shock models come with some unique features that are not found in some of their flagship models like the Mudmaster series. For one, these G-Shock watches feature a whole different selection of functionalities such as heart-rate monitor and GPS, to name a few.
One of G-Shock’s first entries into this category is the GBD-H1000 model. This particular G-Shock model still delivers the signature toughness of the brand but switches things up with its features. With G-Shock’s fitness watch models, you can expect a whole slew of sensors that replaces staple features such as the altimeter and barometer. Instead, you get heart-rate monitors, a step counter, and other fitness-specific modes. You can also expect G-Shock fitness watches to incorporate solar-powered charging capabilities as well.
What makes G-Shock fitness watches such a great choice is that unlike some other fitness watches that seem a tad bit flimsy, G-Shock models all come with the brand’s signature durable build. This makes it way more viable and practical options as you won’t need to worry much about accidentally damaging them during intense workout routines.

G-Shock Fitness Watch Features

When it comes to fitness watches, you need to consider key features if you wish to optimize your experience with using these helpful workout devices. Fortunately, Casio knows their way around this subject matter and equips their G-Shock fitness watches with all the necessary features.
G-Shock’s fitness watches have a decent range in terms of price, making them quite accessible for all budgets. Of course, the higher-end models will be more generous with their features, but you can’t count out the more affordable models as well.
Depending on your workout routine, here are some of the features that you should consider when picking a fitness watch:

  • Heart Rate Monitor – to track your pulse rate and the intensity of your exercise.
  • GPS – to track your runs and outdoor workouts.
  • Barometer – this is used to track your altitude, which gives you a clear calculation as to how many flights of stairs you have climbed.
  • Gyroscope – to track whether you are sedentary or in motion.
  • Magnetometer – to help determine which direction you are moving to and detect your movement.

You should also consider certain factors when picking a fitness watch such as the accuracy of the sensors as well as the battery life. To help you along the way, we have compiled the best G-Shock watches for working out for all the gym rats out there. We will also be building this list while keeping in mind flexibility in terms of the price range.

Best G-Shock Watches for Gym Workouts

G-Shock Mov GBDH1000-1A7

Casio GBDH1000-1A7 G-Shock Men's Watch White, Yellow 63mm Resin/Stainless Steel
G-Shock Mov GBDH1000-1A7 (Image: Amazon)

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The GBDH1000 model has proven itself to be one of the best in the business in regards to being a fitness tracker watch. Not only do you get a slew of excellent fitness sensor features, but you also get G-Shock’s signature toughness along with it. The G-Shock GBDH1000 features a rather bulky 55mm diameter resin case with stainless steel which delivers an extremely durable build. Just what you expect from a G-Shock watch.
When it comes to features, the G-Shock GBDH1000 is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities which allows you to pair it with your smartphone. It also comes with all the standard fitness tracking features such as a heart rate monitor, GPS, barometer, thermometer, stopwatch, and accelerometer. When it comes to G-Shock’s fitness watches, their GBDH1000 series is most definitely their most comprehensive model to date.

G-Shock Move GBDH1000-8CR

Casio Men's G-Shock Move, GPS + Heart Rate Running Watch, Quartz Solar Assisted Watch with Resin Strap, Gray, (Model: GBD-H1000-8CR)
G-Shock Move GBDH1000-8CR (Image: Amazon)

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With its 55mm resin case, the G-Shock Move provides a good deal of space for its LCD display. Of course, this also means that this G-Shock watch is quite large and may feel a bit bulky for those with smaller wrists. That said, its design manages to complement its large build and certainly looks the part of a flashy fitness tracker device.
The G-Shock Move is jampacked with some excellent features to help you improve your workout routine. From your typical heart rate monitor to more in-depth features such as a training analysis program that helps you keep track of your progress. Other notable features include a GPS, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass, and a charging Type-A USB port.
In addition, this G-Shock watch is also equipped with Casio’s proprietary Tough Solar technology which allows it to recharge its battery via sunlight as well. This is, without a doubt, a beast of fitness tracking watch from G-Shock.
This same series includes an all-black version if you prefer a more stealth tactical look,

G-Shock GWM5610

Casio GW-M5610-1ER Mens G-Shock Atomic Black Watch
G-Shock GWM5610 (Image: Amazon)

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If you are looking for something a little more basic and traditional, you can’t really go wrong with the G-Shock GWM5610 sports watch. While it may not come with all the nifty new sensors and fitness tracking features, it still manages to be a favorite with its durable build, accuracy, and budget-friendly price tag.
This is a low-profile sport watch with its 43mm resin case and is equipped with a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping technology. This actually has been a longtime companion of mine during jogs outdoors. It is a tried and tested sports watch that may not deliver advanced fitness features, but is a reliable and dependable timepiece when it comes to classic workout routines.
Overall, if you are looking for an affordable watch that you can rely on when working out in the gym, then the G-Shock GWM5610 is something you should check out. It offers barebones functionality, but it is one that you can rely on, and it can also take a beating.

G-Shock GW9110-1JF

CASIO G-SHOCK GULFMAN Tough Solar Radio Controlled MULTIBAND6 GW-9110-1JF (Japan Import)
G-Shock GW9110-1JF (Image: Amazon)

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If you liked the basic approach of the G-Shock GMW5610, but prefer something slightly larger and more well-rounded, might we recommend to you the G-Shock GW9110-1JF? This particular model has a larger build and a more comfortable button layout. It also adds a tide graph feature which makes it a good watch for surfers and those who prefer exercise routines centered around water activities.
While it is somewhat larger, it manages to balance this out with its use of titanium metal parts rather than stainless steel. This gives the G-Shock GW9110-1JF a surprisingly lighter weight without affecting its overall durability. The buttons are also well-placed and won’t be an issue to operate even if you are wearing gloves.
Other notable features include a Multiband 6 atomic timekeeping and Tough Solar technology. Again, this is a more down to earth alternative for those gym rats who are not really interested in most modern fitness tracking features.

G-Shock GBA800-1A

Men's Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Urban Trainer Charcoal Watch GBA800-8A
G-Shock GBA800-1A (Image: Amazon)

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Compared to other bulky fitness watches in the market today, the G-Shock GBA800-1A is considerably comfortable to wear. We also liked the level of variety that the G-Shock GBA800-1A offers to its customers with a slew of color variants and watch sizes. You are pretty much guaranteed to find one that suits your personal style and preference.
One of the G-Shock GBA800-1A’s main selling point is its employment of Casio’s “Triple 10” design. What this means is that the GBA800-1A has the ability to withstand the impact of falling from a height of 10-meters, a 10-bar water resistance rating, and a 10-year battery life. That is one impressive list of feats.
When it comes to its fitness tracking capabilities, you can expect a complete set of features to help you track and develop your training regimen. Features include a 3-axis accelerometer, countdown timer, a support for variety of health and fitness apps, as well as memory to record up to 200 laps.

G-Shock GMAB800-7A G-Squad Connected

Ladies' Casio G-Shock S-Series G-Squad Connected White Resin Watch GMAB800-7A
G-Shock GMAB800-7A (Image: Amazon)

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Let’s introduce a little feminine touch to this list with the G-Shock GMAB800-7A Connected model. The white, gold. and pink color-tone is a dead giveaway as to which customer base this one is aimed at. However, despite the significantly effeminate touch of its design, this is still a G-Shock watch. What that means is that the GMAB800-7A is still a definite beast and is designed with absolute durability in mind.
Due to it being a women’s G-Shock watch, the resin case is slightly smaller with its 45.2mm diameter size. Despite the smaller size build, this is still packed with features to make it an excellent wristwear for athletes and gym rats.
The GMAB800-7A is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can connect it to your smartphone for added convenience. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer, customizable interval timers, the ability to record up to 200 laps, and compatibility with the G-Shock Connected App that further expands its functionality. Like we said earlier, this is a beast of a fitness tracker.

G-Shock GBD800SF-1

Men's Casio G-Shock Digital Power Trainer Connected Black Resin Watch GBD800SF-1
G-Shock GBD800SF-1 (Image: Amazon)

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The G-Shock GBD800SF-1 model is another member of the watch series’ entry-level collection. With its cheaper price tag, this watch is a great entry-level choice. Unlike most of its competition though, this G-Shock model comes with some features that you wouldn’t normally find in its price range. Coming in with a 49.5mm diameter resin case and the classic G-Shock level of durability, the GBD800SF-1 diverts from the typical by utilizing several fitness-centric functionalities.
These features include a 3-axis accelerometer, a multi-timer that allows users to set up to 20 timer combinations, the ability to record up to 200 laps, and G-Shock Connected app compatibility. This app can be used to develop your own personalized training routine to acquire optimum results.
Of course, you can bet this G-Shock model to have all the signature aspects such as a highly robust build, a 200-meter water resistance, stopwatch, timer, and auto-calendar. In addition, it also has a World Time feature that can display up to 38 time zones and 2-year battery life.

G-Shock GBD100-1 G-Squad Power Trainer

Men's Casio G-Shock G-Squad Power Trainer Digital Black Watch GBD-100-1
G-Shock GBD100-1 (Image: Amazon)

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As the name implies, this G-Shock watch is designed specifically with workouts and exercise in mind. It comes in at a snug 49.3mm diameter resin and aluminum case making it just the right size for both small and large wrists. The blend of resin and aluminum materials to form the robust casing also gives it a lightweight edge, something that is always welcome in timepieces that are designed for physical activity use.
Despite the lightweight and sleeker build, the GBD100-1 Power Trainer is still exceptionally durable as you would expect from this iconic watch series from Casio. As for features, the GBD100-1 model comes with Bluetooth capabilities which means you can easily pair this up with your smartphone -further boosting its overall functionalities. Connecting it to a smartphone will also open up features such as GPS tracking.
There are other noteworthy fitness features as well such as a step tracker, interval timer, lap time measurement, and calorie counter – to name a few. You can develop your own training plan by making full use of both the GBD100-1’s default features as well as the myriad of options that can open up by taking advantage of its Bluetooth connectivity.

G-Shock G7710 Trainer

Casio Men's G7710-1 G-Shock Trainer Shock Resistant Multi-Function Watch
G-Shock G7710 Trainer (Image: Amazon)

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This is another highly affordable option for those who would want to take advantage of G-Shock fitness trackers but would prefer to not splurge too much cash. The G7710 Trainer model uses a 46mm diameter resin case, making it one of the more compact entries in this list.
Thus, this watch strikes a good balance for both men and women, in regards to its size. The digital display is also well-protected underneath a mineral crystal window which is quite resistant to scratches. Add that to the G-Shock’s signature toughness and you have yourself a winner.
The digital LCD can display not only the time, but also the day, date, month, and year. Despite the info on-screen, the G7710 Trainer does not feel cluttered at all. When it comes to features, this G-Shock watch comes with standard functionalities such as a stopwatch, countdown timers, and alarms. It also comes with a World Timer that holds up to 29 time zones.
The watch is also built to provide up to 200-meters of water resistance. In addition, the precise 1/100 second timer is an excellent way to keep track of your progress during jogs or other workout routines.

G-Shock GA500WG-7A

Casio G Shock GA-500WG-7AMens Analog-Digital Multicolored Sport Quartz Casio
G-Shock GA500WG-7A (Image: Amazon)

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Just one glance at the G-Shock GA500WG-7A will already give you a good idea as to what type of activity it was designed for. The modern sporty aesthetic is a surefire winner for thrill-seekers and those who basically live in the gym. It comes with all the standard sports watch features to help you improve your workout routines such as a countdown timer and stopwatch.
As for the GA500WG-7A’s build, this is a G-Shock watch so you can expect extreme durability and a 200-meter water resistance rating. The vibrant aesthetic of the GA500WG-7A model is certainly one of its most prominent features. This watch is designed to catch your attention with its highly energetic charm.

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