Breda Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Breda may not register on your radar, yet, but we expect this relatively young watch manufacturer to steadily climb the ladder in the next couple of years or so. The main appeal of Breda is its broad approach to its timepiece aesthetics. The company refuses to be anchored down in a niche spot and instead endears itself towards an individualistic mindset and self-expression. Breda is known for manufacturing timepieces that cover virtually the entirety of the aesthetic spectrum from their charming and traditionally designed Visser watch series and their more contemporary Play watch models.
You can check out their full catalog here if your interest is already piqued. In this article, we will be putting Breda under a microscope and get an in-depth peek at what this new up-and-coming watch company has to offer.

Breda Brand History

Breda is still a relatively new company and has been only around since 2009. The company focuses on creativity and is not afraid to experiment with its timepiece designs. The company was founded by Amir Meghani and Shabeena Meghani, a third-generation brother and sister watchmaker whose family’s watch business has spanned decades covering their native country of India and to Dubai. Amir and Shabeena Meghani jumpstarted their own watch company and is currently located in Dallas, Texas.
From the get-go, Breda aimed to offer expensive-looking timepieces at a fraction of the price. They certainly achieved this goal with the help of a team of highly talented designers who are not afraid to take some risks. Breda’s always evolving style also lends to the brand’s quick ascension in the rankings as well as in popularity not only to watch enthusiasts but also to the general market.
Breda is a highly inclusive company and is built upon collaboration with artists, creators, and designers. This gave the brand a highly diverse selection of timepieces that aims to appeal to all watch enthusiast customer groups. What makes Breda special and unique compared to other watch manufacturers is that they pretty much open their doors to different creative minds. This focus on collaboration with various individuals from all walks of life gave Breda a veritable selection of timepieces that excels in variety and creativity.
Breda is all about appealing to every market. While some watch brands focus on a particular style, Breda tends to appeal to every watch enthusiast’s taste – from classic to contemporary, Breda has a fine selection of timepieces to offer. In addition, Breda watches are relatively affordable, further pushing their reputation as a watch brand for everyone.

Breda Watch Collections

Breda’s collection of watches is quite amazing considering they have been around for only a decade or so.

Breda Visser Watch Collection

BREDA 'Visser' 1728b Silver Square Fashion Analog Display Quartz with Brown Leather Strap Wrist Watch, 35mm
Breda Visser Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Breda Visser is one of the brand’s classier watch series and delivers that timeless retro-style aesthetics. Design by artist, Carel Nicolas Visser, the Visser watch models feature a gold-plated stainless steel 35mm square-shaped case and a five-link bracelet that is designed to complement both casual and formal attires.

Breda Jane Watch Collection

BREDA 'Jane' Gold and Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, 23MM
Breda Jane Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Jane watch series collection is Breda’s entry into the women’s watch category and it certainly is one of the most stunning timepieces around. With a focus on delivering an elegant aesthetic, the 23mm oval case is quite eye-catching in itself. However, Breda takes a few steps further with the inclusion of a mother-of-pearl dial that perfectly accentuates the polished stainless-steel finish of the case and bracelet.
The Breda Jane watch is also fantastically subtle with its design and features an almost calming charm that exudes its effeminate charm perfectly.

Breda Virgil Watch Collection

BREDA Virgil 1736c Black Square Wrist Watch with Genuine Leather Band, 26MM
Breda Virgil Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Virgil watch series is another Breda classic collection that features the retro rectangular case which measures in at a sleek 26mm. It incorporates a brushed gold dial which is interposed by black-toned hour markers.
Rectangular watches are a pretty rare commodity nowadays, so it is actually nice to find a brand that still designs this particular type of timepieces today. The Breda Virgil is a rectangular timepiece for men who have an affinity for this stylish and timeless classic dress watch design.

Breda Esther Watch Collection

BREDA Esther 1735a Square Silver Wrist Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet, 26mm
Breda Esther Watch (Image: Amazon)

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At 26mm, this square women’s watch is one that will complement petite hands. The vintage appeal of the Esther is completed by its sun-ray ivory brushed dial that perfectly balances out the gold-plated stainless-steel bracelet. Underneath the elegant and almost dainty frame of the Breda Esther is the highly accurate Miyota quartz movement that operates its analog dial display.
The Breda Esther is a relatively new timepiece that perfectly encapsulates the timeless and sophisticated charm of square wristwatches of yesteryear.

Breda Play Watch Collection

BREDA 'Play' Yellow Transparent Plastic Watch, 35mm
Breda Play Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The latest entry into Breda’s impressive watch catalog, the Breda Play takes a more modern and hip approach compared to Breda’s other timepiece collections. Staying true to its moniker, the Breda Play exudes a more creative charm and can fit into both formal and casual attire. One interesting facet about the Breda Play watch series is its use of recycled plastic materials which are designed to have excellent heat resistance.
If you are into protecting the environment, which I believe everyone should be, the Breda Play is an eco-friendly timepiece that you should consider. In addition, the modern appeal of the Breda Play is also attributed to the wide variety of bold and vibrant colors that this timepiece is available in.

Breda Brand Reputation

This young Dallas-based watch company embraces both traditional and modern watchmaking mindsets which helps them fuse these two vastly different approaches quite nicely. Breda watches are also quite affordable and are excellent entry-level timepieces that exude a fresh sense of style.
Their use of recycled thermoplastic material is not only eco-friendly, but it also gives their watches excellent temperature resistance.
As far as general reputation in watch circles, the brand is still new and unknown in watch circles. However, due to the brands’ lack of horological history, exclusive use of quartz movements and price point, they really do not get much attention from aficionados. That does not mean that they have a negative reputation, but with the already immense number of established watch brands, new brands such as Breda, or others that have spawned online and/or through social media often get ignored by collectors and serious watch hobbists.

Is Breda a Good Watch Brand?

BREDA Esther 1735e Square Gold Wrist Watch with Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet, 26mm
BREDA Esther 1735e Square Gold Wrist Watch

Obviously “good” is a very subjective term so we need to put this into context for anyone who is trying to research or compare watch brands.
First of all, we are not going to compare these watches to century-old brands, watchmakers that have had an impact on the evolution of the watch-making industry to brands that have been instrumental in developing the industry, engineering in-house movements, design innovation, patented watch technology. We’re not just talking about luxury watches. Affordable brands such as Timex, Seiko, Citizen and Orient have all had this type of impact – and they are all “good” watch brands.
Breda is a decent watch brand for the price point and for the intended buyer.  Their timepieces incorporate reliable Japanese quartz movements that provide excellent accuracy in timekeeping. As far as design, Breda delivers a cohesive minimalist design.
This Dallas-based watch company is still relatively new in the industry, but with a group of highly talented and creative watchmakers under its wing, I won’t be surprised if the brand quickly rises to prominence in a few years’ time. The brand is also quite open to experimenting when it comes to utilizing its creative juices. This is a mindset that will positively lend to their growth as a watch company.
While we wouldn’t compare them to the traditional watch brands mentioned above, there’s really no reason to. Breda fits into the market well and for the intended buyer delivers a modern watch at an affordable price that appears to be well built using quality components considering the price point.  If we had to compare we’d probably look at similar a brand like Skagen or other fashion watch brands. As far as the aesthetic, you could check out these top minimalist watches to compare.

Where to Buy Breda Watches?

BREDA 'Virgil' Stainless Steel and Metal Bracelet Watch, 26MM
BREDA ‘Virgil’ Stainless Steel

Breda watches are available in popular online stores such as Amazon and eBay.
Breda also has an official website where you can purchase their timepieces directly.
Breda watches can also be found in several brick-and-mortar stores, but they are generally easier to get a hold of online. You can also purchase Breda watches directly from their Dallas headquarters. Breda transformed the front office of their studio into a showroom and store.
If you are around Dallas, Texas, make sure you drop by their studio to get a full selection of all their current timepieces.

Where Is Breda Based?

Breda is still a fairly small watch company in comparison to other well-known brands. Their headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas and this is also where the design and production transpires. Their relatively small watch design studio in Dallas is a hotbed for creativity as evidence by their sublime watch collection. You can also directly purchase Breda watches from their main Dallas studio. Their headquarters double as both their manufacturing branch and their main store.
This wasn’t always the case though as they initially sold their timepieces via online retail stores. After a couple of years and a boom in popularity, Breda decided to turn their front office into a store as well. Here you can find every Breda timepiece and give you a good idea as to what Breda is all about.

Breda Watch Warranty

Breda watches have a two-year warranty. This warranty covers any factory defects on the build and the watch movement. However, this warranty does not cover damages caused by wear and tear. You can still send in your Breda timepiece even if the damage is not covered by the warranty clause – though, you will need to pay for the repair cost. You can check the full details of their warranty coverage right here on their warranty and repair page.

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