Our Favorite Gold G-Shock Watches

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While initially designed as a modern sports watch with outstanding durability, G-Shock has steadily evolved to be far more versatile than its original conception. Back then, it was almost impossible to even imagine a G-Shock watch with a gold-tone as this watch brand focused solely on its rather bulky and modern look and functionalities. Let us just say that G-Shock will be the last thing on your mind if you were asked about luxury style timepieces.
Nowadays, it is actually quite easy to find G-Shock watches with gold-tone resin cases. Within the urban fashion scene, combining the rugged aesthetic with a polished coat of gold blends two completely opposite styles is quite unique. G-Shock watches are already quite distinctive on its own, but throwing in an elegant side of golden finish definitely helps elevate this robust watch series to a vastly different level.
In this article, we will be taking a look at the most refined-looking G-Shock watches that offer a highly different aesthetic from what we are used to from this watch collection. We will be covering the top gold G-Shock watches that you can buy today.

Best Gold G-Shock Watches

G-Shock GM6900-9 Black-Gold

G-Shock GM6900-9 Black/Gold One Size
G-Shock GM6900-9 Black-Gold (Image: Amazon)

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With its fantastic 50mm resin case that features a gold ion-plated stainless-steel bezel, the GM6900-9 model certainly brings a level of refined taste into the typically rugged G-Shock design. It also incorporates a black resin band which balances out the eye-catching gold-tone case with a more grounded twist. The gold dial is accentuated by the negative LCD display, which also enhances its overall legibility.
If the GM6900-9 model seems vaguely familiar to you, it is because this is a variation of the classic G-Shock DW6900 and is the 25th-anniversary version of that iconic G-Shock model. While similar in its build, the GM6900-9 pushes the envelope with its up-to-date watch technology and that stunning gold-tone stainless-steel case. This G-Shock watch also has its signature 200-meter water resistance in tow.

G-Shock GM110G-1A9

G-Shock GM110G-1A9 Gold/Black One Size
G-Shock GM110G-1A9 (Image: Amazon)

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Incorporating a bold sports watch design with the finesse of a gold-tone case, the GM110G-1A9 model is the epitome of ‘sizzle and steak’. This G-Shock model incorporates an analog-digital dial display and a slew of functionalities that make it as practical as it is stylish. Despite what you might initially think at first glance, the GM110G-1A9 is also surprisingly sleek and compact with its 48.8mm resin and gold ion-plated stainless-steel case.
When it comes to its timekeeping capabilities, you get the full deck of G-Shock functionalities such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, and auto-calendar. Additional features include a World Time (31 time zones, 48 cities), Super Illuminator LED backlight, and Neobrite coated markers and hands. This G-Shock watch also utilizes a Japanese quartz movement which ensures accuracy and precision.

G-Shock GMWB5000GD-9CR

G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-9CR Gold One Size
G-Shock GMWB5000GD-9CR (Image: Amazon)

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The GMWB5000GD-9CR G-Shock model captures that refined charm of gold watches but fuses it with incredible durability and top-notch functionality. What we get is a multi-function, tough-as-nails, gold G-Shock watch that brings the flamboyant flair along with absolute reliability. This is a square-shaped gold-toned G-Shock watch, which basically means it is a blend of retro aesthetics with high-tech features.
Casio did not skimp on the GMWB5000GD-9CR’s developmental stage as they packed as much top-tier technology as possible. Not only is its equipped with Casio’s signature Tough Solar technology, but it also has the ability to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This feature further expands its capabilities thanks to the G-Shock Connected app. If you are looking for a classy timepiece with sports and fitness features, you can’t go wrong with what GMWB5000GD-9CR offers.

G-Shock G-Steel GST400G-1A9

Casio G-Shock GST400G-1A9 G-STEEL Anti-magnetic Gold Black Watch
G-Shock G-Steel GST400G-1A9 (Image: Amazon)

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This model is from the G-Steel series which is pretty self-explanatory as what you can expect from this G-Shock collection. So, let us get the obvious one right out of the way, the 59mm case is made from a combination of resin and stainless-steel components. Despite the use of stainless-steel parts, the case is still relatively lightweight. The GST400G-1A9 model also comes with an ISO764 certification which indicates its superb magnetic resistance.
The dial utilizes a combination of analog and digital display and is operated via a Japanese quartz movement. You can expect all the signature features of a G-Shock watch in this model, along with an auto LED backlight which provides excellent lamination in low-light environments. It is also noteworthy to state that its stopwatch feature has a 1,000-hour timing capacity. The watch is also, as expected, able to provide 200-meter water resistance.

G-Shock Military GA-110

Casio G-Shock Men's Military GA-110 Watch, Black/Gold, One Size
G-Shock Military GA-110 (Image: Amazon)

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For those who prefer a little more subdued approach in regards to the timepiece’s style, the Military-style GA-110 might just strike the right balance for you. Rather than utilizing a full gold-tone appearance, the GA-110 features a black resin case with most of the gold centered around the dial. This is a shock and magnetic resistant watch with 200-meter water resistance as well. The dial is encased within a mineral crystal glass and the digital display is accompanied by an LED backlight that glows a relaxing ember hue.
Black and gold is most definitely right up there with our favorite color combinations, and the GA-110 did not disappoint here. It is also highly functional with a World Time (29 time zones, 48 cities) as well as a 1/1000-second stopwatch, among other signature G-Shock features. Those looking for a gold G-Shock watch that is not too ‘loud’ should look up this sleek model.

G-Shock GA-1220SU-9A

Casio Analog-Digital Sport Quartz Mens G-Shock Casio GA-2110SU-9A
G-Shock GA-1220SU-9A (Image: Amazon)

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The GA-1220SU-9A model takes the GA-110’s approach and flips it over its head. Rather than having the gold-tone contained within the dial, the GA-1220SU-9A lets the elegant polish of gold make up most of the watch’s build. The GA-1220SU-9A features a black dial with gold-toned hands. It is in the case and band where this G-Shock truly shines. The gold-toned case and band definitely gives this G-Shock watch a visual pep on its step and is a definite looker.
This G-Shock model is also considerably sleeker and more compact. With its 35mm case, this is a great choice for those with smaller wrists or children. In regards to functionality, the GA-1220SU-9A model checks all the standard G-Shock features. Along with the signature toughness, this is certainly one of the more visually stunning entries into G-Shock’s impressive library. If you are looking for a visually striking G-Shock watch that fuses together a luxurious aesthetic with a modern twist, check out this particular model as pictures do not do it justice.

G-Shock GSTS120L-1A

Casio Men's G Shock GSTS120L-1A Black Leather Quartz Dress Watch
G-Shock GSTS120L-1A (Image: Amazon)

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G-Shock is synonymous with being an extremely durable and multi-functional timepiece, but its aesthetics are usually aimed at those who prefer a modern touch. That said, the G-Shock GSTS120L-1A manages to tread the fine balance between fashion and function. The 59mm diameter case is definitely of a substantial size, but it more than makes up for it with its high-level functionality and build. You will notice that the case features resin and stainless-steel components. The resin uses a black matte finish, while the stainless-steel part has a gold-tone finish.
The strap is also notable here as this model does not use a resin band, instead, it comes with a leather strap that gives it a more professional charm. As for features, it comes with the standard G-Shock functionalities such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, and auto-calendar. Additional features include a World Time (31 time zones, 48 cities), hourly alarm, hand shift feature (to give you a clearer view of the digital display, and a battery power indicator. Speaking of which, this watch is also equipped with Casio’s Tough Solar technology, making it an ideal companion during outdoor activities.

G-Shock Full Metal Series Watch, Gold (AWM500GD-9A)


G-Shock AWM500GD-9A Men's Full Metal Series Watch, Gold, One Size
G-Shock AWM500GD-9A (Image: Amazon)

The AWM500GD-9A is a revamped “full-metal” watch those echos the early days of G-Shock when it introduced the AW-500 line of analog watches. This newer version of the classic ana-digital watch features DLC-coated stainless steel in either gold or silver finish and is packed with features you’d expect in a higher-end G-shock. Full auto-calendar (to year 2099), world in 48 cities and 31 time zones as well as Multi-Band 6 atomic time-keeping are just some of the highlights. This newer G-Shock presents a more modern take on a classic 80s watch series.  

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