Sekonda Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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“Beware of expensive imitations” is this brand’s slogan. I had to read it a couple of times until I realized how ironic this statement is. While most brands have cheaper knockoffs, Sekonda watches are so affordable that their imitations can’t really compete.
Yet, it doesn’t mean that the quality of Sekonda watches is so low that you should compare them to those cheap knockoffs.
In fact, one of the primary reasons for Sekonda’s continuous success throughout its long history is the quality of its watches offered at a very affordable price range. Their designs may not be outstanding amidst the sea of watches but it is the quality and affordability that sets them apart. And, although they are not exactly collection- or heirloom-worthy, Sekonda watches are durable and stylish enough for your everyday wear. 
What’s the secret of its survival in the watch market despite its long history? Where do they produce these high-quality yet affordable watches? You’ll find the answers to these questions and discover more about the brand as you read on. 

Sekonda Brand History 

Sekonda, although a British watch brand, has its toots in two of the oldest watch factories in Russia: the Soviet’s first manufacturer of watches and movements, the First State Watch Factory that was established in 1930; and to Russia’s oldest factory, the Petrodvorets Watch Factory that was established in 1721. These Russian watch manufacturers produced the Poljot and Raketa watches, respectively. 
When Sekonda started in the United Kingdom in 1966, its first products were imported Poljot and Raketa watches that were rebranded to bear the Sekonda name. Since these timepieces were of high quality yet very affordable, Sekonda was a success even in its first year. This British brand also established extensive marketing strategies and outstanding customer service hence the brand also became widely known pretty fast. 
When the quartz movement was later introduced, Sekonda took it as an opportunity to move its manufacturing process to Hong Kong. Therein, it was able to develop more stylish watch designs. By 1988, Sekonda was already the leading watch brand in the UK; and it continued to be so because of the company’s commitment to expansion and innovation of timepieces. 
The watch industry began to grow in 1998 when more fashion watch brands emerged. Unfortunately, this resulted in a decrease in the market shares of each watch brand. Sekonda realized that it has to strategize once again to keep its top position in the watch market. By 2004, the Seksy watch line was born. It is mainly comprised of watches that are stylish and modern and specifically designed for ladies 25 to 35 years of age. Partnered with clever marketing, Seksy ladies watches quickly became bestsellers.
At present, Sekonda is still committed to producing innovative and stylish timepieces equipped with reliable movements and offered at reasonable price points. They have also maintained an outstanding customer service. With these, Sekonda is now a global watch brand and still among the most well-known in the United Kingdom.

Sekonda Watch Collections


Ladies Sekonda Editions Watch 2327
Sekonda Editions 2327 (Image: Amazon)

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The Sekonda Editions is the brand’s latest collection that was launched in 2013. It takes pride in its watch designs that seem to match with the latest fashion trend, and have the right balance of fun and sleekness. This collection still has a wide range of options and very affordable. 


Sekonda Seksy Radiance Ladies Watch With Blue Dial Analogue Display And Stainless Steel Bracelet 2216
Sekonda Seksy Radiance (Image: Amazon)

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For watches that boast of glamour and elegance at a reasonable price, the Seksy watch line offers iconic choices. All its models are accessorized with Swarovski crystals, making each piece bold and sparkly. 
Although this watch line was developed in 2004 as a solution to decreasing market shares, it has continuously garnered success for the watch models it launched. As such, Sekonda maintained the said line and has kept on developing new innovative designs for this bold watch line. 

Sekonda Brand Reputation

From tough Soviet-made timepieces, Sekonda shifted to fashion watches in order to keep the company running amidst the various transitions in the watch market. Hence, as a fashion watch brand, Sekonda is still among the most widely-known watch brand in the UK (and it has consumers in other countries and continents as well). 
Primarily, Sekonda watches are known for their variety of styles and affordability.  For these reasons and the average retail price point,  the brand is frequently compared with Casio, Pulsar, and Citizen.   Because of its UK connection, it’s sometimes also compared to Accurist, another affordable English brand.  

Is Sekonda A Good Watch Brand?

The short answer to this question is that Sekonda watches are “good value for money”. Overall the reviews are positive in watch forums like here and here. Although of course, as a consumer, your expectations must also be reasonable based on its price point which is what many buyers praise – the brand’s value proposition.
In relation to this, modern Sekonda watches are generally ignored by collectors and aspiring enthusiasts as their value doesn’t appreciate even over time – as an example – just take a look at the resale value of vintage Sekonda watches on eBay
However, their vintage soviet watches do have somewhat of a cult following and even webpages dedicated to them – this one, in particular, has an in-depth look at their history and collections. 
Sekonda may not be as outstanding but it is decent for its price range. Years ago, in the 80s, they were one of the best selling watches in the UK and they are still a great buy for those who are looking for an affordable everyday watch. 

Where To Buy Sekonda Watches?

The first obvious choice to see the wide variety of timepieces that the brand has to offer is to visit the Sekonda online shop.
Since Sekonda is a global watch brand, its timepieces are available on Walmart, and Amazon and new and pre-owned Sekondo watches can be found on eBay.
 There is also a wide selection of Sekonda watches on WatchShop.
A store locator is also available to help you find a shop where you can physically inspect and buy Sekonda watches. 

Where Are Sekonda Made?

As mentioned in the previous section, the first Sekonda watches were developed and produced in Russia. However, with the introduction of quartz movement in the watch industry, Sekonda started manufacturing its own watches from Hong Kong. Despite this significant change, Sekonda assures that its products are still of excellent quality. 

Sekonda Warranty

Sekonda watches are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. However, this warranty is limited only to material defects and workmanship. On the other hand, batteries, straps, and bracelets, along with damages caused by water penetration, an accident, misuse, or carelessness are not covered by the guarantee. 
Should you have other concerns about the warranty of Sekonda watches, you may read the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) here.
Closing Words
Undoubtedly, Sekonda has done an amazing job branding itself as an affordable watch company. While others died out in the aftermath of the quartz crisis, Sekonda saw it as an opportunity to create cheaper yet still reliable timepieces. When various brands flooded the market, Sekonda still survived because of its style innovations and marketing campaigns. In fact, not only did the brand survive but it thrived.
Although the brand is still not yet very popular globally, one cannot exactly anticipate what will be Sekonda’s next big move. One thing for sure is that it will be able to adapt and continue producing high-quality watches at affordable costs. 

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