Triwa Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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An acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches, Triwa set out to redefine modern watches with a passion for symbolizing contemporary styles.
With an intention to transcend design, the brand aims to highlight the issues of these current times. This includes issues of environmental impact as a direct result of watch manufacturing and the impact of climate change. Addressing these pressing challenges, Triwa uses sustainable materials and works with ambassadors of change to tell stories of the brand.
Set up in Stockholm, the watch brand’s top two collections use recycled ocean waste and melted illegal firearms to build sturdy everlasting watches. This article covers Triwa’s history, some bestselling watches, and more!

Triwa Brand History 

Featuring Scandinavian styling with minimalist designs and a sleek look, the Triwa watches remain true to their name. The underlying mission of the brand is to raise climate consciousness and awareness, and in the production of watches amounting to toxic waste.

Origin Story

Launched in 2007, Triwa came to life with four friends coming together to reclaim the watch industry with an unparalleled vision. The founders believe that many prominent watch brands continue to use traditional methods and designs in this modern watchmaking era. And as a result, they set up Triwa to reinvent how the industry should look at designing and manufacturing watches.
From the time of its inception, Triwa produces wristwatches for men and women. The success of the brand paved the way for launching other fashion accessories like sunglasses and bracelets. Currently, the team consists of thirty friends working towards their shared dream.

Defining Modern Timekeeping

TRIWA Klinga Men’s Minimalist Dress Watch – Luxury Wrist Watches for Men, 38mm
TRIWA Klinga (Image: Amazon)

Triwa makes limited collections, focusing on functionality, design, and essentiality. To this extent, the brand has two main collections – personifying its core values into unique clean timepieces. That is, protecting the environment and calling for peace, globally. We will learn more about these watch collections below to understand what makes them so unique and promising.
It is also critical to mention the brand’s call for transparent watchmaking. Consequently, Triwa proudly claims to have calculated the carbon footprint for all their products; helping them understand the brand’s impact on the plant and the impact on the customers. In doing so, the brand is able to innovate its manufacturing process by lowering the carbon footprint with every new product they launch.
To calculate the carbon footprint, the brand uses the 2030 Calculator. This takes into account factors like sourcing materials, producing parts, packaging, and transportation to determine the extent of carbon footprint each stage can leave behind. By setting a bar for every product, Triwa then aims to beat its own score, further promising sustainability through ingenuity. Triwa truly believes this tool helps the brand be more environmentally responsible in developing the business model, to give back to the world it takes from.
Presently, Triwa sells its products globally, slowly increasing its presence and forging the contemporary way to design watches.

Triwa Watch Collections

Scandinavian designs resonate with their way of life – minimalist, functional, and sophisticated. These attributes perfectly describe the design of Triwa watches. A commitment to protecting the earth while eclipsing traditional watchmaking techniques makes the brand intriguing for watch lovers as well as novices to the world of watches. Most important of all, Triwa watches are extremely affordable making them highly preferable across all ages.

Time for Oceans Collection

Under this collection, Triwa has introduced the Ocean Plastic and SUB Ocean Plastic editions. Though both the editions use recycled ocean waste and plastic, there are significant functionality differences that set them apart.
The Ocean Plastic watches come in seven bright colors. The face of the dial takes inspiration from the sea to reflect waves like patterns. With this watch, Triwa manifests its purpose – to function as a reminder for ocean conservation. Designed in a 37 mm case, the Ocean Plastic watches come powered with Miyota 2035 movement, bound in an ocean plastic nylon strap. Water-resistant up to 330 feet, this timepiece is ideal for surfing, swimming, and other light water activities.
The SUB Ocean Plastic watches, on the other hand, come designed with diving-focused needs. The name stands as a tribute to underwater explorers. With a three-dimensional water pattern on the face of the dial and a rotating bezel, this timepiece offers an intriguingly modern design. In addition to these features, the face of the dial also showcases a date window next to 3 o’clock. The luminous hands make it easy to read in dark underwaters. Available in three shades with a 40 mm case, this timepiece offers a sporty look to a modern design.

Time for Peace Collection

It doesn’t come as a surprise about a brand that calls for holistic change also strongly advocates for peace and ending armed conflicts around the world. To play their part in this vision, Triwa purchases melted down metal from illegal firearms to make watch pieces. Working in partnership with IM, a Swedish development organization, Triwa is able to give back  15% of sales from each watch to those families affected by armed conflicts.
As a result, Triwa is not only instrumental in repurposing illegal firearms into watches but facilitates the rehabilitation of victims of gun violence. The melted down metal from these firearms, known as Humanium Metal, makes for a strong durable material in a watch, giving it many years to function without any damage.
Available in different metallic shades, these Humanium watches have chronograph and automatic options. The Humanium 38 mm Classic edition hosts the Miyota GL10 movement in contrasting finishes and stamped indexes. The red second’s hand and the red date slot make an impression at the first glance.
The Humanium 39 mm Chrono displays a brush-finished dial with two sub-dial chronographs and the signature red seconds hand. The strap metal for these watches uses recycled PET canvas, adding to the watch’s durability.

Men’s Collection

Besides the above two watch collections mentioned, the official Triwa website also showcases a few models under their men’s collection. These form part of the brand’s previously launched styles and designs. Some noteworthy mentions are Falken and Nevil.

TRIWA Nevil Men’s Minimalist Watch – Chronograph Wrist Watches for Men, 42mm
TRIWA Nevil Men’s Minimalist Watch (Image: Amazon)

The Nevil collection features a chronograph and water resistance of up to 330 feet. Designed in a mineral glass dial with the Japanese Miyota movement, this timepiece makes for an ideal gift for your loved ones.
Triwa Ivory Falken
Triwa Falken (Image: Amazon)

The Falken collection, on the other hand, takes after a slender design catering to a chic urban crowd. Featuring a mini dial at 6 o’clock, the Falken combines style and essentiality.

Women’s Collection

Similar to the Men’s Collection, the Women’s Collection features some of the most successful watches, designed by the brand, called Nikki and Svalan. These collections embody Sweden’s sensuality and feminine designs.

TRIWA Nikki Minimalist Watch for Women – Ladies Fashion Analog Wrist Watches 36mm
TRIWA Nikki (Image: Amazon)

The Nikki edition hosts a chronograph in a classic timeless design. This edition is available in different shades suiting your needs for a sporty feminine watch. Encased in a 36mm case dial, the Nikki watches have up to 160 feet of water resistance. Resultantly, making this a perfect watch for a day filled with adventure sports or a day in the office.
TRIWA Svalan Minimalist Watch for Women – Ladies Fashion Analog Wrist Watches 34mm
TRIWA Svalan

If you are looking for a more chic design than sporty, the Svalan edition makes a worthy contender. Designed in a 34 mm case, the Svalan watches display a mini dial in an elegantly sophisticated design. The leather strap in all these watches, too, use organic vegetable leather by Tärnsjö Tannery.

Triwa Brand Reputation

Over the years, Triwa claimed a spot not many brands could. One that calls for rethinking our way of life. Conservation of the environment and reducing the harmful impact of human actions form the main pillars of the brand – making it one of the more ethically-minded and sustainable watch brands. 
Triwa is not only a pioneer of modern innovation but also for creating a new age movement of socially conscious branding. Mainly for this reason alone, the brand has managed to garner steadily growing patrons.
Moreover, the brand’s design is unapologetically bold and at the same time, playful and smart. Added with the fact that these watches use recycled materials and repurposed metal from illegal firearms, the brand basically seals the deal with integrity, leadership, mission, performance, and value.

Is Triwa A Good Watch Brand?

Similar to the story of any watch brand, Triwa, too, attracts a lot of mixed-bag reviews. This is primarily attributed to the incredibly low cost of the watches and limited information on the website. Combined with the mindset that the costlier the better makes it difficult for many consumers to quickly invest with Triwa.
Yet, on the flip side, Triwa is a popular name in Sweden. The Scandinavian design combined with a reliable performance promising movement at an affordable rate attracts many new customers to the world of watches.
As we recommend in all our reviews, investing in a watch – cheap or expensive – needs consideration of factors like design, usage, performance, brand history, and more. If you are a watch collector, you can blindly add Triwa to your collection. For, the brand’s unique ethos makes it worthy. If you are a novice to watches, then be sure to invest in a timepiece that is worthy of giving you lasting company on your wrist.

Where To Buy Triwa Watches?

Triwa watches are sold worldwide from their official online store.
You can also check out Amazon for many of the brand’s watch models.

Where Are Triwa Made?

The brand’s watches are designed and produced in Sweden; Triwa uses recycled resources as materials for the watch parts. The watch movement, Miyota, comes from Japan. However, having access to the ocean gives the brand plenty of materials to play around with.
In addition, the brand also works with a local organization that sources illegal firearms from different parts of the world. These firearms, melted into metal, make for strong and durable watch parts.

Triwa Warranty

Triwa offers two years warranty on all their watches, starting from the date of purchase. The order confirmation is proof of your warranty. According to Triwa’s website, the warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear, and negligent or abusive use.

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