9 Best G-Shock Square Watches (From Budget To Limited Edition)

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There is a certain charm and sophistication attached to a square-shaped watch that makes it one of the more appealing watch types for those looking for something fresh. The aesthetics of this four-sided timepiece is also quite flexible in that it can fit into any attire – from formal to casual, and even with sportswear. The fantastic geometrical flair that these watches bring is simply undeniable and is a quality that will surely appeal to those who want a mix of function and fashion with their accessories.
When it comes to timepieces, the default shape has been the round dial. However, if you look back in history, you will notice that sharply angled four-sided case has appeared as early as the 20th century. The fact that it is still quite popular today is a testament to the appeal that it brings to the wristwear design. The square watch dial has proven itself to be a timeless design that is not just popular due to its retro and nostalgic aesthetic, but mostly to its ability to adapt to every era.
Speaking of eras, the G-Shock series is as modern a timepiece as we can get. First released back in the 80s, G-Shock has maintained its popularity thanks to its incredibly durable and rugged build. However, another important factor that helped propel this revolutionary Casio watch is its extremely hip and modern design.
Unlike most of the timepieces in the 80s, G-Shock went full steam ahead with its modern look. Rather than sticking with tradition, Casio decided to go the other way and even throw some curveballs. G-Shock’s rather massive build, utilization of digital display, and vibrant color schemes became a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by tradition. Thus, the new age of rugged timepieces has been ushered in.
Of course, G-Shock would not have been able to maintain its popularity based on what it initially brought to the table. No, it also needs to adapt and experiment in order to grow and evolve. This is where the square-shaped G-Shock watches come into play. This style gives another layer of flair to G-Shock’s already eye-catching aesthetics. It also gives G-Shock a sense of complexity in a traditional sense that is not present with its modern round watches.
If you are interested in adding a bit of classical flavor to your G-Shock watch collection, might we suggest you go for their square variant models? To help you along the way, we have compiled a list of some of the best square G-Shock watches in the market today.

Best Square G-Shock Watches

G-Shock DW5600E-1V

Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)
G-Shock DW5600E-1V (Image: Amazon)

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Let us start this list off with a true classic of the (G-Shock) genre, the DW5600E model. A little fun trivia about the DW5600E-1V is that this is the G-Shock model that managed to crack into the Guinness Book of World Records. It made history when this model managed to withstand the full brunt of being run over by a 3-ton truck! If there is any proof of how tough the G-Shock is, that pretty much answers it.
Besides the awesome feat of watch craftsmanship, the DW5600E is also equipped with all the standard G-Shock features to fully polish off its presentation. The incredibly durable build is further accentuated by a slew of excellent functionalities such as a countdown timer, 1/100-second stopwatch, hourly alarm, auto calendar, and a 12/24-hour format. The dial is also encased in a mineral crystal window. As for timekeeping accuracy, the DW5600E-1V incorporates a quartz digital movement with a precision of +/- 15 seconds per month.
Also, do not forget about the mandatory 200-meter water resistance that all G-Shock models have and you have yourself a reliable outdoor square watch.

G-Shock Black X Blue Series GWM5610BA-1JF

CASIO G-Shock Black X Blue Series (GW-M5610BA-1JF) 6 MULTIBANDS Solar Powered Men's Watch
G-Shock Black X Blue Series GWM5610BA-1JF (Image: Amazon)

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The G-Shock Black X Blue Series features a stylish and slick all-black tone with a blue accent design that gives this model a subtle yet stylish appeal. The watch features a 43mm diameter resin case. It also comes with all the standard G-Shock features such as a countdown timer, stopwatch, and auto-calendar. However, this particular model also takes full advantage of Casio’s Tough Solar technology, giving it a nigh unlimited power source. Basically, you do not need to worry about replacing the batteries every other year or so.
This G-Shock square watch also comes with a solid build that gives it a 200-meter water resistance rating. With its ergonomic square case and black with blue accent aesthetics, this is one that you can wear in both formal gatherings and casual everyday scenarios. In addition, this watch also comes with a multiband 6 atomic timekeeping capability for that added level of functionality and accuracy.

G-Shock GW5600-2ER

Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch GW-B5600-2ER
G-Shock GW5600-2ER (Image: Amazon)

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Here we have another smooth black with blue accent square G-Shock watch. The GW5600-2ER model is not just a rehash of our previous entry though – this one comes with its own nifty little tricks. One of the more noticeable differences that this model has against its peers is with its resin and stainless-steel construction. If you thought the standard G-Shock resin case build is tough, you will be pleasantly surprised with the ones that also utilize stainless-steel material.
The main selling point of this particular model is not just with its attractive design and higher quality build, but with its Bluetooth capability. Yes, besides the signature G-Shock toughness and functionality – this model also has the advantage of being able to connect to your smartphone. What this entails is that the GW5600-2ER can further enhance its uses by utilizing specific smartphone apps.
The watch is also designed to withstand up to 200-meters of water resistance making it a good wristwatch for swimming and snorkeling. However, we do advise users from using it for scuba diving as it is not designed for that particular activity.

G-Shock GMWB5000GD-1JF

CASIO G-SHOCK GMW-B5000GD-1JF G-SHOCK Connected Radio Solar Black Watch (Japan Domestic Genuine Products)
G-Shock GMWB5000GD-1JF (Image: Amazon)

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Let’s keep the ball rolling with another square G-Shock watch with Bluetooth capabilities, shall we? This time around, let us take a look at the more rugged-looking GMWB5000GD-1JF model. We liked the 8-bit brick pattern design that Casio placed around the digital display. It gives the watch a slight retro charm, which is always a huge plus in my book. Of course, just because it looks retro, doesn’t mean it will feature dated technology. As we have already stated earlier, this model features Bluetooth capabilities which expands its overall functionality.
Not only will you be able to take advantage of smartphone specific features along with the standard G-Shock functionalities, but this model is also equipped with Tough Solar technology. One full charge can last for months even if you use it in Bluetooth mode regularly. It also uses a multiband 6 atomic timekeeping and is designed with 200-meter water resistance.

G-Shock DW5600SK-1

G-Shock DW5600SK-1 Black One Size
G-Shock DW5600SK-1 (Image: Amazon)

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Need a flourish to the already aesthetically pleasing square watch case design? How about adding a transparent case into the mix? For those who grew up in the 90s, you probably know how popular having a transparent case variant of your product was in the market. Well, let us bring that old fuzzy nostalgia feeling back with the DW5600SK-1 model, shall we?
The transparent or skeleton case is accentuated by the silver-tone resin case, giving this G-Shock model a faux stainless-steel appearance. This watch features a classic digital display which is operated by a Japanese quartz movement. The LCD screen is also equipped with an EL backlight for optimum visibility even in the dark.
The 48mm diameter transparent resin case is also designed to provide up to 200-meters of water resistance, as is the norm in all G-Shock watch models. As for features, this model pretty much goes through all the signature beats such a stopwatch, countdown timer, hourly alarm, and auto calendar.

 G-Shock GMWB5000GD-9CR Gold

G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-9CR Gold One Size
 G-Shock GMWB5000GD-9CR Gold (Image: Amazon)

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Time to push the luxurious charm up with this Gold version edition of the GMWB5000 model. Along with its square gold-tone resin case and digital display, this model certainly blends the best of both worlds into one sleek package. Is it a traditional timepiece or a modern digital watch? Why not both?
Besides having G-Shock’s impeccable toughness, this model also brings sizzle to the steak when it comes to its style. The inclusion of a stainless-steel gold-tone bracelet helps polish its high-end aesthetics. You can clearly see how this particular G-Shock watch is aimed at the elegant gentleman crowd who still appreciates a good rugged timepiece.
Similar to its all-black counterpart, the Gold edition utilizes Casio’s signature Tough Solar technology which means this tough yet elegant watch can recharge using both natural and artificial lighting. In addition, you can also connect the GMWB5000GD-9CR model to your smartphone as it comes with Bluetooth technology. This watch also has a World Time feature with up to 39 time zones (and cities) as well as an automatically updating daylight savings mode.

G-Shock DW5600 Limited Edition Digital Watch

CASIO G-Shock X New ERA DW-5600NE-1 35th Anniversary Collaboration Watch
G-Shock DW5600 Limited Edition Digital Watch (Image: Amazon)

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Since the DW5600 model is considered a classic, you can bet that it also comes with some nice-looking limited-edition models for collectors as well. One of the most stylish is the black with polished gold accent version, the DW5600 Anniversary Collaboration Edition. Besides the sleek design, this is another tough-as-nails G-Shock watch that just so happens to have a stylish square case.
The features that you can expect to get a hold of here includes an EL backlight with afterglow, flash alerts, vibration alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch, and hourly alarm notification. Also, this limited-edition version comes with G-Shock’s signature Triple 10 stamp of approval. This means that the watch is designed to withstand a 10-meter freefall, 10-bar water resistance rating, and 10-year battery life.
What I also liked about this particular limited-edition G-Shock watch is that it is not ‘loud’ in terms of its design. In fact, it is surprisingly subdued and low-key. It offers just the right amount of flash without being too gaudy. Add that to the rather minimalist build, and you have yourself a G-Shock square watch that is both subtle and stylish. If you want a square watch that can accompany you during a formal gala or an exciting urban trek, you should definitely check out this particular model up close.

G-Shock GWB5600AR-1 Adrenalin Red Series Connected Limited Edition

Men's Casio G-Shock Adrenalin Red Series Connected Limited Edition Watch GWB5600AR-1
G-Shock GWB5600AR-1 Adrenalin Red Series Connected Limited Edition (Image: Amazon)

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Ever wonder what G-Shock watch a Sith Lord might wear? Well, the somewhat ominous and dangerous appeal of this limited-edition G-Shock watch is certainly a worthy candidate. This is a watch that exudes an air of confidence with its black with bright red accents. It is bold and will certainly appeal to modern watch enthusiasts. The 42mm square case is just the right size for most individuals. If you are not a fan of the bulky G-Shock design, this is one that might finally tide you over as a fan.
As for features, you can bet the Adrenalin Red Series model will live up to expectations. It features Casio’s signature Tough Solar technology and comes with the mandatory 200-meter water resistance. Other notable features include a Super Illuminator LED light, a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, and a World Time that holds up to 39 time zones. Overall, this is definitely one of the more visually enticing entries into G-Shock’s impressive library.

G-Shock GMWB5000CS-1 Limited Edition Full Metal Grid Tunnel

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000CS-1 Limited Edition Full Metal Grid Tunnel Mens Digital Watch
G-Shock GMWB5000CS-1 Limited Edition (Image: Amazon)

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Looking for a true retro square G-Shock watch that harkens back to the Synthwave era? This might just be the version you are looking for. The laser-engraved case gives this square G-Shock watch a more premium appeal. In addition, the case is made from stainless-steel which a rugged black IP finish. Along with the laser-etched grid tunnel pattern, this G-Shock limited-edition model certainly has that hard edge charm down to pat.
As for features, it comes with a Super Illuminator LED backlight which you can set to full auto. You can also pick between two backlight mode that adds a 2 to 4-second afterglow effect. You also get all the standard G-Shock features such as the stopwatch, countdown timer, and auto calendar. You also switch this to ‘stealth mode’ with the vibration-only alarm. To complete the circle and further boost convenience, Casio also included Bluetooth connectivity into this already impressive timepiece. This is another definite must-have for G-Shock fans to add to their collection.

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