10 Best Victorinox Watches For Women in 2021

10 Best Victorinox Watches For Women in 2021

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The Swiss brand, Victorinox, has made a reputation in developing heavy-duty, innovative, and accurate timepieces throughout their rich history. While initially a company that makes high-quality Swiss Army knives, Victorinox has branched out and has done exceptionally well with its other endeavors.
The Victorinox brand is a highly established company with a reputation based around reliability. You can read our in-depth brand review of Victorinox to know more about this tough Swiss brand.
In this article, we will be putting the spotlight on their timepieces designed for the ladies. Make no mistake though, Victorinox’s watches for women are just as tough as their male counterparts. These are timepieces designed for the modern woman – tough and elegant.

Best Victorinox Ladies Watches

Victorinox I.N.O.X. V Swiss Army Women’s Watch (241808)

Victorinox Swiss Army Women's I.N.O.X. Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Rubber Strap, Black, 18 Casual Watch (Model: 241808)
Victorinox I.N.O.X. V Swiss Army Women’s Watch (241808) (Image: Amazon)

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Classy, strong, and efficient – these are the words best to describe what the Victorinox I.N.O.X. is all about. A flagship line of the Swiss brand, the INOX delivers everything that makes Victorinox what they are today; reliable and durable. This particular INOX timepiece is developed with a more compact stainless-steel rose gold case measuring 37mm in diameter. Thus, making this INOX timepiece model perfect for women and those with smaller wrists. Despite the smaller frame, the INOX 241808 still retains the durability that the watch series is known for.
The INOX 241808 also incorporates some top-tier material into its build with its use of durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The black rubber strap provides excellent flexibility and comfort while keeping a more casual vibe. The black rubber strap also complements the rose gold finish of the case in terms of visual appeal. The INOX is also structured to provide a 200-meter water resistance rating, making it a good wristwatch for swimming, snorkeling, and even some light scuba diving. The INOX 241808 model personifies the modern woman – bold, strong, and sexy. This is a Swiss timepiece designed not only for professionals but also women who enjoy conquering whatever the world throws at them.

Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance Sport Watch (241307)

Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s 241307 Alliance Sport Blue Dial Watch
Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance Sport Watch (241307) (Image: Amazon)

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The sporty Swiss Army Alliance Watch features a modern and sleek aesthetic with a more petite charm. Make no mistake though, this dainty-looking timepiece is one tough cookie and is designed to handle tough environments without breaking a sweat. Take note that while compact, with a case diameter of only 32.5mm, the Alliance Sport is surprisingly heavier than it seems. While not distractingly heavy, the heft that comes with this petite sports watch can certainly take you back. This Victorinox women’s watch features durable high-quality stainless steel as the primary component of the case. It also complements the polished silver-tone aesthetic with a blue dial, a classic color combination.
This Victorinox watch also comes with a decent 100-meter water resistance, which means it can be worn for some light recreational water activities. Back over to the blue dial, we get to see hands and hour markers that come with a luminous finish. This timepiece also utilizes a sapphire crystal window with an anti-glare finish. There is also a blue ion-plated unidirectional bezel that further expands the watch’s functionality. Underneath the hood of the Alliance Sport is a reliable and accurate Swiss quartz movement and is battery operated. The Swiss Army Alliance Sport Watch is a sophisticated timepiece that exudes elegance and professionalism.

Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Chrono Classic (241511)

Victorinox Women's 241511 Gold-Tone Accented White Watch with Leather Band
Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Chrono Classic (241511) (Image: Amazon)

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The feminine charm of a pure white with gold accent timepiece delivers an air of grace and innocence that will surely be quite appealing for the ladies. However, underneath the sublime beauty of the Swiss Army Women’s Chrono Classic lies a veritable robust watch that is tougher than it seems. Featuring a round 41mm gold-tone stainless-steel case, the Chrono Classic is somewhat larger than your typical women’s timepiece. It is equipped with an anti-glare coated sapphire crystal window and a rotating bezel made from ceramic material. This makes the Chrono Classic incredibly scratch-resistant. It also incorporates a genuine white leather calfskin strap which gives it a more grounded charm.
The Chrono Classic is equipped with a precise Swiss quartz movement with an analog dial and sub-dial display. As this is a chronograph watch, wearers will have additional dials that display minutes (30), seconds (60), and .1 second trackers. The pristine dial also features bold Arabic numeral hour markers and dial hands, all of which come with a luminous finish. This timepiece also has a 100-meter water resistance which allows it to withstand submersions underwater. 
The Swiss Army Women’s Chrono Classic manages to combine a traditionally rugged watch build with a level of elegance to deliver a feminine chronograph watch that is as reliable as it is easy on the eyes.

Victorinox Maverick Small Watch (241790)

Victorinox Dress Watch (Model: 241790)
Victorinox Maverick Small Watch (241790) (Image: Amazon)

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With its two-tone silver and gold design, the Maverick Small certainly brings a level of class and refinement to the table that is not exactly common with Victorinox’s signature sporty and rugged design. This is what makes the Maverick Small a standout in the Swiss brand’s watch collection, it is a stunning women’s timepiece that can hang with the big boys as well. The Maverick Small series also comes in a variety of versions, they even have a green dial timepiece for those who are fond of stunning emerald watches. The case uses sapphire crystal glass to provide durability and an excellent level of scratch resistance. The dial window also has an anti-glare finish for improved readability during the day.
In terms of performance, the Victorinox Maverick has always delivered its accuracy and functionality. This petite version of the Maverick retains these qualities. This watch is also packed with additional features such as a rotating bezel, military time format, date display, and a battery life indicator. It also comes with a 100-meter water resistance rating which makes it a viable timepiece for swimming and even snorkeling. The fact that the case comes in at only 34mm in diameter makes it even more impressive how Victorinox managed to implement all features into the Maverick Small without any issues. This lady’s timepiece is simply efficient and fancy at the same time.

Victorinox Alliance XS Watch 

Victorinox Alliance XS, Green dial, Silver Bezel, Silver SST Bracelet
Victorinox Alliance XS Watch (Image: Amazon)

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Elegant and effeminate, the Alliance XS features the essence of fragility while being far from being so. The timeless appeal of a classic petite women’s timepiece has been captured by this Victorinox watch while incorporating its signature durability into its foundations. Using an accurate Swiss quartz movement, the Alliance XS manages to deliver on timekeeping precision. This Victorinox lady’s timepiece series also comes in a variety of designs.
From classic gold to silver with a green dial and even one with a mother-of-pearl dial, the Alliance XS is not just a marvel of horological craftsmanship, it is also overflowing with style and finesse. The dial uses Swarovski crystals as its hour markers, further enhancing the glamor of the Alliance XS timepiece.
The versatility in the aesthetics department means that you can find an Alliance XS model for formal gatherings or casual attire. The diminutive 28mm round stainless-steel case features sapphire crystal glass that enhances overall durability and scratch resistance. You can also choose from a traditional stainless-steel bracelet or stainless-steel mesh, depending on your taste. As for features, this timepiece comes with a battery life indicator and a 100-meter water resistance.

Victorinox Alliance Small Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army 241833 Women's Alliance Small Bracelet Watch
Victorinox Alliance Small Watch (Image: Amazon)

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A slightly larger variation of the XS models, the Alliance Small features a 35mm diameter stainless steel case. The timepiece uses Swiss quartz movement with an analog dial display. The case itself is pretty rudimentary, with your typical round-style case and crown. However, the case is presented in such a way that the polished aesthetic gives it a level of sophistication without being going overboard and opulent. You could say that the Alliance Small delivers a prim and proper vibe that is sure to appeal to the ladies.
The dial has arrow point-style hands and markers, which captures the pinpoint precision of Victorinox timepieces. There is also a nice moon-phase display which adds a significant amount of charisma to the Alliance Small timepiece. The watch also comes with a date display located neatly in the 6 o’clock position. Other notable features include a battery life indicator and an anti-glare coated sapphire crystal window. The Victorinox Alliance Small strikes up a great balance in elegance and structure, as is expected with the always reliable Swiss brand.

Victorinox I.N.O.X. V Swiss Army Paracord Watch (241955)

Victorinox Swiss Army Women's I.N.O.X. Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap, Blue, 18 (Model: 241770)
Victorinox I.N.O.X. V Swiss Army Paracord Watch (241955) (Image: Amazon)

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We decided on including another INOX V variant into this list as this version is not just a simple color palette swap of the original model. The INOX Paracord is lighter yet equally durable and reliable thanks to its use of a unique braided paracord strap rather than the typical stainless-steel, leather, or rubber. The paracord strap is quite flexible and robust enough to handle a wide variety of activities, whether it’s inland or underwater. The INOX case is designed and tested to withstand 130 homologation tests, and if that achievement isn’t enough – Victorinox also adds the option of a protective rubberized shield for the case.
The paracord strap is the main difference that this model has over the standard INOX model, but it is quite a significant departure from its initial design that we were inclined to give this version its entry into this list. As stated, everything else is similar to the general build. This timepiece features a Swiss quartz movement, a 200-meter water resistance, anti-glare coated sapphire crystal, and a battery life indicator. If you love the toughness of this watch but prefer something sleeker and lighter, the paracord model is the best alternative. This model is around 33% light while keeping its durability in check.

Victorinox Victoria Ladies Watch (241513)

Victorinox Victoria Quartz Movement Beige Dial Ladies Watch 241513
Victorinox Victoria Ladies Watch (241513) (Image: Amazon)

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The Victorinox Victoria 241513 incorporates a highly feminine charm to its design with a chic eggshell dial with diamond hour markers further enhancing its luxurious aesthetic. The case features polished silver-tone stainless-steel material and is accompanied by a stainless-steel bracelet. The dial also features luminous hands and hour dot markers for better readability even in the dark.
Along with the durable case is an equally tough and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window with an anti-glare finish. Underneath the sophisticated aesthetic lies the always reliable and accurate Swiss quartz movement. The Victoria watch also comes with a 100-meter water resistance rating making it a suitable option for some recreational swimming.

Victorinox Victoria Ladies Silver Quartz Watch (241633)

Victorinox Women's Victoria Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch
Victorinox Women’s Victoria Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch (Image: Amazon)

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This Victoria lady’s timepiece comes in with a slightly larger frame than the previous Victoria watch model with a 32mm diameter case. Everything else is pretty much identical in terms of build. This model though is considerably more luxurious with its silver-tone case and stunning gold-tone dial. The dial features a sunray burst patter and is supplemented by luminous white hands and dot hour markers with a gold accent.
This timepiece is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement for its analog dial display and another notable feature is the date display that is located over on the 6 o’clock position. If there is one Victorinox watch line designed specifically for women and will fit nicely into a formal or business attire, it’s the Victoria collection.

Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Chronograph Watch (241502)

Victorinox Swiss Army Women's 241502 Brown Dial Chronograph Watch
Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Chronograph Watch (241502) (Image: Amazon)

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For those who love the luscious appeal of brown dial watches, the Victorinox Chrono 231602 timepiece will surely satiate that desire. Add to the fact that this is a chronograph watch and you have yourself a precise and multi-functional watch as well. Take note that this Victorinox Chrono watch is slightly larger with its 41mm stainless-steel case. The case uses a tough sapphire crystal window to offer excellent protection to the dial, this material also has an anti-glare finish to provide good readability even during the day.
Additionally, the 100-meter water resistance rating allows individuals to wear the Victorinox Chrono even during some light water-based activities such as swimming. All in all, if you are looking for a highly functional and professional timepiece designed for women, this particular chronograph watch line from Victorinox checks all the conditions.
More about the brand:
The Victorinox brand is synonymous with military and outdoor accessories. As a company, has been around since 1884, but they only tapped into the watchmaking industry around 1989. Incorporating their experience in crafting tough-as-nails military accessories, Victorinox easily found a niche in the watch market with their remarkable and durable timepiece designs.
Victorinox also has a very extensive library of watches under their banner. They are primarily known for their outstanding chronograph watches, but they have also expanded their repertoire onto other watch categories. With a slew of timepieces to choose from, Victorinox has certainly made sure they can tap into every facet of the market. Not only with their specific timepieces for diving and aviation, but also both sexes.
You also don’t need to worry about overall quality as both men’s and women’s timepieces are designed on equal footing in terms of durability and performance. As a maker of watches and knives, Victorinox and Wenger are compared often especially since 2005 – when the former acquired the latter.

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