7 Breitling Cockpit B50 Alternatives (Homage & Affordable Watch Options)

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Initially launched in 1884, pioneer Léon Breitling developed chronograph watches to cater to the growing demand by the military, industrial and scientific community. This led to the breakthrough of creating simple, elegant, and distinguishable chronographs. Subsequently, the company registered under the Breitling SA in 1982 under new ownership. Despite changes in ownership and visionaries, the brand retains its name, for sleek styling, attention to intricate details, uncomplicated design, and easy maintenance. Given years of watchmaking knowledge and technical precision, Breitling attracts a loyal customer base.

Breitling Cockpit B50 VB501022/BD41-155S
Breitling Cockpit B50 (Image: Amazon)

Based out of  Switzerland, the brand captivates watch lovers from across the world. More specifically, if you are in the market for high-precision aviation watches, the Breitling Cockpit 50 stands as a worthy contender. The Breitling Cockpit B50, as the name reflects, caters to the needs of the aviation industry.  The Breitling inscription on a dial is amongst the most sought after by watch enthusiasts, collectors and professional aviators. While the Cockpit line may get overlooked by other top-rated Breitling watches, it’s still very sought after by many aviation fans who consider it still one of the best pilot watches on the market. 

Breitling Cockpit B50

To better appreciate this incredible timepiece, here are some interesting insights. The timepiece, originally launched in 2014, received many upgrades along the way. In essence, an already modern watch is future-proof with regular upgrades.
You can find the different strap and dial colors and designs. What we see today is the full-black dial and rubber black strap.
Built-in a 46 mm case diameter, the Breitling Cockpit B50 comes equipped with a Breitling B50 caliber SuperQuartz movement. The face of the watch displays both analog and digital time formats. Additionally, the certified chronograph allows for split time recording, along with a flyback function and an electronic tachymeter. The functions engineered into the Breitling B50 boasts of innovation and technological advancement. The timepiece also features a perpetual calendar, a lap function, two alarms, and a countdown timer. For flight enthusiasts, the Chrono flight device and the countdown/count-up setup allows for recording flight time. Above all, the LCD screen allows for easy reading in the dark with backlighting activated by pressing the crown. w
The timepiece attracts the interest of many adventurous souls, but given the luxurious price, not everyone can get their hands on one. Breitling more often than not is beyond the average buyer’s reach. For this reason, we have curated a list of Breitling Cockpit B50 alternatives below ranging across all price ranges and different brands from around the world. 

Best Affordable Breitling Cockpit B50 Alternatives

Breitling Cockpit B50 VB501022/BD41-155S
Breitling Cockpit B50 (Imaage: Amazon)

The list of watches below has similar features to the Breitling Cockpit B50, yet at an affordable price ensuring a great alternate choice. These recommendations range from luxury alternatives to economical alternatives.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer Quartz Men's Quartz Watch H64554131
Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer (Image: Amazon)

If you are looking for a luxury alternative to Breitling Cockpit B50, Hamilton puts up a good bargain. More specifically, the Khaki Aviation Flight Timer comes with a similar rotating bezel, a black dial and an analog-digital dial type. Sealed with the Swizz watch reputation, Hamilton stands strong in the pantheon of the luxury watch market.
Much like the Breitling Cockpit B50, this Hamilton timepiece displays two time zones, along with a chronograph, an alarm clock, and a perpetual clock. However, you also get an International Standard Atmosphere temperature reading and a pilot logbook for recording 20 flights. Encased in a 40 mm case diameter, the timepiece uses Quartz movement and water resistance up to 330 feet. The brand also offers two years of warranty on this edition. 

Luminox Navy Seal 45mm

Luminox Navy Seal 45mm Watch for Man (XS.3603.RE/Series 3600): Magnifying Glass 200M Water Resistant Carbonox Case
Luminox Navy Seal 45mm

Luminox, born in the United States of America in 1989 offers affordable alternatives to the Breitling. The modest price and dynamic versatility of the Luminox Navy Seal might be far off from the Breitling Cockpit B50. However, a closer look shows that the Navy Seal comes with a carbon case, giving it a similar rugged military-grade essence.  
With a 45 mm carbon case and carbon bezel, this timepiece comes as affordable as it gets for a study long-lasting multi-functional watch. Equipped with a Ronda Quartz movement, the timepiece comes with a water resistance of 656 feet. Above all, the brand takes pride in developing a technology allowing for a luminous glow up under any conditions for 25 years. This is because the borosilicate glass capsule automatically lights up under dark conditions. 
The Luminox Navy Seal comes in different iterations, and for a couple of hundred dollars more you can also get a Navy Seal with a dual chronograph. 

Certina DS Multi-8


Another affordable alternative on the list, the Certina DS Multi-8 comes under the same analog-digital display type. Certina originated in Switzerland, however, now is part of the Swatch Group. The name, taken from Latin means ‘certain’ or ‘assured’, remains the driving force of producing affordable yet functional daily wear watches.
The Certina DS Multi-8 watch, more specifically, takes after the Breitling Cockpit B50 for two main features. Firstly, the face of the dial showcase analog as well as digital format. Secondly, the chronograph features allow recording time through the digital display. The timepiece comes with a 42 mm case diameter and water resistance up to 330 feet. If you are a fan of these features, but also looking for something that can go with daily all-purpose wear, the DS Multi-8 can live up to its name. Furthermore, with a simple stainless steel bracelet and a black dial, the timeless classic works for all occasions.
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Hamilton Khaki Pilot Fight Time Quartz

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Flight Timer Quartz Men's watch #H64514551
Hamilton Khaki Pilot Flight Timer Quartz

Another Hamilton on the list makes its way with the Khaki Pilot Time Quartz. A luxury embodiment of aviation watch, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Flight Time makes for a worthy alternative to the Breitling Cockpit B50. While the Hamilton fairs on the higher side of the Breitling, the brand continues to garner loyal patrons. Moreover, Hamilton sits strong with the upper echelons of the watch-making industry. This is mainly because of their watchmaking know-how and history of technological advancement. 
The Khaki Pilot Time Quartz, more particularly, comes designed with a dual analog-digital format. Much like the Breitling, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot displays the secondary time and the recordings from the chronograph. The chronograph, too, allows for recording 1/100-second, in addition to doubling up as countdown timer, ISA temperature scale, and alarms. In addition, the watch also displays a perpetual calendar and second time zone. 

Timex Men’s Expedition Katmai

Timex Men's TW4B18300 Expedition Katmai Combo 40mm Black/Gray Fast Wrap Strap Watch
Timex Expedition Katmai

Timex, an American watch brand, known for super affordable luxury alternative watches, features on our list as the most affordable and low faired. Originally launched in 1944, Timex now functions as part of the Timex Group, USA. The Men’s Expedition Katmai may not look like the Breitling’s twin. However, with a rotatable bezel, and a dual analog-digital display, the Timex Expedition Katmai works best for regular rough use. 
Available in two dial shades of white and black, and fabric or rubber strap, the Expedition Katmai comes in a 40 mm case. Additionally, the timepiece also features a basic chronograph for recording and alarm functions. Most of all,  Timex developed the Indiglo technology for perfect backlighting in absolute darkness. Resistant up to 160 feet underwater, the brand promises a long-lasting timepiece that remains versatile for every occasion. 

Citizen Watches Men’s JY8078-01L Promaster Skyhawk A-T

Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T Blue Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch JY8078-52L
Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T

The Japanese conglomerate of electronics, Citizen, remains a household name across the world for many generations now. Celebrated for relatively affordable, highly functional tool watches, Citizen caters to all walks of life. For this article, we look at the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk as a notable alternative to Breitling Cockpit B50.
Designed with Citizen Eco-Drive technology, the timepiece comes with a stainless steel bracelet and a sapphire crystal dome. The watch also adorns a chronometer to record close to 1/100th of a second. Much like the Breitling Cockpit B50, the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk includes alarms, a countdown timer, and a perpetual calendar. The most praised feature of the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk allows timekeeping of 43 cities. If you are a globetrotter with a wanderlust soul, the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk gives you all that you need from the Breitling and more, without eating into your savings. 

Momentum Format 4

This Canada-based brand, developed in 1980, builds the timepieces in-house to ensure functionally, quality and style, all tested for longevity and accuracy. The Momentum Format 4, especially, is a close resemblance to a Breitling Cockpit B50. Engineered with a titanium bezel and bracelet, and a black dial, the Momentum Format 4, the timepiece is water-resistant up to 330 feet.
In a similar vein to the Breitling Cockpit B50, the Momentum Format 4 showcases analog-digital display. This 43 mm timepiece also comes with an LCD and backlighting. In addition to keeping track of an alternative time zone, the timepiece allows you to set five alarms or use it as a stopwatch, or a countdown timer. All these features and more for a really affordable price from a trusted brand. 
Although not famously known for its horological history, Canada houses some interesting watch brands that are making a mark on the world.
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