Lum-Tec Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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In 2008, Lum-Tec was founded by an American named Chris Weingand. During his early 20s, he discovered a love for designing and detailing that pushed him to establish a watch company with his father. Through perseverance and dedication, his brand started to make some waves within the first year.
Over the years, Lum-Tec has introduced many impressive watch collections. It not only has released various interesting watch styles and designs, but it has also pioneered some notable innovations is their MDV Technology, which guarantees precision and visibility even in total darkness.

Lum-Tec Brand History 

Lum-Tec is a watch brand founded in 2008 by Chris Weingand. As a young man with great ambitions, he used his passion for designing as a motivator to create his own company. With the help of his father, he established Lum-Tec and introduced to the world many timepieces that are special in their own ways.
Its designs are usually clean and straightforward, suitable for those who are looking for simplicity for daily, formal, or professional use. Its functionality, meanwhile, is next-level, with technology and features that can enhance the watch-wearing experience.
Some of its most notable collections are the diver watch series that are consist of utilitarian timepieces. Offering outstanding water and shock resistance, they run on ever-reliable Japanese or Swiss movements. They also showcase Lum-Tec’s own MDV technology that uses 8-layers of extremely bright and vivid Super Luminova material for maximum luminescence even at depths of 600 meters.
Operating under its parent company Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC, Lum-Tec has already made thousands of outstanding watches for thousands of people worldwide. It aims to carry on with its commitment to product excellence and unparalleled customer satisfaction to not be seen as just another watch company.

Lum-Tec Watch Collections

Lum-Tec watches are primarily designed for outdoor or underwater activities. The list below showcases Lum-Tec’s special watch collections available today.
Combat B Series

Lum-Tec Combat B44 Camo Chronograph Wrist Watch - Camo - Nylon Strap
Lum-Tec Combat B44

The Combat B Series consists of watches with rugged, masculine aesthetics. They embody boldness and toughness with their military-themed styles and designs. Their dials are a piece of art that represents a mix of combat, cool, and hip. Made with high-grade stainless steel, they also offer various useful features, including 200-meter water resistance and precision 60-minute timer. Powered by Swiss Ronda or Miyota chronograph quartz movement, they have five-year battery life and come with military-style military straps in black, tan, or grey.
M Series
Lum-Tec M85 Wrist Watch Brown | Leather Strap
Lum-Tec M85

The M Series represents the brand’s classy and stylish side. Its timepieces feature clean and straightforward designs that are perfect for daily wear. Encased in durable stainless steel, they have black dials with a pronounced numeral, baton, or arrow indices powered by top-notch luminous technology for easy reading. Featuring heavy-duty Japanese quartz chronograph or Swiss Ronda movement and 200-meter water resistance, they also come with high-quality leather or rubber straps.
Combat Field Series
Lum-Tec Combat Field X2 Wrist Watch | LTFX2
Lum-Tec Combat Field X2

The Combat Field Series is made up of stylish and handsome watches that deliver quality and long-lasting performance. Encased in stainless steel, the timepieces feature threaded solid case backs, sapphire-crystal anti-reflective glasses, and bead-blasted finishes. They have black dials with the numeral and baton indices that offer high-grade super lume. Reinforced with anti-shock, pressure, and water-resistant features, they are great for casual, formal, or professional wear.
V Series
Lum-Tec V Series V1 Luminous MDV Technology Automatic men's watch
Lum-Tec V Series V1

The V Series showcases watches that have a masculine, aggressive, and out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic. They are made with stainless steel with a non-traditional octagon-shaped body. To add more to their unique geometry, their dials have rhomboid hands and trapezoidal hour markers. Beautifully polished and finished, they also have many top-of-the-line features, including reliable Swiss Ronda Movement or Miyota automatic movement and LUM-TEC MDV lume technology. Made with molded rubber or leather straps, they are some of the most special timepieces by the brand. One of the most notable watches in this series is the V11 Phantom, which is a limited edition with only 75 pieces made and sold.
G Series
LUM-TEC G Series G5 Watch
LUM-TEC G Series G5 Watch

The G Series is the company’s fun and quirky collection. The watches’ most distinctive element is the specially-designed skeletal square case, which gives them an unconventional yet fresh and original vibe. Their dials feature a matte black finish and have hands and indices that are thick, chunky, and super luminous. Offering 200-meter water-resistance, they run on Swiss Ronda quartz movement. They come in 10 different colors and styles, have soft and cushiony leather straps, and are perfect for everyday wear.
C Series
Lum-Tec C5 Automatic Wrist Watch | Matte Steel Wrist Watch Band
Lum-Tec C5

The C Series is a collection of automatic watches that offer a seamless blend of smart casual and high fashion. They have surgical-grade steel encasements, solid case backs, military-grade sapphire-crystal anti-reflective coatings, and fine-brushed finishes that contribute not only to their high durability and performance but also to their elevated style. They guarantee easy time-reading with dials and hands powered by Super Luminova technology. They also feature other notable functions, such as Japanese automatic movement, 100-meter water-resistance, and shock-resistance.
300M Series
LUM-TEC 300M-3 Black PVD Men's Analog Watch
LUM-TEC 300M-3

The 300M Series consists of durable and attractive dive watches that are perfect for diving, snorkeling, and other underwater activities. Made with durable stainless steel and coated with titanium carbide PVD, they run on Japanese automatic movement. Their black dials and orange or white hands and markers are all reinforced with LUM-TEC MDV Technology to make reading easy whether on land or submerged. Their styles and designs are a fusion of simplicity, boldness, and strength, and can help keep you looking your best even at 300 meters deep.
350M Series
Lum-Tec 350M-2 Diving Wrist Watch | Steel Strap - Blue
Lum-Tec 350M-2 Diving Watch

The 350M Series is a collection of hardwearing diver watches with character. Featuring Swiss automatic movement, they offer many top-rate features, such as a 38-hour power reserve, military-grade anti-reflective coating, shock resistance, and magnetic resistance. Their aesthetics are also worth mentioning, such as their top-grade mirror-polished stainless steel cases and straps, as they give the timepieces a classy, can-be-relied-on look. With super luminous dials and hands, they are a good companion for both adventures 350 meters underwater and everyday life.
400M Series
Lum-Tec Abyss 400M-4 (42mm) Automatic Limited Edition
Lum-Tec Abyss 400M-4

The 400M Series is made up of clean and sleek diver watches. Their traditional round cases and black leather straps may make them look more like dress watches from afar, but do not be deceived. At a closer look, they have much more to offer. Coated with anti-reflective sapphire crystal, they guarantee precision with their Miyota Japanese automatic movement that has a hand winding and hack feature. Their matte black dials have large and clear hands with MDV Technology, and they can also deliver high precision and performance even at 400 meters deep.
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600M Series
LUM-TEC Abyss 600M Series Abyss 600M-2 Watch
LUM-TEC Abyss 600M

The 600M Series is Lum-Tec’s best of the best. It features diver watches that offer outstanding precision, function, and durability. Encased in stainless steel and coated with anti-reflective crystal, they are powered by Miyota 9015 Japanese automatic movement, which promises high accuracy and dependability. They have black or blue dials with orange or white hands with MDV Technology C3 Luminous, allowing the reading of time up to 600 meters underwater painless and effortless. They come with black or brown leather straps with black, brown, blue, or orange stitching.

Lum-Tec Brand Reputation

One of the most heralded elements of Lum-Tec’s watches is its top-level luminescence. For years, the company worked on developing this feature to make better quality watches. It has different diver watch collections that not only can withstand the conditions up to 600 meters deep but can also provide precision and accuracy for a long time.
In terms of aesthetics, Lum-Tec offers uniqueness, ruggedness, and stylishness at reasonable prices. Its watches do not really feature out-of-this-world designs but they are attention-catching in their own special ways.
Although relatively new, the brand has achieved a good amount of success. Its commitment to manufacturing hand-assembled watches up to this day just goes to show how much it is dedicated to high quality and customer satisfaction.

Is Lum-Tec A Good Watch Brand?

The functionality and comfort of Lum-Tec watches are the frequently mentioned best aspects about them. Compared to more expensive watches, they deliver similar performance and features at a more affordable price.
When talking about watch styles, while some may not be into the rugged and military look, others can appreciate the strength, vigor, and power they exude. They are also impressed by their superluminova feature that is perfectly practical for low-light, evening, and underwater use.
If you are looking for tactical watches you may also want to compare Lum-Tec to Luminox or Marathon. If lume is your main priority also check out this list of top luminous watches.

Where To Buy Lum-Tec Watches?

Lum-Tec is an American watch brand with numerous authorized distributors in the U.S. and other countries. If you want to get one for yourself or a special someone, you can visit the official website and browse their latest collection to directly buy the watch that you are looking for.
Furthermore, it has multiple locations around the U.S. You can find the complete list of authorized U.S. distributors here. Outside the U.S., it also has several authorized distributors. Click here for more information.
New and pre-owned Lum-Tec watches are also available online.
Lum-Tec watches on Amazon
Lum-Tec watches on eBay

Where Are Lum-Tec Made?

Lum-Tec is an American watchmaker based in Ohio.  
All Lum-Tec watches guarantee high-quality. They are carefully made and hand-assembled by a group of expert watchmakers at their manufacturing site in Ohio.

Lum-Tec Warranty

Lum-Tec watches come with a one-year or two-year international warranty that covers manufacturing defects except:
Damage due to normal wear and tear, accidental impact, or misuses
Unauthorized opening of the case back, adjustment of movement, modification, or repair
Damage to straps, bracelets, or accessories
Water damage due to exposure to depths that exceed the stated water-resistance or failure to securely screw-down the crown
For more information, contact Lum-Tec via:
Address: Wiegand Custom Watch, 7245 B Industrial Park Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060
Phone: 1-877-2-LUM-TEC (1-877-258-6832), 1-440-951-1296
Email: [email protected]

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