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If you’ve been frequenting this website for your watch needs, then you may have already seen and visited our reviews on watch brands made and designed in Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Sweden.
Next, we explore the neighboring country of Noway.  While the country is known for its Viking and nautical history, epic coastline, and beautiful fjords – few people realize that there are several watch brands from Norway.

norway houses landscape
Norway houses, Bergen. (Image: Next Voyage)

Norwegian Watch Brands


Berg Ulriken White Gold 40 MM
Berg Ulriken (Image: Berg)

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Mainly, Berg takes inspiration directly from the nature of Norway. In line with this, even the brand name, Berg, translates to “mountain”.
Paal Friele Grung, the founder and designer of the brand joins the watch industry by introducing minimalist fashion watches made with premium quality materials and equipped with reliable movements. As such, the company uses the Swiss-made Ronda movement.
More so, the watches come with sapphire crystal glass that is also designed to minimize the reflection on the watch. For the straps, all Berg watches have leather straps made of salmon leather from Icelandic tannery; this makes the straps stronger and more durable compared to other regular leather.
To prove the company’s confidence in its products, Berg offers a five-year international warranty and a 180-day return policy. Also, when you order online, the shop promises free international shipping. So visit its page to see Berg’s Watches for Men and Women.

Bruvik Fine Timepieces

Bruvik Fine Timepieces Arctic Ocean One White
Bruvik Arctic Ocean (Image: Bruvik)

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Another watch brand that aims to showcase Norwegian nature is the Bruvik Fine Timepieces. It was established in 2009 by Rune Bruvik who had been dreaming of designing his own watches since 1992. 
True to its brand name, Bruvik offers high-quality timepieces. Primarily, they are Swiss-made, quite sporty yet very classy. Currently, it features six collections: Black Gold II, Svalbard, Lady Ceramic, Pulpit Rock, Arctic Ocean, and Fjord. Each one is inspired by a particular aspect of Norwegian nature. 
Visit this link to see the Bruvik Fine Timepieces.

Cursus Victus

Cursus Victus CMXIe
Cursus Victus CMXIe (Image: Cursus Victus)

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Translated as “the racing way of life” in Latin, Cursus Victus was established by Torgeir Sanders in 2015. Like many upcoming brands, they’ve launched their watches via crowdsourcing, mainly through a Kickstarter project. Its first featured watch is the CMXI that was designed after classic sports cars. 
Since then, the brand made it its mission to produce premium quality timepieces that will look great with classic cars. Although the watches are assembled in Hong Kong, they are all carefully designed locally in Norway. 
Visit its shop of limited edition watches through this link.  

Valhalla of Norway

Valhalla of Norway Deep Fjord Limited
Valhalla of Norway Deep Fjord Limited (Image: Valhalla of Norway)

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Valhalla of Norway was established in 2013 by Roy Klokk. This Norwegian brand produces not just watches but also sunglasses, and other accessories. 
Having been inspired mainly by Norse mythology, many of its watches have a casual a rugged look. It may not seem to offer much yet it promises premium quality. The brand uses stainless steel for its watch cases, genuine leather or stainless steel for the bands, and Japanese quartz or Citizen automatic for the movements. The brand’s logo itself invokes the image of Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir)  
See its watch collection here.

Von Doren

Von Doren Runde Ocean Blue Polished
Von Doren Runde (Image: Von Doren)

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Another young Norwegian watch brand is Von Doren that was established in 2016.
However, for its founder, Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen, the passion for fine watches has started back from his younger years. When he was 12, he received a Swiss watch from his great grandfather. This fine timepiece sparked a great desire to learn more about watchmaking. Since then, he started studying the remarkable timepieces he would find. 
Finally, with the Von Doren watch brand, he can create and launch premium quality timepieces with a unique vintage look. Also, they are minimalist, with the dial having a clean, sophisticated look that will easily go along with your formal or business attire. 
Shop for a Von Doren watch through this link.
Closing Words 
As in other neighboring counties, the watch industry in Norway is still quite young. While the options are somewhat limited in terms of brands and many of them were just recently established, yet all very promising. 
Norwegian watch brands, similar to those from other Scandinavian countries, focus on uncomplicated watch designs and minimal aestheics. They don’t necessarily compete with the technological advancements or luxury or complications that you would see from large watch conglomerates. Instead, they thrive in the perfect balance of simplicity and quality
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