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Teenagers are many things: loud, energetic, moody, passionate, messy, and completely opposed to filters, to name a few characteristics.

Alas, rarely are those raging cauldrons of emotion and hormones described as careful or conscientious with their property (or anyone else’s, for that matter). Giving a teenager a nice gift is always a big risk.

Teenagers high shool graduation
Teenagers graduating from high school.

One of the riskiest gifts is a wristwatch. The life of a teenager involves falls and fights, car accidents and careless mistakes.

Taking the brunt of those mishaps is usually that expensive timepiece you gifted them for their birthday or Christmas. It can be pretty disheartening to invest time and money into buying them a nice watch only to find it broken in their drawer a week later.

If you’re looking for a durable watch to survive your teenager’s tumultuous lifestyle, consider the brand of watch that’s strong enough for military personnel and rangers: the Casio G-Shock.

Are G-Shock watches “cool” enough for teens?

girls pink g-shock watch
Casio G-Shock Baby-G. Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito

All parent knows that it’s impossible to keep up with trends and teen tastes. Who can really keep track of the constant changes in fashion? It’s especially difficult when it comes to buying clothes and accessories, like watches.

In G-Shock’s 35 years of existence, it has weathered those ever-changing styles and remained one of the most popular watches on the market. In part, this is because G-Shock has expanded its line with a constant stream of new models. Mainly, though, the G-Shock line has been overseen by very savvy marketers.

Whether by chance or intention (probably the latter), G-Shock watches are frequently seen on the wrists of celebrities.

Rappers, pop stars, actors, athletes, and many more are commonly photographed sporting brightly colored G-Shocks. Hip Hop culture, in particular, seems to have embraced the watch line, probably because, as was already discussed, the large variety of models and colors allows individuals to express their unique tastes and styles.

It’s impossible to guess what your teenager is going to think is cool next month, but the G-Shock watches have been largely impervious to the shifting tastes of fashion.

Best G-Shock watches for teenagers:

No matter how much research and shopping you do, finding the right watch for your teenager is going to be a bit of a crapshoot. Don’t fret, though, because we’ve got a list of G-Shock models that would be popular with almost anyone.

Casio Men's GW2310FB-1CR G-Shock Shock Resistant Multifunction Watch
Casio Men’s GW2310FB-1CR (Image: Amazon)

G-Shock GW2310FB-1CR:

This solar-powered, all black wristwatch is the quintessential G-Shock. In addition to being shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters, this watch comes with an assortment of useful features.

It has four alarms, a stopwatch and countdown timer, and a world clock with 41 time zones.

It’s also Japanese quartz, so you can rest assured that it will be accurate. This is a great deal for all the features that come with it.

G-Shock  Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3CR

Casio Men's GG-1000-1A3CR Mudmaster G-SHOCK Quartz Casual Watch, Green
Check Current Price on Amazon

If your teenager is the kind that likes to get down in the dirt, the Mudmaster will be a hit. On top of the standard G-Shock durability and useful extra features (including a compass), this watch was specifically designed to prevent mud, dirt, or sand from getting into the case.

This model is popular with emergency rescue workers and rangers, so it should be strong enough to handle whatever your kid throws at it.

The Mudmaster is one of the more expensive models, retailing for about twice the price of the previous model above, but it’s an investment that will last for years. If only you could say the same about your teen’s sneakers.

G-Shock BABY-G BGA-220-7A:

G-Shock BGA-220-7A Wht/Silver Silver Bezel - White Silver / One Size
BABY-G (Image: Amazon)

In the 1990s, G-Shock introduced their BABY-G line and marketed it to women and young girls.

This particular model is a reliable shock-resistant but also uncommonly sleek. Its white and silver face will stand out in the crowd, but the really unique feature is the tide graph.

The watch has a special window that shows the level of the tide based on the time of day. It’s a great add-on for any beach lover. For the price, this model is one of the best deals around.

If you like the look of the Baby model, check out these other feminine G-Shock watches designed for women

G-Shock Garish Series GA-400GB

G-Shock GA-400GB Garish Series Watches - Black/Gold/One Size
GA-400GB Garish (Image: Amazon)

As the name suggests, the GA-400GB Garish is a bit showier than your average G-Shock. This black and gold model mixes a digital and analog display. In addition to being shock and water resistant, this model is also magnet resistant.

With style to spare and a decent price. It’s definitely a timepiece for someone who has a style all their own.

Anyone of these watches will be a hit with your favorite teenager. They have a bold, unique style that your kid will love and be excited to show off.

Better yet, though, you’ll be able to feel confident that as long as your teenager is wearing a G-Shock watch, they’ll have a reliable and durable timepiece that won’t immediately break the first time they drop it. It’s truly a win/win purchase.

If you want a closer look at this model, check out this quick unboxing:

The history of the G-Shock

In 2018, G-Shock is celebrating its 35th birthday.

Japanese electronics company, Casio, released the first of the line in 1983. This watch, the DW-5000C was a digital watch with a rectangle display and basic black, rubber wristband. It would take a few years for the watch line to catch on as a big seller, but in terms of design creativity, it was an immediate success.

The original G-Shock was created by a team that was led by Kikuo Ibe. The driving philosophy behind the watch was the “Triple 10 Test.” After having one too many watches break after falling to the ground, Ibe wanted to create a wristwatch that wouldn’t break from a 10-meter fall or if submerged in 10 atmospheres of water (depth of 100 meters).

The third “10” in the test was a battery that would last for a full decade. The DW-5000C past the test with flying colors.

It was 1987, with the release of the DW-5600C, that the G-Shock line of watches really came into their own. Doubling the depth at which the watch could be submerged to 200 meters, this highly durable yet still affordable timepiece became a sensation.

Now, the G-Shock line of watches has hundreds of different models and continues to be a worldwide top seller with everything from tactical watches designed for special forces to or police officers

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