15 Best Seiko Watches For Women

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One of the most prominent timepiece brands in the business today is Seiko. This Japanese watchmaker has proven time and time (pun, intended) again, their absolute mastery of this craft with their revolutionary and innovative entries into this market. Not only are Seiko watches functional and reliable, but they are also known to be quite fashionable as well. Making Seiko watches quite an enticing option for both men and women who want to add a bit more flair to their attire. 
he brand is also known for making some of the best solar watches in the world (competing with Citizen).
In this article, we will be taking a look at the most visually stunning and dependable timepieces from Seiko, which are designed specifically for the ladies. These watches exude both dependability and grade that will surely accentuate not only the look of the wearer but also their confidence. Without further ado, let’s unveil the top 15 Seiko women’s watches of the year.
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Best Seiko Ladies Watches

Seiko Women’s SUP252 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Watch

Seiko Women's SUP252 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Brown Watch
Seiko Women’s SUP252. (Image: Amazon)

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Let’s start the ground running with a beautiful lady’s watch that delivers a lot of the features that makes Seiko one of the top watch brands in the world. The SUP252 timepiece features a retro-rectangular watch design with a sleek and delicate appeal, without actually being fragile.
This well-made watch comes with an 18 mm stainless steel gold-tone case with a sturdy brown leather strap. Inside its small frame is a Japanese-quartz caliber V138 movement with analog display. The dial goes for the traditional and classy aesthetic with its gray background and gold hands and markers. Speaking of the hands and markers, these utilize LumiBrite coating for added visibility in low light environments.
Added features include a day and date display and water resistance for up to 30 meters. Finally, this Seiko watch employs its patented solar-powered technology that can be recharged via natural and synthetic light. It also has a power reserve of up to six months on a single full charge.

Seiko Women’s SUP176 Swarovski Crystal-Accented Solar Watch

Seiko Women's SUP176 Swarovski Crystal-Accented Stainless Steel Solar Watch
Seiko Women’s SUP176. (Image: Amazon)

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From this particular watch’s name, I think you already have a good idea as to its main appeal. This Seiko timepiece embodies that feminine charm with its sophisticated, elegant, and striking design. With its combination of gold and crystal aesthetics, the SUP176 is undoubtedly designed to capture everyone’s attention, and it does so magnificently.
It is a sleek 22 mm stainless steel case features a combination of Swarovski crystals that are embedded on the outer rim of the case as well as the bracelet’s lugs. The watch features a generally gold-tone aesthetic and a bracelet that uses the push-button clasp, which makes it easy to secure and remove.
Within its elegantly designed case are the Seiko Japanese-quartz movement and analog display design. The timepiece provides up to 30 meters of water resistance, which means it can easily withstand the occasional splash of water. Also, this watch comes with Seiko’s solar-powered technology.

Seiko Women’s SUP205 Classic Solar Watch

Seiko Women's SUP205 Classic Solar Watch
Seiko Women’s SUP205. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SUP205 certainly delivers that classic look with silver and black aesthetic. The overall design radiates with grace and class as it combines both simplicity and beauty into one excellent package.
The stainless steel 22 mm case is dotted with crystals on the bezel. Within the case lies a black dial with crystal markers. Inside this classy timepiece are a Japanese-quartz and analog display. A Hardlex crystal glass window protects the dial, and the structure also provides this watch with 30-meter water resistance. Again, the cherry on top of this classy watch is the Seiko solar-powered technology that is rooted in its sleek frame.

Seiko Women’s SNDX95 Sportura Classic Ceramic Chronograph Watch

Seiko Women's SNDX95 Sportura Classic Ceramic Chronograph Watch
Seiko Women’s SNDX95. (Image: Amazon)

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Let’s start introducing the Seiko watches that deliver both beauty and functionality, shall we? The Seiko SNDX95 Sportura delivers style, reliability, and functionality in spades. This women’s timepiece is relatively larger with its 38 mm stainless steel case.
The case itself is ripe with features such as a tachymeter and the standard three chronograph sub-dials. With its Japanese-quartz movement, you can rely on this watch to only provide precise timekeeping, but also on-point accuracy with its sub-dials that tracks hours, minutes, and seconds.
Also, to its chronograph functionalities, the watch offers up to 100 meters of water resistance, which allows it to be worn during quick dips in the pool. The dial is pretty extensive and offers enough space for every detail to be legible without feeling cluttered. Also, the markers use embedded crystals, which genuinely adds to the watch’s allure.

Seiko Women’s SUT110 Two-Tone Blue Dial Solar Calendar Watch

Seiko Women's SUT110 Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch
Seiko Women’s SUT110. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SUT110 uses a beautiful blend of silver, gold, and a blue dial that further accentuates a certain panache that adds to its appeal. This Seiko lady’s watch is presented with a 25 mm stainless steel case with the window reinforced with Hardlex crystal glass.
The silver bracelet also has accented gold linings that completes the overall look of the SUT110. The polished silver look combined with gold-tone is always a visually appealing choice for watch design. Inside the SUT110’s case are a Japanese-quartz movement and analog display. The construction of the Seiko SUT110 also provides this watch with 30-meter water resistance.

Seiko Women’s SUP274 Two-Tone Black Dial Solar Dress Watch

Seiko Women's SUP274 Analog Display Analog Quartz Two Tone Watch
Seiko Women’s SUP274. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SUP274 watch also incorporates that classic rectangular aesthetic, which makes it an excellent timepiece that projects sophistication and elegance. Compound its polished silver and gold-tone look with a sleek black dial, and you have yourself a genuinely well-crafted and smart looking watch.
However, the SUP274 is not all show as within it’s demure 15 mm stainless steel case is a Japanese-quartz movement with analog display and Seiko’s signature Light Energy solar power technology. This gives the SUP274 a fantastic 10-month power reserve with one full charge. This watch is impeccably made and designed to deliver that professional/executive appeal.

Seiko Women’s SUP352 Ladies Dress Gold Watch

Seiko Women's Ladies Dress Japanese-Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Gold, 12 (Model: SUP352)
Seiko SUP352. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SUP352 offers a more traditional aesthetic with its all-gold tone look. This beautifully crafted dress watch will fit in quite nicely with any formal attire you have for gala events. With its petite and polished 23 mm diameter stainless steel gold-tone case, it certainly exudes an air of elegance and sophistication.
Within its dial is a Japanese-quartz movement that powers the gold-toned hands for the analog display. The dial features glossy gold markers to denote the time. Simple, elegant, and reliable – these words best describe what the Seiko SUP352 Gold Watch can offer its wearer. 

Seiko Women’s SUP043 Stainless Steel Black Dial Baguette Solar Watch

Seiko Women's SUP043 Stainless Steel and Black Dial Baguette Solar Watch
Seiko Women’s SUP043. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SUP043 incorporates a “baguette” design, which means it comes with the traditional rectangular case. As with most watches that incorporate this design choice, the Seiko SUP043 comes in quite a small frame with its 15 mm stainless steel case – perfect timepiece to accompany a formal attire.
This does have a pretty straightforward design with its silver (case, bracelet) and black dial aesthetic. The black dial is accentuated with polished silver hands and markers, with two of the markers (12 o’clock and 6 o’clock) being the most prominent.
Within this petite timepiece is a Japanese-quartz movement that operates its analog display. It also comes with a decent 30-meter water resistance, which means it will be able to handle rain and splashes of water without any issues.

Seiko Women’s SNE879 Solar Analog Silver Watch

Seiko Women's SNE879 RECRAFT Solar Analog Display Japanese Quartz Silver Watch
Seiko Women’s SNE879. (Image: Amazon)

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Design-wise, you can never really go wrong with the classic polished silver and blue aesthetic in watches. This Seiko timepiece features a 35 mm polished silver stainless steel case with a glossy blue dial. The hands and markers all feature a silver finish.
The watch has one Roman numeral marker (12 o’clock) while the rest are simple lines. Inside the case is the ever-reliable Japanese-quartz movement. This ladies’ timepiece also comes equipped with Seiko’s solar power technology and water resistance of up to 30 meters.

Seiko Presage Automatic Ladies Cocktail ‘Bellini’ Rose Gold Watch

SEIKO PRESAGE Automatic Ladies Cocktail 'Bellini' Rose Gold Watch SRP852J1
SEIKO PRESAGE SRP852J1. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko Presage Bellini is one that is steep in tradition. Its main highlight is it’s radial designed dial, which genuinely gives it its unique character and charm. The Seiko Bellini is quite different from our previous entries in this list as it features caliber 4R35 automatic hand-winding movement. The caliber 4R35 incorporates 23 jewels and has a vibration per hour (VPH) of 21,600.
Additionally, the structure of the Bellini also provides it with a magnetic resistance of 4,800 A/m. This is undoubtedly an excellent example of Seiko’s attention to detail when it comes to crafting their timepieces. The automatic movement also offers a power reserve of up to 41 hours max.

Seiko Women’s SUP096 Dress Solar Classic Watch

Seiko Women's SUP096 "Dress Solar" Classic Watch
Seiko Women’s SUP096. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SUP096 Dress Solar watch is a worthwhile entry into any lady watch enthusiasts’ collection thanks to its timeless design and superb craftsmanship and detail. It’s all gold-tone is enriched further with the crystal-accented bezel.
The dial is quite pristine in its appearance and features baton hour markers. The analog display uses a Japanese-quartz movement for high precision timekeeping. This timepiece also comes with solar power functionality and a structured design that provides it with 30 meters of water resistance. 

Seiko Lukia SSVM022 Watch

SEIKO LUKIA SSVM022 WristWatch Womens Made in JAPAN
SEIKO LUKIA SSVM022. (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko Lukia appeals to the younger generation of watch lovers with its contemporary aesthetics. The primary feature of the Lukia that all will notice is its “open-heart” design, which shows, in great detail, the inner workings of this stunning timepiece.
The Lukia model entirely takes advantage of the “open-heart” dial as this timepiece uses Japanese automatic movement. Such watch movements are quite complex, even more so than usual, and seeing the tiny cogs and gears move in unison is undoubtedly fascinating. With its refined design, the Seiko Lukia is genuinely a visual feast.
The heart-shaped opening in the dial gives it an added boost in terms of aesthetics. This watch can easily fit in both casual everyday use and special celebrations that require formal attire.

Seiko Sportura Women’s Automatic Watch – SSA880

Seiko Sportura Women's Automatic Watch SSA880
Seiko Sportura SSA880. (Image: Amazon)

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Here we have another Seiko timepiece that incorporates the “open-heart” design but with a different twist to our previous, and quite feminine, Seiko Lukia. The Seiko Sportura SSA880 also features an “open-heart” dial. However, it utilizes this aesthetic choice more conservatively.
The Sportura SSA880 comes with a more executive appeal to it that will fit with most modern women’s style – delivering a stunning look confidently. Again, to fully appreciate the “open-heart” dial, the watch must have a top-notch movement. This is met here with its use of the Swiss automatic movement for its analog display.
With its more serious aesthetic, it is a relatively larger watch overall. Its stainless-steel case measures in at 41 mm. The glossy silver and gold-tone of the watch add to its luxury appeal. As a bonus, the clock is also designed to provide 100 meters of water resistance and further improving its durability and reliability.

Seiko Women’s SSC876 Analog Display Gold Watch

Seiko Women's SSC876 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Gold Watch
Seiko Women’s SSC876. (Image: Amazon)

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This is a watch fit for a queen. The superb elegance of the design here is only equaled by the quality of the construction and care given to this beautiful timepiece. The highly polished gold-tone of the watch is accentuated with a dazzling array of a crystal-accented bezel.
The dial delivers a highly attractive design and excellent functionality to boot, thanks to its chronograph functionality. The timepiece incorporates crystal markers with the 12 o’clock getting a Roman numeral marker. There are also three sub-dials present, each offering accurate tracking of the hours, minutes, and seconds.
The SSC876 watch also comes loaded with Seiko’s impeccable Japanese-quartz movement and analog display. This movement is contained within a sleek 35 mm stainless steel case. The construction and material are all top-quality, and the watch also comes with a decent 30-meter water resistance rating.

Seiko Lukia Mechanical Automatic Watch – SSVM010

SEIKO LUKIA Mechanical Automatic Sapphire Glass SSVM010 Womens(Japan Import-No Warranty)
SEIKO LUKIA SSVM010. (Image: Amazon)

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If you liked what the Seiko Lukia SSVM022 watch offers in terms of its overall design but prefer something a little low-key, then check out the SSVM010 model. It also happens to have the “open-heart” dial design, but this time it offers it with a more reserved style.
The watch features a 35 mm stainless steel case which contains a top-tier Japanese-quartz movement and analog display. The dial is charming with its markers that combine gold-toned baton and crystal-accent.
You can see the Japanese movement from the “open-heart” window on the left side of the dial. This two-tone gold and silver watch also have a more luxury appeal to it. Also, the Lukia SSVM010 provides up to 100 meters of water resistance.

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Seiko is one of the top affordable watchmakers in the industry. What’s more, they provide a wide range of watches.  For women, Seiko delivers a broad selection of watches that are not only visually stunning but are also sturdy, reliable, and precise. We hope this list of the highest-ranked and best-selling women’s Seiko watches today will help you along the way in regards to looking for your new timepiece that will complement your style.  
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