Brown Dial Watches For Women

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Brown dial watches are certainly gaining traction in the watch market as seen from the steady incline of demand during the last couple of years. While these chocolate-colored timepieces generally exude a rugged and masculine charm, a few tweaks here and there with the design can also turn brown-dialed wristwatches into a stunning feminine watch.
If this watch design catches your fancy or if you wish to give it as a gift to your significant other or female family member or friend – then you are in the right place. We have compiled the best-selling brown dial watches for women to help you narrow down your search.
As of this writing, these are our most recommended women’s brown dial timepieces in the market. Every entry into this list brings something unique to the brown dial design, but one thing is for sure. Now, I know that your inner watch enthusiast is already chomping at the bits so without further ado, here are the most stunning brown dial watches for women.

Best Brown Dial Watches For Women

Timex Fairfield Quartz Watch (TW2R48900)

Timex Fairfield Quartz Movement Brown Dial Ladies Watch TW2R48900
Timex Fairfield Brown Dial Ladies Watch TW2R48900

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The Timex Fairfield is a sleek women’s watch defined by a delicate aesthetic. However, you would be amiss to deem it as such. In terms of watch build, the Timex Fairfield is as robust as they come. With its durable stainless-steel case and mineral crystal window, this watch is more robust than it looks. The size of the case also complements petite hands with its 37mm diameter proportions.
For added comfort, the Timex Fairfield utilized a sturdy nylon band. Underneath the rather diminutive aesthetic lies a highly precise quartz movement which guarantees timekeeping accuracy at all times. The Fairfield is part of Timex’s Weekender Collection series and is a stylish brown dial wristwatch for modern watch enthusiasts.

Anne Klein Swarovski Crystal Accented Resin Bangle Watch (AK/1408BNGB)

Anne Klein Women's Swarovski Crystal Accented Gold-Tone and Brown Resin Bangle Watch, AK/1408BNGB
Anne Klein Gold-Tone and Brown Resin Bangle Watch

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The Anne Klein Swarovski Crystal watch is a head-turner. The polished brown dial perfectly accentuates the glittering Swarovski crystal that acts as hour markers. What’s more? This Anne Klein timepiece is quite affordable while providing excellent levels of luxurious charm. Also, the brown resin bangle features adjustable links and gives this timepiece a high-fashion appeal.
The watch measures in at 36mm and is a perfect dress watch to accompany your formal and professional attire. Anne Klein watches are known for offering sophisticated looking timepieces for the modern woman, and this particular brown-dialed timepiece does not disappoint in this regard.

Akribos XXIV Genuine Swarovski Crystal Watch (AK1035)

Akribos XXIV Leather Women’s Watch – Genuine Swarovski Crystal Markers on Two Tone Gradient Dial Sunray Dial – Elegant Brown Skinny Strap – AK1035BR
Akribos XXIV Elegant Brown Skinny Strap – AK1035BR

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With its minimalistic aesthetics, the Akribos XXIV Swarovski Crystal watch is a winner with modern or younger generation watch enthusiasts. The watch itself manages to blur the lines between traditional luxury design with modern casual beats. The polished brown case features a sunray dial design which gives it a subtle sheen and an elegant charm. Within the beautiful brown dial are 12 sparkling genuine Swarovski crystals that act as the hour markers. The glossy three-hand design tops off the overall aesthetics of this timepiece.
The Akribos XXIV also utilizes accurate quartz movement for its classic three-hand analog dial design. This women’s timepiece is also incredibly sleek at 34mm. Its use of high-quality alloy case and aluminum bezel delivers a classy charm while keeping the timepiece’s weight at the minimum. We can easily see the Akribos XXIV fitting right in with both casual dress and formal attires, a feat that is not easy to achieve.

Caravelle New York Rose Gold Dress Watch (44L120)

Caravelle New York Women's 44L120 Analog Rose Gold Dress Watch
Caravelle New York Women’s 44L120

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At first glance, the Caravelle New York can easily pass as a high-end luxury timepiece with its gold-tone design and generous use of genuine Swarovski crystals. However, this feminine timepiece is one of the most affordable women’s watches in the market.
The gold-tone stainless steel rectangular case, which measures in at 37.5mm, and gold-tone bracelet blends in a polished chocolate dial to give itself a unique flair that blends luxury and sophistication on a whole new level. The quartz movement ensures high accuracy with the analog dial and the curved mineral crystal window adds another layer of elegance to this visually stunning brown dial timepiece.

Invicta Specialty Brown Dial Ladies Watch (29416)

Invicta Women's Specialty Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Rose Gold, 18 (Model: 29416)
Invicta Women’s Specialty Quartz (Model: 29416)

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Time to level up our list and the first to go up the catwalk is Invicta’s Specialty Brown Dial timepiece. The 36mm polished gold-toned stainless-steel case and bracelet is designed to be as eye-catching as possible. It features a rimmed fixed bezel that will undoubtedly turn heads in the room and helps focus the attention towards the ‘main dish’ which is the delectable chocolate-toned dial.
The rose-gold tone of the 36mm case emphasizes the unique brown dial while enriching the elegant nature of this color tone. Within the striking aesthetics of this timepiece are a quartz movement and a horological build that gives the Invicta Specialty Brown a decent 50-meter water resistance rating. If you are looking for a professional brown dial timepiece, this Invicta watch is a good choice for most occasions.

Bertucci M-1S Women’s Field Watch (18016)

Bertucci 18016 Unisex Stainless Steel Brown Leather Band espresso Dial Smart Watch
Bertucci 18016 Espresso Dial Watch

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Let us head on back to a more casual style watch with the Bertucci M-1S Field Watch. The Bertucci M-1S is a compact and lightweight brown-dialed watch designed for outdoor use. With its 30mm diameter stainless steel case, it is one of the smallest timepieces in this list.
Fortunately, the use of solid stainless steel material provides this watch with improved durability – a must-have quality as it will primarily be used for outdoor activities. The watch also features durable and flexible artificial leather bands for added comfort. Underneath the sleek build is a Japanese quartz movement with an analog dial display. The dial is encased in a hardened mineral crystal window which is also coated with a scratch-resistant finish.

Seiko Women’s Japanese Quartz Casual Watch (SXDH02)

Seiko Women's Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel Strap, Silver, 0 Casual Watch (Model: SXDH02)
Seiko Japanese Quartz (Model: SXDH02)

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The Seiko Women’s Japanese Quartz Watch is a petite timepiece that incorporates a mix of tradition and modern aesthetics. At only 28.7mm, this diminutive timepiece will greatly complement petite hands while the design keeps the watch’s aesthetics quite professional.  The two-tone rose gold and silver design is a classic look while the use of a polished burgundy-tone dial with a sunray finish gives this Seiko watch some added character and finesse.
The watch incorporates a Japanese quartz movement along with a date display located beside the 3 o’clock Arabic numeral marker. This Seiko watch also provides up to 100-meters of water resistance.

Peugeot Swiss Movement Cuff Watch with Swarovski Crystal-Accented Bezel (PS272BR)

Peugeot Women's Stainless Steel Swiss Movement Cuff Watch with Swarovski Crystal Accented Bezel
Peugeot Cuff Watch with SCrystal Accented Bezel

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Here we have one of the most distinctively designed entries into this list. It features a unique cuff style watch design that gives this Peugeot watch a uniquely refined charm to it that makes it an ideal wrist accessory for formal gatherings. The bezel features Swarovski crystal to add some additional design flair to the timepiece’s already impressive aesthetics.
At the heart of this Peugeot, the timepiece is a Swiss quartz movement that powers its analog dial display. The brown dial and cuffs are highlighted by the use of polished silver accents as well as the dazzling Swarovski crystals that are used as hour markers. This is an example of a simple design utilized to perfection.

Bulova Rhapsody Dress Watch (98P194)

Bulova Dress Watch (Model: 98P194)
Bulova Dress Watch (Model: 98P194)

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Bulova enters the fray with an outstanding dress watch that will surely appease fashionistas who wish to add something visually unique to their watch collection. The brown textured dial is enhanced by eight diamonds that are used as hour markers. The case, which measures in at 30mm, uses polished stainless steel and employs the classy two-tone (rose gold and silver) aesthetics. It features a quartz movement with an analog dial display.
However, what separates this from the pact is the grooved bracelet that only comes at 7mm in width, making it one of, if not, the thinnest watch bracelet from Bulova’s entire catalog. The classical charm of the Rhapsody matches its name seamlessly. This is one brown dial watch you should look out for if making a fashion statement is something you want a timepiece to accomplish.

Victorinox Maverick Analog Watch Collection (241615)

Victorinox Women's 241615 Maverick Analog Display Swiss Quartz Brown Watch
Victorinox Women’s Maverick Swiss Quartz Brown Watch

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Victorinox is the perfect timepiece for the adventurous soul as seen from the level of functionality and durability offered by their timepieces. The Victorinox Maverick timepiece designed for outdoor lovers, but it also delivers a highly unique design. The best way I can describe the initial reaction I had when I saw this variation of the Victorinox Maverick is that it looks like one of those decadent chocolate bars. Yes, I do have a sweet tooth, which might be why my brain went straight to that image – but, I mean, look at it.
The Maverick features a PVD gold-toned case with a syrup-colored dial and rubber strap. The case measures in at 34mm, which is expected with Victorinox watches as they are known for their large timepieces. Inside is a Swiss quartz movement that operates analog display. There is also a date display which is located at the 6 o’clock position. The striking dial is well-protected by a sapphire crystal window with an anti-glare finish. The watch build also provides the Maverick with decent 100-meter water resistance.

Bulova Ladies Classic Analog Quartz Watch (98R230)

Bulova Women's Analog-Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Two Tone, 14 (Model: 98R230)
Bulova Stainless-Steel Strap (Model: 98R230)

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Bulova once again delivers an inspiring piece of women’s wristwear that exudes elegance, luxury, and reliability. This entry from the Bulova Ladies Classic Collection takes the traditional two-tone gold and silver aesthetic and employs a walnut brown-colored dial with a ridged pattern in the middle. About 24 diamonds dot both the case and dial giving the Bulova Ladies Classic timepiece a decent level of elegance and luxury.
The Bulova Ladies Classic exudes a level of sophistication that the manufacturer is known for and they do so with much enthusiasm with this particular timepiece. With a quartz movement operating the stunning dial display, this Bulova women’s watch is both a beautifully crafted wristwear as well as a reliable timepiece.

Bering Time Slim Classic Watch (10122-265)

BERING Time | Women's Slim Watch 10122-265 | 22MM Case | Classic Collection | Stainless Steel Strap | Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal | Minimalistic - Designed in Denmark
Bering Time | Women’s Slim Watch

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While the Bering Time Slim Classic features a minimalistic design, the materials and build of the watch itself are far from simple. The hickory brown colored mother-of-pearl dial is pretty much pristine with not much additional detail to distract your attention. The fact that it features a mother-of-pearl dial is more than enough of a statement to its quality.
Around the dial are 12 Swarovski crystals that act as the timepiece’s hour markers. The case, which measures in at a petite 22mm, is made from medical grade stainless steel with rose gold finish. The Bering Time is inspired by classic Danish design and incorporates high-precision quartz movement to meet required horology performance.

Versace Hellenyium Watch (V12040015)

Versace Women's 'HELLENYIUM' Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch (Model: V12040015)
Versace Women’s ‘HELLENYIUM’

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The Versace Hellenyium takes inspiration from Greek mythology and history as seen by the level of grandeur this timepiece delivers. This classical Greek-inspired timepiece features a Medusa logo embossed on its chocolate brown dial. The gold-toned bezel incorporates Greek Key insert design, and the watch itself managed to contain all of these details into a sleek 35mm diameter case.
The Versace Hellenyium utilizes a Ronda 515 caliber Swiss quartz movement with analog display. The hands also feature luminous finish for added visibility even in low-light environments. What’s impressive about this timepiece is that it delivers both in style and functionality and will surely be a must-have for watch enthusiasts for its specialized design.

Frederique Constant Geneve Ladies Watch (FC-700MPCD3MDZ9)

Frederique Constant FC-700MPCD3MDZ9 Stainless Steel Ladies Watch - Brown Dial
Frederique Constant Brown Dial Ladies Watch

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Frederique Constant is known for their attractive timepieces, and this Geneve lady’s wristwatch continues that trend. With diamond embedded bezel, the brown dial is further emphasized by six diamond markers and a luminous white with gold accent hands. Inside the Frederique Constant Geneve is an automatic movement that provides high accuracy for its analog dial and date display. The elegant timepiece features a 39mm stainless steel case and a satin strap that provides additional comfort and elegance.

Edox La Passion Analog Watch (85025-37RC BRIR)

Edox Women's 85025 37RC BRIR LaPassion Analog Display Swiss Automatic Brown Watch
Edox Women’s Swiss Automatic Brown Watch

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The Edox La Passion successfully watch blurs the line between wristwatches and fashion accessories. This stunning timepiece is created by one of Switzerland’s top fashion designers. From the sun patterned dial to the open hear horseshoe-shaped design, the Edox La Passion exudes class and elegance. Within the petite 33mm diameter case lies a Swiss-automatic movement. This timepiece focuses on the theme of love and passion, and it managed to deliver its goal and pass with flying colors.
If you are looking for the most visually stunning brown dial timepiece, the Edox La Passion is a great choice in this category. Every aspect of its design has an underlying message and theme, which further makes it an impressive women’s timepiece.

Omega Constellation 18K Rose Gold Diamond Watch (

Omega Constellation Brown Dial Steel and 18kt Rose Gold Diamond Ladies Watch
Omega Constellation Brown Dial Steel and 18kt Watch

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If the list concerns stylish timepieces, you can always bet that Omega will make an appearance sooner or later. Here we have a brown-dialed timepiece called the Omega Constellation. It features a polished sunray dial that utilizes diamond hour markers and a brushed stainless steel case which measures in at a rather small 24mm in diameter.
The dial uses a durable sapphire crystal glass window, and the Omega Caliber 1376 movement packs an impressive 32-hours of power reserve. This Omega women’s timepiece does not only look nice, but it also delivers precision and reliability that you would expect from a high-end brand like Omega.

Chopard Imperiale Ladies Watch (384221-5009LBR)

Chopard Imperiale Ladies Rose Gold Brown Leather Strap Watch 384221-5009 LBR
Chopard Imperiale Ladies Rose Gold Brown Dial

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In terms of prestige, the Chopard Imperiale is right up there with the top watch brands in the business. Backed by a classy design, the Chopard Imperiale features an 18K rose gold 36mm case. The chocolate-brown dial comes with an engraved center that showcases the timepiece’s amazing level of attention to detail. The dial hands both have luminous finishes and are powered by a Swiss quartz movement. The Chopard Imperiale is simply one classy timepiece on a league of its own.

Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee Watch (279381CHSJ)

Rolex Lady Datejust Chocolate Dial Automatic Ladies Steel and 18K Everose Gold Jubilee Watch 279381CHSJ
Rolex Lady Datejust Chocolate Dial

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Of course, what is a “best of” wristwatch list without one of the most famous brands in the world – Rolex. The Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee watch comes with all the high-end features that you would expect from a Rolex timepiece.
With its exuberant use of premium-grade material such as an 18K rose gold case and diamond-studded bezel, the Datejust Jubilee is designed to capture the attention of everyone in the room. Top things off with a high-quality automatic movement, and you have yourself an example of why Rolex is at the top of the industry.

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