7 Cool Bullhead Watches You Can Currently Find Online (Vintage & New)

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Oversized and sporty bold watches made a mark on the industry decades ago. The ’60s first saw the likes of such big watches and non-traditional placement of watch crowns and pushers that tempted watch lovers from across the world that were looking for more contemporary designs. This trend paved the way for innovative designs, including the creation of Bullhead watches.
Bullhead watches have the pushers and crown on top of the dial, as opposed to the side placement. The dial, most often, comes with a broader top and narrow bottom to fit the pushers on top. These features resemble the face of a bull with two horns, giving it the name, Bullhead watches.
Originally, luxury brands like Omega released their first bullhead model in the 1970s, as well as the more recent Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016, a limited-edition watch made for the 2016 Olympics. More affordable brands such as Seiko with its Alba models or Citizen with its Tsuno line have made bullhead watches accessible for more entry-level collectors.
Over the years brands such as Tissot and Bulova also made Bullhead watches with mechanical chronograph movements. Given the cost involved in manufacturing such watches, brands made them in limited editions. However, the exclusivity to own a Bullhead watch made them most sought after by watch enthusiasts from around the world. Over time, watchmakers developed affordable versions with automatic or quartz movements.
Although slightly unconventional in design, watch aficionados believe that Bullhead watches are, in fact, rather comfortable in comparison to watches with side pushes. Especially with big dial watches, pushers on the side can easily hurt your wrist or make you feel uncomfortable. For all these reasons, Bullhead watches remain in style even today. Let’s look at some vintage and new Bullhead watches you can add to your collection.

Best Bullhead Watches

Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chronograph Racer (AV0081-51X)

Citizen AV0081-51X Promaster Tsuno Chronograph Racer
Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chronograph Racer

Japanese brand Citizen offers a limited edition Bullhead watch that stands out in style and design. The Promaster Tsuno Chronographer Racer comes in a green dial with yellow hand markings.
This timepiece uses Eco-Drive technology, converting any light into power reserve, with an indicator on the face of the dial placed next to 9 o’clock. Designed in a 43 mm case diameter, the Promaster Tsuno Chronographer Racer showcases a rather busy dial. The watch hosts a 1/5 second flyback chronograph, recording up to 12 hours.
You can notice the pushers located at the top of the dial, prominently bearing resemblance to a bull’s face. The timepiece uses Citizen’s E210 hand-assembled movement with water-resistant of up to 666 feet. The anti-reflective coating on the sapphire glass with illuminated hands makes it easy to read time in the dark.

CT SCUDERIA Carbonfibre Watch Bullhead Chronograph (CWEI00619)

CT SCUDERIA Carbonfibre Watch Bullhead Chronograph CWEI00619
CT Scuderia Carbonfibre Bullhead Chronograph

CT Scuderia is an Italian watch brand that makes motor racing lifestyle-influenced vintage watches. More particularly, the founder endeavors to combine his passion for Café Racer bikes and watches to make unique and distinct designs. One such is the Carbonfibre Bullhead Chronograph that can also double up as a stopwatch by removing the strap and wearing it around the neck.
The CWEI00619 model is made from carbon fiber, much like those used in racing automobiles. With the pushers and the crown placed above 12 o’clock, the watch offers a unique look in this 44 mm dial. The timepiece comes equipped with Swiss Ronda 3520D, a 4 jewel quartz watch movement.  
The black patterned dial of the watch hosts two sub-dials for chronograph readings and a tachymeter on the bezel to measure speed over distance and time. Giving a bold sporty look, the watch is resistant up to 330 feet underwater.

Stuhrling Torero Bullhead Chronograph Watch  

Stuhrling Original Men's Chronograph Wrist Watch Stainless Steel Case with Rubber Strap (Black)
Stuhrling Torero Chronograph  (Black)

This American brand, founded in 1999, makes Swiss-grade watches with high-quality materials.
The Stuhrling Torero, (Torero =”bullfighter” in Spanish) uses bullhead pushers and the crown at 12 o’clock, designed in a black dial and strap with white markings on the face of the dial. The word Torero in Spanish means bullfighter, which makes a fitting name for this watch.
Hosting the Japanese VK61 movement, the watch features a rather unique dial. With large 12 and 6 markings, the watch features the tachymeter on the bezel. The strap made of high-grade rubber ensures durability along with a sporty vintage look. Resistant up to 165 feet, the watch comes in a 42 mm case, making it sturdy for everyday wear with dynamic functions. See all Stuhrling bullhead watches here. 

Viceroy Heat 

Viceroy Heat 46763-24 Men's Watch Bicolor
Viceroy Heat 46763-24

Viceroy is a Spanish watch brand, functioning under the parent company called Grupo Munreco S.L. The brand’s watch collection called Viceroy Heat displays a green dial with orange hands and a black bezel. With its pushers and crown on top of the dial, Viceroy Heat is the brand’s take on Bullhead watches with vintage detailing.
An affordable Bullhead watch on the list, this brand uses a quartz movement in a 43 mm case. The sub-dials for the chronograph readings sit aesthetically next to the brand logo. With 330 feet of water resistance and mineral crystal, this Viceroy gives you a smart sporty watch with a contemporary design.

Sorna Multi-Function Retro Tachometer Display

Sorna Men's Multi Function Retro Tachometer Display with Leather Band Automatic Watches
Sorna Multi-Function Retro Tachometer

Centrally themed around vintage watches, Sorna makes incomparable designs using bullhead features. The Sorna Retro Tachometer, especially, is true to its name.
Available in three dial shades – yellow, orange, and dual-tone black and red, this Sorna timepiece is a blast from the past. The date window is located under 12 o’clock with chronograph pushers and crown on top of the dial. The dial, too, has a unique shape and comes paired with a black leather strap.
The Sorna is a true vintage watch in today’s modern watch culture and if you are looking to make a statement with a Bullhead watch, Sorna can live up to your expectations. Encased in a 44 mm diameter, the watch is resistant up to 165 feet underwater and features a tachometer on the bezel. Above all, the face of the watch will always remind you of the ’80s and ’90s era. You can find other Sorna bullhead watches on eBay.

Vintage Seiko Bullhead Watches

Another Japanese manufacturer on the list, Seiko is famous for making watches, clocks, optics, and more. Founded in 1881, the brand displays knowledge of over 140 years of watchmaking techniques. To this extent, Seiko makes their own movements, ensuring precision, durability, attention to detail, and good quality.
Consequently, Seiko has designed and manufactured many Bullhead watches back in the day (search eBay for vintage Seiko Bullheads).  These watches are in great demand today, evident to the fact that they can last generations.
For instance, the Black Chronograph 6138-0040 (eBay) dates back to the ’70s, making it a perfect candidate for a vintage Bullhead watch on our list. Designed in a back dial with blue sub-dials and yellow seconds hand gives the watch a classic look. The date and day window is located above 6 o’clock; the design, a departure from what we find today. The tachymeter sits on the outer bezel, encased in a 44 mm case with stainless steel bracelet.
Similarly, there is the 6138-0049 Chronometer (eBay)  in shades of red with a cream sub-dial.
The Seiko Alba (eBay), too, is a much preferred Bullhead chronograph by watch lovers. With a more bold and sporty design than the black and red chronometer, the Alba is a throwback to yesteryear watch designs. All these watches use Seiko’s automatic Japanese movement. Given that Seiko no longer makes such vintage Bullhead watches, you can get your hands on these vintage Bullheads on eBay.

Omega Seamaster Bullhead

Omega Seamaster Bullhead
Omega Seamaster Bullhead

Considered a pioneer in making Bullhead watches, Omega makes exceptional timepieces. Just when big dial watches were taking the industry by storm, Omega took advantage in crafting unique designs with the bullhead pushers.
This Omega Bullhead is one such timepiece that checks all the boxes for Bullhead watches. With pushers and crown on top of the dial and the unorthodox shape of the dial with large top and thinner bottom mirrors the features of a bull’s face. A white dial, surrounded by a black inner bezel and white outer bezel, offers a timeless look that works well even today.
The Omega 54/669 (eBay)  is another iteration of Omega’s Bullhead collection. Much similar to the above watch, this is a slightly newer take with a full black dial. Both these vintage editions use manually-wound calibre 930.
In fact, Omega’s official site sells this edition as part of their heritage models, proving it can truly stand the test of time.  With a Clous de Paris patterned full black dial, this timepiece equips a co-axel chronometer powered by calibre 311. You can also get this timepiece in a silver-colored “Rallye” dial. One distinct feature between Omega’s vintage and the latest Bullhead edition, besides the movement, is the flat button for the pushers replacing round pushers. If you don’t mind spending some extra bucks, Omega’s Bullhead can make a perfect addition to your vintage watch collection.

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