11 Best Dive Watches Under $5000

Underwater photo of scuba diver swimming with a school of fish

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While there is a sea of dive watches to choose from, and we’ve looked at everything from very affordable and dive watches for $500, some readers have asked recommendations on which dive watches to consider if they 10X their budget and are willing to consider dive watches in the $5K range? Well, once we get into a budget of a few thousand dollars or more, this opens up a whole range of high-quality dive watches from brand such as Omega, Oris and Breitling among others.
TAll the watches on our list are all from very well respected watchmakers known for dive watches. To make the list, all of the watches had to be Swiss-Made and have water resistance to at least 300M. 

Underwater photo of a scuba diver swimming with a school of fish

Photo by Chris King

Omega Seamaster Dive Professional 300M

Omega Men's 2594.52.00 Seamaster 300M Chrono Diver Watch
Omega 2594.52.00 Seamaster 300M (Image: Amazon)

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The watch that was made for sea-farers for its reliability in the open seas, and under it. The Omega Seamaster Dive Professional 300M watch is a marvel to behold. Its superior design underlies one of the most exceptional levels of construction and features within the dive watch market.
The Omega Seamaster 300M comes in with a highly durable and polished stainless-steel case and bracelet. The case measures in at a hefty 41.5 mm in diameter, making it quite a prominent wrist accessory. The dial window utilizes a dome shape which gives it that added aesthetic enhancement.
This timepiece also checks all the essential boxes when it comes to full functionality with its chronograph features. The black dial within the polished case offers excellent contrast and adds to its professional charm as well. The three sub-dials are all evenly spaced together on the bottom part of the dial. You will get a highly reliable and accurate hour, minutes, and seconds trackers.

A diver wearing a dive watch swimming with a school of fish

Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

In addition to the three sub-dials, you will also have a nifty little date display that is located over on the 6 o’clock position – right under the hour tracker sub-dial. Let’s go over the inner workings of the Omega Seamaster Dive Professional 300M next.
Within this impressive timepiece is a highly reliable and precise Swiss automatic movement with analog display. Since it uses automatic movement, this watch does not use any batteries. You can keep the hands moving as long as you are moving.
Of course, since this is a dive watch, its water resistance is its main selling point. With that, the Omega Seamaster 300M delivers in spades. As the name implies, this watch is designed to provide water-resistance of up to 300M or 990-feet. Making it an excellent timepiece for all manner of water activities, even scuba diving.

Longines L3.674.4.50.0 Sports Legend Watch

Longines Men's L3.674.4.50.0 Sports Legends Black Dial Watch
Longines Sports Legends (Image: Amazon)

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Longines are known for their affinity towards crafting fantastic looking traditionally designed watches. They have yet to falter in delivering in this regard. The Longines Legend watch takes its moniker to heart with its simple yet visually striking appearance.
The stainless-steel case has that premium heft that highlights its durability and quality craftsmanship. It balances this increased weight with its lightweight nylon straps which also provides added comfort as well.
The polished case measures in at a girthy 42 mm and uses a sturdy sapphire crystal window. Sapphire glass is highly recommended for timepieces designed for use outdoors thanks to its high resilience to scratches and its anti-glare qualities.

Scuba diver exploring corals while diving

Photo by Michael Bernander

The Longines Legend watch also incorporates automatic movement with analog display. This means you don’t need to worry about replacing the battery as your action powers the watch mechanism. As long as you are physically active, the hands will keep on ticking away.
The dial design features hour markers and a minute marker over on the outer most rim of the dial. You also get a date display over on the 3 o’clock position. This Longines dive watch also delivers excellent water resistance.
The timepiece is designed to provide water-resistance of up to 300 meters, making it suitable for a bunch of water activities – scuba diving included.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M Chronograph Watch

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M Chronograph 43mm Black Men's Watch CAY1110.BA0927
Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M (Image: Amazon)

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One of the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M’s most defining traits is its almost tank-like design. While this might seem like a knock on its appearance, trust me when I say it is a compliment of the highest degree. For a dive watch, you want something that can withstand being submerged underwater and withstand the increasing pressure as you go deeper.
The Aquaracer delivers that with finesse.
The Tag Heuer Aquaracer features an all-stainless-steel construction. Both the case and bracelet have that polished sheen to it which gives it that genuine premium watch feels. It not only looks the part of a top-tier timepiece, but it also comes equipped with all the relevant features as well.

Diver in a diving suit documenting his dive

Photo by Dimitris Loukeris

Let’s start with the case. The stainless-steel case measures in at 43 mm in diameter and comes with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The hands and markers on the dial all feature a shiny silver finish which accentuates its black dial. You will also enjoy the great attention to detail that the sub-dials have in terms of its design.
The watch also uses sapphire crystal glass windows which provide high durability and exceptional scratch-resistance, a must-have for watches designed primarily for outdoor use. Another feature that is essential in dive watches is luminescent hands and markers, two features that the Aquaracer also provides its wearers.
This timepiece also sports a date display that is located over on the 12 o’clock position. As for its main feature, the Aquaracer comes with a 300-meter water resistance rating which should cover you for all water-based activities.

Alpina SEASTRONG Diver 300M Watch

Alpina Men's SEASTRONG Diver 300 Stainless Steel Automatic-self-Wind Watch with Rubber Strap, Black, 22 (Model: AL-525LBG4V6)
Alpina Men’s Seastrong (Image: Amazon)

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Sleek yet simple with a modern charm, the Alpina SEASTRONG watch is a perfect dive watch for the current generation of watch enthusiasts. This watch takes a more traditional route with its construction which strikes is a delicate balance between old-school and new-school design.
The SEASTRONG watch comes with a relatively large case that measures 44 m in diameter. Within this case are an automatic self-winding movement and analog display. The automatic movement makes sure that your timepiece will always be in perpetual motion and is a perfect timepiece mechanism for a dive watch.

Female Scuba Diver Checking Her Diving Gear

Photo by Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernández

To be more precise, the Alpina SEASTRONG watch uses an AL-252 26 jewel automatic caliber mechanism with a frequency of 28.800/h. This provides the wearer with an impeccably exact dive watch. It also has a power reserve of up to 38-hours.
This Alpina timepiece does settle on a relatively middle-range water resistance rating of 100-meters. This makes the SEASTRONG a right candidate for swimming and snorkeling but not for diving. Still, it can handle most water-based sports and activities with ease and a chic style.

Oris Aquis Date Automatic Dive Watch

Oris Aquis Date Automatic Men's Watch 01 733 7653 4127-07 8 26 01PEB
Oris Aquis Date Automatic (Image: Amazon)

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The sleek silver, black, and yellow aesthetic of the Oris Aquis certainly gives it a head start in regards to its style. The Oris Aquis comes with a polished stainless-steel case and bracelet. The black bezel and yellow accents within the dial ideally give it more character than your standard stainless-steel timepiece.
The design is a fantastic blend of classic and modern aesthetics which should please fans of both styles. The case of the Aquis is also a bit on the larger side at 43 mm in diameter, so keep that in mind. Its use of stainless-steel material for both case and bracelet also gives it an added layer of durability but also means a heavier weight.

Diving enthusiast wearing a dive watch

Photo by Jakob Owens

The watch uses automatic movement with its analog display. It will keep on ticking as long as you keep on moving. The dial is also designed for optimum legibility with its white and yellow markers atop the black backdrop.
The yellow markers on the outer rim track the seconds, and it also has a date display located on the 6 o’clock position. The structure of the Oris Aquis is designed to provide up to 300-meters of water resistance. This makes the Aquis an excellent timepiece for water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Watch

Zodiac Men's Super Sea Wolf 68 Stainless Steel Swiss-Automatic Watch with Rubber Strap, Blue, 23 (Model: ZO9504)
Zodiac Men’s Super Sea Wolf 68 (Image: Amazon)

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At first glance, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 certainly looks like a serious timepiece for diving. It features a sporty design with it’s dark blue, silver, and orange design. Materials used are also more synonymous with functionality rather than fashion.
For example, its sturdy rubber band. This will help improve comfort while also helping the watch remain secure to your wrist when underwater.
The hulking exterior of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 also reinforces the idea of it aiming for more functionality and reliability rather than a flashy aesthetic. That is not saying that this dive watch falls flat on the latter; in fact, it has a certain charm to it that will surely please divers, swimmers, and other fans of water-based sports.

Pair of divers preparing for a dive

Photo by Laya Clode

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 comes with a massive 50 mm diameter case. While this makes it appear quite cumbersome, it does have an advantage in terms of its legibility both above and underwater.
The watch also comes with the recommended Swiss automatic movement with analog display. Automatic watches basically ‘charges’ itself with kinetic movement from the wearer.
The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 has a solid 200-meter water resistance rating. This makes the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 a worthy timepiece for swimmers and sailors.

SQUALE Matic Swiss Divers 600M Watch

SQUALE Matic Dark Blue 60 Atmos Men's Swiss Diver 600M Watch
SQUALE Matic Dark Blue 600M (Image: Amazon)

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The SQUALE Matic Divers watch comes with a visually striking aesthetic and delivers both style and substance.
It comes with a stunning dark blue dial within its polished silver stainless-steel case. The window also uses the domed design, which further adds to its smart aesthetic. This timepiece radiates style and is a dive watch that you can wear on any occasion.
Now, then let us dive, pun intended, into the details, shall we?
The SQUALE Matic, as the name implies, uses an automatic self-winding movement with analog display. This automatic movement mechanism has an impressive power reserve of up to 42-hours and manages to maintain its accuracy to the last tick.

Pair of divers swimming with a shark

Photo by François Pierrot

The stainless-steel case comes in at 44 mm in diameter, giving it a sleeker and compact look compared to the other entries in this list. The dome window is made from sapphire crystal, giving it a high level of durability as well as high resistance from scratches.
Other features included in the design of the SQUALE is a unidirectional bezel and a 60 clicks crown. Also, the SQUALE Matic Diver watch delivers an excellent 600-meter water resistance rating. If you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, the SQUALE Matic should be included in your shortlist of watch options.

Oris Prodiver 1000M Watch


Oris Prodiver 1000M
Oris Prodiver 1000M (Oris.com)

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Now, we are getting to the juggernauts of diving watches. The Oris Prodiver is one of the most well-designed and reliable timepieces for water-based activities. It’s stoic silver, and black design gives off a professional, no-nonsense appearance.
The Oris Prodiver features a multi-piece titanium case for optimum durability and water resistance. It also incorporates rubber ceramic minute markers into the dial.
The dial itself is a highlight in the Oris Prodiver 1000M watch. The dial and sub-dials all feature a water wave design embossed. Oris is not going for subtlety here in regards to the watch’s primary strength.

Diver exploring around a wreck

Photo by Chris Rogerson

Within the Oris Prodiver though is where the magic truly happens. While the exterior already has that durable and tank-like appearance, the interior of its fortress case is the heart of the Oris Prodiver. Within lies a helium valve that significantly increases its water resistance rating.
The Oris Prodiver 1000M has, you guessed it, 1000-meter water resistance rating.
It also uses automatic movement with its analog display which is the standard when it comes to diving watches. Not only does it provide top-notch water resistance, but it also comes with additional features and such as chronograph functionalities, a date display, and scratch-resistant and anti-glare sapphire crystal window glass.

Bell and Ross Diver Automatic Watch

Bell and Ross Diver Automatic Blue Dial Men's Watch BR0392-D-BU-ST/SRB
Bell and Ross Diver BR0392-D-BU-ST/SRB (Image: Amazon)

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The Bell and Ross Diver watch looks the part. It comes with a square case that measures in at 42 mm. It also incorporates a blue rubber and which helps improve flexibility and comfort without sacrificing durability. The blue and silver aesthetic is also visually pleasing to look at from a fashion standpoint.
It also has that sporty charm that will surely mesh in quite well with individuals who enjoy participating in water activities.
The Bell and Ross Diver watch utilizes BR-CAL 302 automatic movement with analog display. Speaking of the analog display, it also comes with a date display between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers. The markers and hands all have a luminescent finish which will help improve visibility in low-light environments (e.g. underwater). The timepiece also provides up to 300-meters of water resistance.

Tudor Pelagos Black Dial Titanium Men’s Watch

Tudor Pelagos Black Dial Titanium Mens Watch 25600TN-BKTI
Tudor Pelagos Black Dial Titanium (Image: Amazon)

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The Tudor Pelagos is a traditionally designed watch with a lean towards a more conservative aesthetic. The gray titanium case and bracelet with black dial highlights its professional charm with a practical appearance.
The watch comes with a unidirectional titanium bezel that complements its 42 mm diameter case. This watch not only looks durable; it is durable. The dial utilizes silver-toned hands and markers with a luminous finish.

Scuba diver swimming around a shipwreck

Photo by lucatelles

Within the watch is the signature Tudor caliber MT5612 automatic watch with analog display. The movement also manages to deliver a jaw-dropping 70-hour power reserve. The dial is protected via a sapphire crystal window which is not only tough to crack, but also highly scratch-resistant as well.
This watch also delivers up to 500-meters of water resistance, making it an excellent companion for any water activities you might be interested in.

Breitling Men’s Avenger II Seawolf Watch


Breitling Men's BTA1733110-F563SS Avenger II Seawolf Analog Display Swiss Automatic Silver Watch
Breitling Avenger II Seawolf (Image: Amazon)

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Let us end this list with one of the most impressive dive watches in the market today, the Breitling Avengers II Seawolf watch. The watch exudes an air of confidence with its stocky polished stainless-steel case and bracelet. You know this watch is designed to handle the most serious of business.
Within the Breitling Avenger II Seawolf is a Swiss automatic movement watch with analog display. The movement also clocks in an impressive 40-hour power reserve when not worn or stationary. The case itself is relatively compact as 45 mm in diameter.

Underwater photo of a male diver freediving

Photo by Marco Assmann

The dial features luminous hand and markers, with the markers using the standard Arabic numerals. It also has a date display located over at the 3 o’clock position. What’s most impressive about this timepiece is its ability to provide up to 3,000-meters of water resistance. This watch was made for the vast open seas to the point that it would be a disservice to keep it strictly land-based.

Featured Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

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