DKNY Watch Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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DKNY is a New York-based fashion brand launched in 1989, by fashion designer Donna Karan. Back in the 80s, Donna Karan revolutionized fashion with bold patterns, with a touch of elegance and sensuality. The essence of DKNY fashion draws heavily on a New Yorker’s way of life. With the idea being, a dynamic wardrobe that can meet all needs. This extends to DKNY watches as well. DKNY makes fashion watches, known famously for their style and sophistication.
If you are looking to buy a DKNY watch, this article is your one-stop solution for all details about the brand – its history and some remarkable timepieces.

DKNY Brand History 

DKNY Women's Nolita Quartz Stainless Steel Three-Hand Watch, Color: Rose Gold Glitz (Model: NY2902)
DKNY Women’s Nolita Quartz (Model: NY2902) (Image: Credit)

At the time of launching her fashion brand in 1984, Donna Karan focused purely on clothes and accessories. When she envisioned her fashion company, she did not consider her daughter would wear her clothes.  Some say another reason for the birth of DKNY was to stop Donna’s daughter from raiding her closet. Eventually, the brand ventured into making jewelry, watches, and more. For this reason, you can find two brands functioning today – the Donna Karan brand and the DKNY brand.
2000 saw the birth of DKNY watches. Although the brand is not traditionally a watchmaking powerhouse, they produce stylish fashion watches, loved globally. Moreover, DKNY collaborates with Fossil in making the watches. Fossil, another American brand, makes licensed products for Michael Kors., Kate Spade New York, Emporio Armani, Diesel, amongst many others. This gives DKNY credibility for its quality.

DKNY Watch Collections

Celebrating contemporary fashion with dynamic needs, DKNY appeals to the fashionista in you. Here are some of their top-notch collections.  Currently, the brand’s official website lists twelve different timepieces. If you are looking to buy older models, Amazon will be your best bet.

Soho Ladies Watch

DKNY Women's Soho Slim Quartz Stainless Steel Three-Hand Watch, Color: Rose Gold (Model: NY2308)
DKNY Women’s Soho Slim Quartz (Model: NY2308) (Image: Amazon)

Available in two shades – white with rose gold and black with gold, the Soho watch takes the top of the chart as DKNY’s most popular watch for women. A modern design with an uptown charm, the Soho watch offers a versatile look for the contemporary soul in you. The face of the watch is simple with the DKNY logo at 3 o’clock.
The round face with dual-tone and golden hour marks add a flair of luxurious look to the watch. The Soho watch comes with 160 feet of water resistance. Powered by quartz, the timepiece also uses mineral crystal glass for scratch resistance and shatterproof.
The previous models of the Soho collection come in single-tone gold, silver, and rose gold. You can also choose bracelets with the DKNY logo embossed.

Parsons Bracelet Watch

DKNY Women's Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Rose Gold (Model: NY2504)
DKNY Women’s Quartz Watch (Model: NY2504) (Image: Amazon)

Taking inspiration from DKYN’s previous watch edition, Minetta, the Parsons provides a stylish take on the dynamic needs of a city woman. Currently, the official website provides two editions of the Parsons line – one in rose gold with a white dial, and the other in dual-tone gold and silver with a white dial.
Designed in a 36 mm case, the dial displays a date window at 3 o’clock and the logo below 12 o’clock. Dash marks denote the hours on the dial, and the case comes coated for scratch resistance. Parsons collection, too, comes with a water resistance of 160 feet.

Nolita Bracelet Watch

DKNY Women's Nolita Quartz Stainless Steel Three-Hand Watch, Color: Silver/Gold Glitz (Model: NY2903)
DKNY Women’s Nolita Quartz (Model: NY2903) (Image: Amazon)

Nolita is considered DKNY’s most exquisite collection. The watches come in three variants – dual complementing shades of rose gold, gold, and silver. The outer bezel and the face of the dial take the shade of the secondary tone, giving the watch an urban chic look.
Much like DKNY’s other collections, the Nolita editions have 160 feet of water resistance. Encased in a 36 mm case diameter, the timepiece comes with a Japanese quartz movement. The Nolita collection is the brand’s long-standing line. The previous models come with gems studded on the outer bezel. Stylish, elegant, and ultra-modern, the Nolita makes for a perfect watch for all occasions, be it work or pleasure.

Uptown Watch

DKNY Women's Round Uptown Quartz Stainless Steel Three-Hand Watch, Color: Rose Gold (Model: NY2914)
DKNY Women’s Round Uptown Quartz (Model: NY2914) (Image: Amazon)

Built-in a 20 mm case diameter with a sunray dial, the Uptown collection by DKNY is quirky and distinctive from all other collections. The round face paired with a link bracelet makes the timepiece stand out. Versatile and feminine, this timepiece is for you if you like small watches or have a lean wrist.
Powered with quartz movement, the timepiece comes with 160 feet of water resistance.
This edition is available in two shades – rose gold and silver. The single tone pattern beautifully brings the design and elements together, ensuring the brand’s fashion style resonates at the center of the timepiece.
In addition to the collections mentioned here, some noteworthy timepieces from the previous editions are the ceramic chronograph model, the Minetta edition, the Cityspire edition, and the Ellington edition.

DKNY Brand Reputation

DKNY Women's Ellington Analog-Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel-Plated Strap, Rose Gold, 10 (Model: NY2589)
DKNY Women’s Ellington Analog-Quartz Watch (Model: NY2589) (Image: Amazon)

Those who follow news and updates from the fashion industry known the work and legacy of Donna Karan. For many, her designer wear is a mark of bringing in new-age fashion without compromising on quality and elegance. Similarly, in the world of horology, DKNY watches garner a loyal fan base for their designer watches. The quartz movement may not be as progressive as many other traditional watchmaker’s products but are reliable enough to last you a few years.
Moreover, DKNY makes affordable fashion watches. The brand offers affordability, and attractiveness, which go hand in hand with all of DKNY’s products. With a simple movement and sophisticated design, DKNY watches will surely tingle the fashion sense in you. DKNY watches do not focus on special features, but purely on the style of the watch. This is what makes them a designer brand.

Is DKNY A Good Watch Brand?

Much like most watch brands, the reviews for DKNY watches stay divided.
On one side of the argument is that DKNY watches are merely fashion accessories with eye-catching designs but not entirely reliable as they do not use state-of-the-art materials and components. However, that opinion is not unique to this brand. Many watch aficionados criticize any brand that lacks horological history. Similar arguments can be found in watch forums about any of the popular fashion watch brands such as Kate Spade watches or Michael Kors.
However, on the other side, the brand is backed by its patrons who love the watch. The reasons are varied – loyalty to Donna Karan’s line, preference of style and design, and affordability. Many comments point out that DKNY makes for a good gift for a fashion-conscious wife, girlfriend, mother or sister who likes trendy accessories and will appreciate the brand recognition over a more traditional watchmaker in the same price range (such as Citizen or Bulova).
In comparison with its competitors like Casio or Timex, DKNY fares well due to its modern designs and refined styling.
As we recommend to all our audience, don’t let one factor influence your decision to buy a watch. Consider all options like budget, design, the brand’s history, the technology used, features, etc., before making the final investment. If name recognition it at the top of your priority list and you like the DKNY vibe and are not overly concerned with the mechanics of the watch or brand history- then go for it.  You’ll likely get a stylish watch with a reliable quartz movement for around $100 or less.

Where to Buy DKNY Watches?

DKNY watches are sold through multiple outlets. The brand’s official website ships all its products worldwide. Alternatively, if you like handpicking your watches in person, the store locator can help you find authorized dealers near you.
It is noteworthy to highlight here that the official website and the store sell only their latest editions. If you are looking for an older model or a previous generation of an ongoing edition, you can find them on Amazon.

Is DKNY a Luxury Brand?

DKNY is not a luxury brand. They are a fashion brand, manufacturing and selling designer products. Consequently, the DKNY watches, too, are not luxury watches. They are merely fashion watches. This is also because DKNY does not use any technological innovations or mechanical movements.
The brand equips the timepieces with reliable and affordable quartz movement and a stylish design to cater to a particular section of the audience. If you are looking for a luxury watch brand with a history of watchmaking and expertise, then DKNY is not your contender.

DKNY Watch Warranty

DKNY offers two years of international warranty on all their watches. By virtue of manufacturing the watches, Fossil extends the warranty on all the models from the original date of purchase. All manufacturing defects stay covered under the warranty. To be eligible, the receipt of purchase and the warranty book is mandatory. Failing which, Fossil or DKNY can turn down your request to cover any damage.
The warranty, however, does not extend to the battery, case, plating, improper handling, abuse, or normal wear and tear; and water damage. DKNY will replace the damaged product free of cost or replace it with the same value.
Moreover, the warranty will not extend if the product is not purchased from an authorized dealer. Make sure to check the official website for a store near you before buying a DKNY watch. You can also contact the DKNY customer service for any personal assistance.

Where Are DKNY Watches Made?

Fossil Group makes watches for DKNY. All the movements used in the watches have quartz movement, sourced directly from China and Japan. Fossil Group owns many facilities across the world to manufacture many of its fashion products. Neither the DKNY website nor the Fossil Group website lists the location of manufacturing their watches. Yet, most of Fossil’s licensed quartz watches are assembled in China and then shipped it worldwide.

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