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JBW is an international watch brand that was conceived in India and nurtured in Dubai, the “Just Bling Watches” watch brand grew deep and has strong roots in the cosmopolitan city of Dallas. The brand’s iced-out watches are as American as they come — modern and bold.
The watches are functional, precise, and accurate, but at first glance, they look more like bling fashion accessories rather than timepieces.
If you’re curious about the JBW watch brand and its flashy watches, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss the company’s history, and talk about a few of the brand’s extensive watch collections.
We’re also going to answer common questions, including whether JBW can be considered a true luxury brand, as well as check out other important information, such as where the watches are made and where you can purchase them. Let’s get started.

History of JBW Watches

JBW Men's JB-6101L-J"Saxon" Luxury Water Resistant Gold-Plated Braided Black Leather Diamond Watch
JBW Men’s JB-6101L-J”Saxon” (Image: Amazon)

JBW’s story began in the 1950s when the Meghani family began marketing Swiss timepieces in India. By 1968, the Meghanis’ luxury timepiece business was booming and they were able to establish four retail shops in the city of Dubai. When the family’s patriarch, Akber Meghani, took over in the 1990s, he decided to take his retail watch distribution international by moving it (and his family) to Dallas, Texas.
But the performance of the Meghani business had turned lackluster as the years passed. His son, Amir, finally decided to join the family business in 2008 and breathe new life into it by investing in watches. And so, JBW Diamond Timepieces was conceived. In the same year, his sister, Shabeena, also joined the company and together they became the company’s co-CEOs. They also launched the company’s first line of luxury diamond timepieces.
By 2012, JBW’s diamond timepieces were being sold by retailers not just in Dubai, but also in Paris, London, and Sydney. The company is still going strong, and as of this year, JBW claimed to have created over 250 different timepieces and has sold more than 8 million diamonds in over 40 countries.

JBW Watch Collections

JBW Women's 10-Year Anniversary Olympia 0.20 ctw Diamond Wrist Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet
JBW Women’s 10-Year Anniversary Olympia (Image: Amazon)

The number of JBW collections of unique timepieces is simply impressive. The company first released its first lines of luxury diamond timepieces in 2008, and these included the Olympia, Jet Setter, Phantom, Saxon, and Victory collections. It has expanded since then to include the Echelon, Heist, Saxon, Orion, 562, and Delano collections for men.
New collections for men also include Bond, Hendrix, Apollo, Prince, Rook, and Krypton.
JBW also has a wide range of collections made specifically for ladies. These include the Mink, Cristal, Mondrian, and Victory collections. Other collections include Alessandra, Herapatra, Jamilla, Bellini, Belle, Aria, Laurel, and Nazanin Kavari.
Because it has a pretty extensive collection and we can’t possibly cover them all, we’re only going to discuss a few of them here.
The Delano Collection
JBW Luxury Men's Delano .21 Carat Diamond Wrist Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet
JBW Men’s Delano. (Image: Amazon)

The Delano collection is not as iced-out as most of JBW’s timepieces, but that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes you just need a watch that is versatile enough that you can wear it inside the boardroom and the ballroom. This timepiece boasts 22 sparkling diamonds adorning its dial, plus three additional sub-dials and a chronograph movement with date.
The strap is made of a two-tone stainless steel bracelet that can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s wrist perfectly. The Delano is available in five different colors to suit the buyer’s preference. There’s the classic two gold bracelet, as well as the gold and silver strap that’s perfect for high-flying executives. Then there’s the more understated black and silver stainless steel that is ideal for men who want something more understated.
The Phantom Collection
JBW Luxury Men’s Phantom 2.38 ctw Diamond Wrist Watch with Leather Bracelet
JBW Men’s Phantom. (Image: Amazon)

If Jay Gatsby had a go-to watch, it would probably be the JBW’s Phantom timepiece. This watch wouldn’t look out of place in a 1920s jazz lounge or a packed modern ballroom with its ornate design and diamond-studded bezel and dial. The regular Phantom timepiece features a one-of-a-kind square case, but JBW recently released a 10-Year Edition with a round case design.
196 diamonds are showcased on the bezel and dial, luring curious eyes to its striking design. It also comes with three additional sub-dials and a chronograph movement with date. Unlike most of JBW’s watches that come with stainless steel straps, most of the watches in this particular collection feature textured leather straps in different colors. But JBW knows that there are buyers who still want to stick to metal straps, so they have released several models with crystal-studded stainless steel bracelets. 
The Mondrian Collection
JBW Luxury Women's Mondrian 0.16 Carat Diamond & Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Wrist Watch and Bracelet Set
JBW Luxury Women’s Mondrian, (Image: Amazon)

JBW’s Mondrian collection fuses understated elegance with undeniable opulence. The dial is studded with 16 genuine diamonds, while the bezel and the center of the dial are set off in sparkly Swarovski crystals. The Roman numerals and the sunray dial epitomize subtle sophistication.
Available in different hues and color combinations, the stainless steel strap features a conventional yet secure metal clasp. What makes this collection stand out is that some units come with a matching diamond-studded minimalist bracelet. There’s also the option to buy the watch and a matching bracelet, too.
The Victory Collection
JBW Luxury Women's Victory 0.16 Carat Diamond Wrist Watch with Leather Bracelet
JBW Luxury Women’s Victory. (Image: Amazon)

Sometimes style doesn’t have to be too in-your-face. JBW’s Victory Collection embodies that subtle sophistication that many women prefer. The watch is simply breathtaking as it features a smaller dial studded with multiple Swarovski crystals at the center, plus 16 diamonds embedded in the bezel.
Buyers can choose between a textured leather strap or one made of stainless steel. In addition, the straps are available in a wide array of colors. It comes with three sub-dials, plus a chronograph movement with date.
This is JBW’s less flashy timepiece design, allowing you to wear it to work or to a party.

JBW Watches – Reputation

JBW markets itself as the new age of luxury watches, offering impressive timepieces with a dazzling number of authentic diamonds, Swarovski Crystals and 18K gold plating a fraction of the price you’d expect for this type of watch.
Their rapid growth and the sheer number of diamonds they process (as of 2021, claim to have sold over 12M diamonds).
JBW has a long way to go before it can become a household name. But perhaps the people behind JBW are not aiming for their brand to become a household name and just want their timepieces to be available to a select few. The brand’s watch designs are innovative and thoroughly modern. The timepieces are fashionable, albeit a bit flashy for some buyers.
Like a Porsche or a Birkin bag, JBW’s diamond-encrusted timepieces are made to be shown off. The brand excels at social media with a large Instagram following.
But just like anything that’s made to be shown off, it comes with a quite hefty price tag, and this aura of exclusivity makes this popular among celebrities, particularly rappers and athletes.

Is JBW A Good Watch Brand?

JBW Men's Phantom 1.00 ctw Diamond Chronograph 18K Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Watch, 42MM
JBW Men’s Phantom. (Image: Amazon)

This is a very common question we get from readers about almost every brand.  First of all, the concept of “good” is very subjective and depends in large part on personal preference and budget.
When it comes to JBW your personal style is going to be a major factor. The brand is flashy and all of the watches are iced-out.
If you are looking for a unique fashion statement accessory and like the look of gold, Swarovski crystals and diamonds – then you’re in the right place.
Buyers who are looking for understated elegance with their watches are going to be disappointed with the options here.
A JBW watch is like watching an elaborate musical — it can be quite loud and it’s certainly over-the-top. Plus, you don’t quite know where to look because so many things are happening all at once.
As far as its loyal client base is concerned, JBW is a good brand.  The brand’s timepieces are precise and accurate thanks to the company’s use of Swiss and Japanese quartz movements. And if you’re looking for a diamond-encrusted watch then the price may seem reasonable.
However, when it comes to serious watch collectors and aficionados that appreciate a company’s horological history, JBW really doesn’t register on the radar. Most people in these circles are not looking for flash and many find the aesthetic over the top.
One of the common complaints is the meager 50m water-resistant and only a push crown, for the price many would expect at least 100M resistance. Another common argument against JBW is that they are too expensive and just another fashion watch with cheap movements.
Some commenters compare them to Michael Kors or Diesel,
While I agree there may be aesthetic similarities with those brands, namely the large dial size and flashy design, I would say that some of these people are overlooking the diamonds and Swarovski Crystals which you’re less likely to find on those previously mentioned brands.
Others mention that the suggested retail price is vastly overstated and then sold at a discount. However, it’s important to point out that this is not limited to just this brand though, we’ve discussed this pricing practice that Invicta and many other watch brands implement.
The brand doesn’t get a lot of love in watch these circles that would favor brands such as Hamilton, Tissot or Longines, these traditional watch brands offer swiss movements, classic styling, and reliable watches backed by 100+ years of watchmaking experience.
Obviously looking at these watches, the style is on the opposite side of the spectrum – so most likely the people shopping for a JBW are not going to be swayed by the subdued designs.
JBW does have a loyal following of people that are attracted to the look of these watches and less concerned with horology. As we’ve said before about many other watch brands- if you like a watch for whatever personal reasons and it’s within your budget ultimately that’s the determining factor.

Where To Buy JBW Watches?

You can shop for JBW watches directly from their website.
Their online shop offers several JWB timepieces that you can’t find somewhere else. Plus, your order will be shipped for free if you buy merchandise worth $499 and above. Still, there are some shipping restrictions. If you’re located in any of these countries or territories, then you’re better off checking out other retailers to see if your chosen timepiece is available.
You can also see their discounted watches on sale here.
You can also purchase JBW watches from the company’s authorized global partners.
Apart from their website, the timepieces can also be purchased online via Amazon.com.
These retailers include Macy’s, Jomashop, Zales, and JCPenney. Other US authorized retailers include Nordstrom Rack, Rue La La, HSN, and Evine.
If you’re in South Africa, you can check if Wilberrys have JBW watches in stock. The timepieces are also available at Amazon-owned Souq.com for UAE and Saudi Arabia residents.

Where Are JBW Watches Made?

From cordless drills to jackets, many things we buy now are manufactured in China. JBW timepieces are no different. According to the company, all JBW timepieces are assembled in China, while the diamonds are imported from India.

Is JBW a Luxury Watch Brand?

JBW Luxury Women’s Mink 0.12 Carat Diamond & Swarovski Crystal Wrist Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet
JBW Mink 0.12 Carat Diamond

If your definition of luxury is a flashy piece of jewelry, then perhaps you would call JBW a luxury watch brand. But there’s more to the word ‘luxury‘ than an object’s appearance, price or whether it is studded by diamonds or not.
So what makes a luxury watch brand?
Without going overboard with the explanation, let’s take a look at what luxury watches have in common. First is the movement. Most mass-produced wristwatches are equipped with quartz movement.
While there are high-end watches and respected brands that use quartz movement, most luxury brands use mechanical movement. Luxury watchmakers use them almost exclusively and they pride themselves in their own in-house movements.
While nobody can argue about the accuracy and precision of quartz movements that dominate JBW watches, we usually don’t associate luxury watch brands using solely quartz.
While some luxury watch brands do include quartz movements (usually Swiss) in some of their entry-level timepieces, normally mechanical movements are used. These are hand-made and carefully built and assembled using high-end materials including precious metals and jewel bearings. They are known for their precision and accuracy, in addition to the meticulous watchmaking skill required to assemble them- thus making them pricier.
Second, like other mass-produced watches, JBW uses mineral glass and not the more durable sapphire crystal. While mineral glass has its advantages, sapphire crystal is the standard when it comes to quality watch crystals. Prized for its durability and its ability to resist scratching, sapphire crystal is certainly the number one choice of many timepiece aficionados.
Last would be price. While it’s not the ultimate factor, most luxury watches are priced well above the price of a JBW watch.
The simple answer? No, JBW is not a ‘luxury‘ brand in every sense of the word. Well, not in the same sense that Rolex or Blancpain or Audemars Piguet is. It does not carry the pedigree or the reputation of more established Swiss, French, or German brands.
If you’re looking for the higher-end JBW you could take a look at their Platinum Jet Setter PS that has a Ronda Swiss quartz movement and 550 diamonds totaling 2.75 carats.

JBW Watch Warranty

JBW offers two types of warranty: a standard International Warranty and a Platinum Warranty.
With the international warranty, your watch is covered for two years against manufacturer defects. The timepiece will be repaired at no cost to you or replaced entirely if the defect proves irreparable.
Keep in mind, though, that the warranty doesn’t cover damages incurred due to excessive wear. Make sure that you do not exceed water resistance limitations, too, as this can void the warranty. Also, you’ll need to fork out cash if the repair falls outside of JBW’s warranty.
Another type of warranty JBW offer is the Platinum Warranty. This extends your warranty up to 4 years — but at a cost. It covers manufacturing defects and comes with unlimited battery replacements. A free tune-up ad cleaning is included, as well as a one-time free strap replacement. It also comes with two free additional links for sizing, and the warranty-related shipping is covered, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does JBW Stand For?
When referring to watch brands, JBW stands for “Just Bling Watches”. Not to be confused with JBW Cars, a British racing car manufacturer from the 1950s.
Are The Diamonds in JBW Watches Real?
Yes, all of the diamonds sold by JBW watches are real. The brand guarantees that the diamonds are authentic, hand-selected and sourced from mines in India. JBW has sold over 12 million diamonds since they started in 2008.
Are JBW Watches Waterproof?
JBW watches range in water resistance from 30-100 meters. It’s important to note that water damage is not covered under the JBW warranty.
Do Any Celebrities Wear JBW Watches?
Yes, celebrities have been seen wearing JBW watches. Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has been seen wearing the JBW Saxon, Mike  Sorrentino from MTV’s Jersey Shore wears the JBW Phantom, and Vince Young, Tennessee Titans QB has been seen wearing the JBW Tazo.

Who Is The Founder of JBW Watches?
Amir Meghani is the founder and CEO of JBW watches. Meghani was 22 years old and was working in Dallas at his father’s watch shop.
Is JBW Swiss Made?
No, JBW brand watches are not Swiss-Made. Although they do source Swiss movements for some of their watches, they are assembled in China.

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