Raymond Weil Watch Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Founded by the late Mr. Raymond himself, the Raymond Weil watch brand is spearheaded by his family members who uphold his values. Raymond Weil has made a name for itself since its inception in 1976, acclaiming itself as the flagship of the Swiss watchmaking industry.
Weil took to watchmaking to redefine new dimensions to the Swiss watch industry.  Currently, Elie Bernheim is the CEO of this third-generation family-run company. Upon taking on the leadership of the luxury watch company, Elie has kept alive the values and brand heritage while also keeping pace with the advancement of watchmaking technology.
The brand, Raymond Weil, is known for its innovation as the company strives to uphold the richness of the watchmaking process. The inspiration, precision, and craftsmanship of the brand pay a fitting tribute to the late founder and his work. While maintaining the values of the past, Raymond Weil navigates into the future with top of the line technical advancements and visionary design production. Each watch undergoes 350 checks to ensure high quality and consumer satisfaction, making Raymond Weil a leader in the watchmaking industry.
Raymond Weil watch logo

Raymond Weil Watch History 

Raymond Weil initially sold his watches on a foldout bridge table in a small stall in Geneva. His vision to reshape the Swiss industry took him to all corners of the world and subsequently put together an international community of distributors from the Middle East and China.

The 1980s: Spreading the Raymond Weil Wings Around the World

Oliver Bernheim, son-in-law of the late founder, assumed a vital role in the expansion of the brand to keep up the competition. In 1982, Bernheim took charge of the marketing and communication department, where he set on to modernize the company structures. With the rapid growth of the industry, Weil and his family took to innovative ways to remain on top.
Weil set foot in the watchmaking industry during a crucial point in history. In the 1970s, the Swiss watch industry faced a major crisis, now famously knows as the ‘Quartz crisis.’ Cheaper and affordable electronic models were produced in Asia, and the low-cost imports threatened the existence of the luxury Swiss watch industry. The late founder had to choose between producing affordable luxury watches made the traditional way (spring-powered and cog-and-gear mechanical) or to switch to the modern electronic models.
Weil chose the former. The company to date remains a family run business that makes watches keeping up the traditional ways of watchmaking but with a twist. The company set up a research and development department to take advantage of technological advancement without making a compromise to the traditional watchmaking style.
Weil invested in good advertising to make the brand internationally superior. Their famous advertising campaign of 1994, called the Precision Movement, won several awards. This advertisement saw many dancers posing mid-air to imitate the precise movement of the timepieces sold at that time.

Precision Movement
Precision Movement Ad (Raymond Weil 1994)

The 1990s: Innovation and Class

Further technological innovations by the end of the 90s also saw the launch of two time zones delicately placed in a single dial. This led to the creation of the Don Giovanni Cozì Grande collection. Complete masculine design that was the top of the line, given its technical precision.  With the help of Bernheim, Raymond Weil was able to patent the interchangeable bracelet system for the ladies’ collection of watches in 1999.

The 2000s: Maestro Class

As the company moved into the 21st century, two more family members joined the company leadership marking the 3rd generation Weils into the family business. The Weil and Bernheim family believe this showcased the epitome of stability, durability, and equilibrium of the brand.
The 2000s saw a new direction for the Raymond Weil brand. With younger minds adding to watchmaking know-how, the company launched the infamous Nabucco collection. The company’s first every high-tech collection with 46mm case and water-resistance of 200m. Additionally, the first-ever split-second chronograph with a power-reserve indicator was installed in the Nabucco collection. This was released as a limited collection with just 500 timepieces.
The company now sells over 200,000 watches a year.

Raymond Weil Watch Collections

Parsifal Watch (Image: wikimedia.org)

Raymond Weil watches have drawn inspiration from music and musicians, as it shows in many of the collections.
The Amadeus collection of the 1980s took the namesake of the critically acclaimed movie by the Chez-American Director Miloš Forman based on Wolfgang Mozart.
In 1986, a collection called Fantasia with ultra-thin timepiece with refined a design was launched to mark the 10th anniversary of Raymond Weil brand. Fantasia refers to the free musical compositions of the musician.
As Raymon Weil moved into the 1990s, the company saw the need to improve technological precision. This lead to the launch of new collections sealing their growth with the Swiss watchmaking industry.
The popular collections are:

Tango Collection

Tango 300 Men's Quartz Steel Black Diver Watch, 42mm
Raymond Weil Men’s ‘Tango 300’ Dive Watch (Image: Raymond Weil)

The Tango collection has a signature bezel and six decorative screws. This collection is internationally acclaimed for its aesthetics. This range is available for both men and women. The Tango collection offers an appealing design with rhythmic perfection.

Parsifal Collection

Parsifal Men's Quartz Classic Two-Tone White Dial Bracelet Watch, 41mm
Raymond Weil Parsifal (Image: Raymond Weil)

Original design with a tasteful blend of innovation and meticulous finish. Initially launched in the ’90s, the Parsifal collection was relaunched in 2018 with a Swiss quartz movement

Toccata Collection

Toccata Men's Classic Steel Grey Dial Quartz Watch, 39mm
Raymond Weil Toccata (Image: Raymond Weil)

Music is the spirit behind the origin story of this collection by Raymond Weil. The name derives from the famous composer Toccata. Available for both men and women, the Toccata collection is a true testament to the influence of music over watchmaking.

Freelancer Collection

Freelancer Men's Realteam Blue Diver Automatic Watch, 42mm
Raymond Weil Men’s Freelancer (Image: Raymond Weil)

The most popular collection of the Raymond Weil brand is the Freelancer collection for men and women that made its way to the market in 2007. The Freelancer collection is regarded as ‘no-nonsense,’ clean, and reliable. The watches are also affordable and classy. Every year, the company upgrades the collection, and this year has seen the most stylish yet elegant timepieces of all time. The Freelancer collection is ideal for both work and social life. Available in a choice of 26mm, 29mm, or 34mm case, Freelancer collection is what you want to get your hands on!

Maestro Collection

Maestro Men's Moon Phase Automatic Blue Leather Men's Watch, 40mm
Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro (Image: Raymond Weil)

For the men, the Maestro collection is timeless and masculine. The popularity of Maestro collection paved the way for Raymond Weil to be the official sponsor of the Brit Awards since 2008. Celebrating the world of classical music, the Maestro collection redefines sophistication with renowned watchmaking technology. Ideal for a free-spirited man who takes charge of his destiny, the Maestro collection showcases the mastery of Raymond Weld.

Raymond Weil Reputation

With three generations of pooled knowledge, talent, and skills, the brand Raymond Weil stands strong today. Most noteworthy is the fact that the company has reinvented itself over time with all the technological innovations. Still, the company has also managed to retain the essence of the DNA created by the late founder.
Above all, the company is known for its precision watchmaking know-how, adherence to traditional values and stylish designs as the company have maintained its name for affordable luxury timepieces. The unique six o’clock front dial positioning is a regular sight in many of the brand’s watches.
Given the number of musical tributes, Raymond Weil is popular amongst musicians and artists. The company proudly boasts of composing timeless watches just the way composers and musicians compose their masterpieces. If you own a Raymond Weil, the two universes of music and watchmaking are forever bound in time and on your hands. The watchmaker’s love for music is seen in their design, the intricate attention to details, and the aesthetics, resulting in distinctive and identity marking models.
If you’re a music fan, you’ll want to check our article covering other watches inspired by music (including several Raymond Weil watches).

Is Raymond Weil A Good Brand?

Raymond Weil Freelancer (Model 2730). Image Credit: David Forsman

Freelancer collection is a tribute to the present and a symbol of the future. Its name picks up the digits of our address here in Switzerland: 1212, standing for the Geneva suburb Grand-Lancy. It symbolizes the path we have traveled to date and the free-spirited approach we bring to watchmaking. It is our first in-house movement, born from our partnership with the Swiss movement manufacturer Sellita” says CEO Elie Bernheim.
If you are looking for a Swiss-made watch in the “affordable luxury” category, then Raymond Wiel is definitely worth considering.  The company has perfected itself with dedication and sophisticated technological know-how to deliver the needs of their consumers. With an average price point of the Freelancer collection at around $1,500, the brand offers a decent entry point into affordable Swiss luxury.
As with any debate about a particular watch brand, a minority of watch aficionados write off the brand, placing it on the lower-rung watch ladder. Others claim that it doesn’t deserve to be called “luxury“.
However, many other watch experts praise the build quality of Raymond Weil watches. Some comment that the brand’s style is forward-thinking, also noting that they use quality ETA and Sellita movements at an attractive price and rank them somewhere between Tissot and Longines.
Rado, Maurice Lacroix, and Oris are some other Swiss brands to compare if you are shopping for a new watch in this price range and category.
Despite the ‘quartz crisis’ as mentioned above, Raymond Weil faces stiff competition within the Swiss watch industry. The brand also has released many lower-priced consumer models in the $500 range that compete with brands such as Hamilton and Victorinox.

Raymond Weil vs. Tissot

Overall, Raymond Weil has high-quality finishing and design.  Many customers are highly satisfied with Raymond Weil, given a higher degree of preference over other brands as the company is considered honest and dignified. Regular users of Raymond Weil appreciate the high quality of each timepiece and the brand’s contemporary design.
Tissot, on the other hand, has been in the market for longer than Raymond Weil. Founded in 1853, Tissot is now sold in over 150 countries. There is an additional sense of trust with Tissot as it gained its reputation with its versatile collection.

Raymond Weil vs. Maurice Lacroix

While Ramond Weil’s recent collection can be understood as an epitome of understated elegance, Maurice Lacroix is a bit of the underdog of Swiss watches. Maurice Lacroix is highly regarded among luxury watch collectors. The prices are higher than Raymond Weil, but the reviews are generally highly favorable.
The question to the answer ‘Is Raymond Weil better than Maurice Lacroix‘ depends much on whether you are looking to buy an affordable luxury watch or a high-end luxury watch.
For more affordable options, Ramond Weil is your solution. It is lighter on your wallet, with the average price point around $1,500. If you’re looking to impress horologists, you may need to several thousand for a Maurice Lacroix.

Raymond Weil Warranty

Raymond Weil Tango Watch
Tango Watch (Image Credit: wikimedia.org )

Raymond Weil offers a limited warranty of two years on all the timepieces provided that the authorized dealers sell the models. Ensure that the warranty card is filled by the dealer upon purchase to benefit from the warranty in case of any damage.
The extent of damage covered under warranty is exclusively on manufacturing damages. It does not include: 

  • Damage as a result of an accident, or misuse, or negligence
  • Theft or loss
  • Damage arising from inappropriate use

Where the damage does not fall under the excluded list, Raymond Weil will repair or replace your watch free of cost.

Raymond Weil Club

If you are own one (or many) Raymond Weil, you can also register on the website as part of the club to avail extra benefits. These benefits include:

  • An additional year of warranty
  • Dedicated service
  • Special Offers

Where to Buy Raymond Weil?

Tango 300 Men's Quartz Chronograph Classic Two-Tone Rose Gold Watch, 43mm Stainless steel
Tango 300 Men’s Quartz Chronograph Classic Two-Tone Rose Gold Watch (Image: Raymond Weil)

Whether its a luxury watch or not, the idea of gifting or buying a watch is one close to the heart. Watch enthusiasts put in a lot of research to find the perfect watch that suits their style and personality. Raymond Weil offers a wide range of watches from leather to metal straps, offering something to everyone.
The official Raymond Weil website offers you incredible light on all their collections and the history of its making. Browse through the site to discover the watch for you. Since the brand does not have an e-commerce platform, you can pick one from Amazon or visit their physical store. The link to the store locator is available here.
If you are looking to invest in the Raymond Weil collection for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, then look no further. Raymond Weil is available to ship worldwide on Amazon.
You can also find new, and pre-owned Raymond Weil watches on eBay. UK and EU shoppers may also want to check out Raymond Weil on WatchShop.

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