Cluse Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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Cluse is a Dutch brand that makes watches and jewelry. This fast-growing accessories brand is headquarters in Amsterdam.  While the brand is not as well known as more established watch brands, many of our readers have seen these watches for sale online and ask if they are just another fashion brand or worth a closer look? 
So in this article, we aim to do just that -, as well as provide information to those who would like to know more about the brand—where to purchase the watches, the warranty policy, and the brand’s reputation.

Cluse Brand History 

Founded in 2013 by watch retailers in Holland, Cluse is known for stylish, minimalist watches with affordable price tags. Cluse has a wide range of watch collections for both men and women. Below, we’ll talk about some of the most notable ones, as well as give you a background on each timepiece. We’ll start off with models for women, and then move on to men’s watches. By 2021, the company has grown to over 80 members with many of them in Holland but also operations in Hong Kong. 
Apart from online sales, Cluse watches can be found in many boutiques and watch retailers throughout Europe. 

Cluse Watch Collections

Cluse Feroce Collection

This collection is composed of watches that are simple yet elegant, with the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic-classics that can be worn as an everyday watch but will also look good with formal wear. 
One of these is the Feroce Steel White in Gold, a 36mm quartz watch with a matte white dial and a gold-tone stainless steel case, and a link bracelet. Cluse watches have interchangeable straps so you’ll be able to mix and match styles and colors. This model has an 18mm strap. 
This watch is also available in silver and two-tone versions, as well as in leather and mesh strap bracelets. See the collection here.
The Feroce collection also has the Petite line, which features similar watches, but in smaller sizes. One is the Feroce Petite Gold Colour, designed by Iris Mittenaere. This is a 31.5mm watch with a stainless steel gold case and a mesh bracelet. This model also comes in a special edition gift box. 

Cluse Boho Chic Collection

Cluse Women's La Boheme 38mm Black Steel Bracelet & Case Quartz Analog Watch CW0101201010
Cluse Women’s La Boheme 38mm

Another Cluse line designed for all occasions, the Boho Chic collection is composed of watches that have high-quality metal finishes and a laid-back style that’s excellent with daily wear. 
One is the Cluse Boho Chic Mesh Black watch, with a rose gold-tone stainless steel case and a black dial. This is a 38mm model that has an ultra-thin case and a mesh strap (also interchangeable). The watch has simple, slim index markers, with just the brand name at 12 o’clock. 
This collection also has smaller-sized watches under its Petite line. The Cluse Boho Chic Petite collection has smaller versions of the watches off the regular Boho Chic collection. The model we featured above has a smaller version, with similar features but smaller in size. This one has a 28mm case and a mesh strap. 
The collection also has leather strap watches, like this one with a hazelnut strap. This is a 38mm ultrathin case with a stainless steel case and a white dial. For those who like a minimalist model with a plain dark color theme, there’s also the Boho Chic Mesh Full Black with a mesh strap and a black-on-black theme. 

Cluse La Tetragone Collection

CLUSE LA TÉTRAGONE Mesh Gold Forest Green CL60014 Women's Watch 29mm Square Dial Stainless Steel Strap Minimalistic Design Casual Dress Japanese Quartz Precision
CLUSE LA TÉTRAGONE Mesh Gold Forest Green

This collection, which has relatively fewer models, is composed of square case watches with gold, silver, and rose gold finishes. They also have interchangeable straps and can be matched with any Cluse 16mm strap. 
The La Tetragone Steel White Pearl quartz watch has a square case with rounded edges. This 28.5mm watch has a stainless steel silver case and a white pearl dial. The watch has minimalist hands and index markers, with a water resistance of up to 30m.
There is also a mesh strap option, like the Cluse La Tetragone Gold watch, which has a striking glossy forest green dial, creating a retro look.
To read more about square watches, check out this article on the site on the 20 Stylish Square Watches For Women (we have a separate list for men’s watches too).

Cluse Vigoreux Collection

CLUSE Women's Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Silver, 18 (Model: CW0101210003)
CLUSE Women’s Quartz Watch (Model: CW0101210003)

Created for men and women, the Cluse Vigoreux collection is a line of sports watches with a high-performance Miyota quartz movement.
One of the collection’s models designed for men or anyone looking for a large model. The Vigoureux Steel Petrol Blue is a 40mm watch—Cluse’s take on a luxury sports watch design. This ultra-thick model has a brushed and polished stainless steel case and a petrol blue sunray dial, and a stainless bracelet with a butterfly clasp. The water resistance is up to 50m.
The smaller models are sized at 33mm. One of them is this stylish Steel White silver watch, which has a stainless silver-tone case and a white grid dial. This model, which has thin index markers and mineral glass, has a water resistance of up to 50m.
One of the brand’s latest releases under this collection is the Vigoureux Leather Dark Brown, which has a blue sunray dial and a dark brown croco leather strap.

Cluse Le Couronnement Collection

CLUSE Women's Quartz Watch with Leather Strap, Dark Grey, 16 (Model: CW0101209007)
CLUSE Women’s Quartz Watch (Model: CW0101209007)

You will notice that the collections we’ve featured above do not have a date window. If you’d like to have a Cluse watch this feature, check out their Le Couronnement collection.
This is the brand’s first collection of watches that have a date function. All of the watches under this line have a date window at 6 o’clock, set in a black hexagon. The watch still maintains the minimalist style in this one, as the window is small and doesn’t crowd the dial.
One of the watches from the collection is theLe Couronnement Leather Dark Grey watch, which has a rose gold-tone case and a dark grey leather strap. The case has a notable design of faceted hexagon, adding texture to the watch. All Le Couronnement watches have metallic drop markers.
CLUSE Women's Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Silver, 16 (Model: CW0101209008)
CLUSE Women’s Quartz Watch (Model: CW0101209008)

There’s also a stainless steel model, the Le Couronnement Steel White, a 33mm watch with a silver case and a white dial. The strap is stainless steel and the water resistance is up to 50m.

Cluse La Vedette Collection

CLUSE La Vedette Mesh Full Silver CL50001 Women's Watch 24mm Stainless Steel Strap Minimalistic Design Casual Dress Japanese Quartz Elegant Timepiece
CLUSE La Vedette

Last but not least is a watch collection with a classic chic design. The Cluse La Vedette is smaller than the watches we’ve featured so far—only 24mm and is finished with sleek domed glass.
This La Vedette Leather Black watch has a rose gold brass case and a clean, white dial. There is a Roman numeral marker at 12 o’clock, and the rest are index markers. This one has a thin black leather strap and a water resistance to 30m. Other strap options include white, pink, grey, and black lizard.
This collection also has mesh strap models, such as the Cluse La Vedette silver watch. The watches on this collection have straps that are interchangeable with other 12mm strap sizes by the brand.

Cluse Brand Reputation

Cluse is known for selling watches with a minimalist aesthetic. The brand mostly has models for women (the watches are around 24mm to 38mm) but also has a number of bigger models for men.
The watches are sold at relatively affordable prices, around $99 to $140. The brand also sells jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and rings, which you can explore here.

Is Cluse A Good Watch Brand?

This is obviously a very broad and subjective question and depends heavily on your expectations. 
We would classify Cluse as a fashion watch brand – in the sense that it has no established history of making watches nor do they make watches that are specifically notable for their innovative design or watchmaking expertise. They do make fashionable and affordable timepieces, jewelry and accessories.
While you won’t see the brand mentioned in any watch collectors forums, however, that doesn’t mean the brand is not worth considering.
If you are looking for an affordable watch, are not concerned too much about watchmaking and like the sleek look of these watches, these could be a very decent option.
Many of the brand’s watches are under $100, they look stylish and you’re usually getting a Japanese quartz watch, most likely assembled in Asia – so an accurate and reliable type of watch for simple timekeeping. 
On the review platform Trustpilot, the brand’s products and online customer service have mixed reviews.  
The case is different, however, for Amazon. Customer reviews on this site are generally much more positive, with customers praising the value and good design of the watch. The feedback on Amazon for this best-selling gold-tone mesh model, for instance, are positive, with customers pointing out the classic and elegant look, as well as the sturdy design.
If you are considering Cluse watches and want to compare, brands such as Daniel Wellington, Skagen, or MVMT would be a few to consider since they also have a minimalist approach to watch design, similar price point, and brand reputations.   You can check out this Quora discussion for more opinions.
If you prefer looking at older watch brands with longer history and an established record of making quality then Cluse is not the brand for you.  Some brands you could check out are –Seiko Timex or Orient to name a few in the same price range as Cluse.

Where To Buy Cluse Watches

As mentioned above you can purchase Cluse watches directly on their website (where they offer worldwide shipping) or on Amazon, where the brand has an official store.
Cluse is also available in online fashion stores like London-based Lyst, or its own website for customers purchasing the watches/accessories from Australia and New Zealand.
If you’re looking for physical Cluse stores or stockists, you can visit the Store Locator on the brand’s website to see the brands near you.

Where Are Cluse Watches Made?

It is not clear where Cluse watches are assembled, but according to the brand’s official website, the brand’s watches and jewelry are designed in Amsterdam.

Cluse Watch Warranty

The brand offers a two-year warranty on Cluse watches and jewelry, covering manufacturing defects. The Cluse website has a link to their customer care team if customers have questions regarding warranty and returns.
You can also visit this page to learn more about the brand’s updated return policy.
Take note that this warranty may be different if you ordered the item on a site other than the official Cluse website. 

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