Huge List Of Sites That Offer Watch Engraving

Where to Get Watch Engraved? - Huge List Of Sites That Offer Engraving

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Engraving your watch is a nifty way of further personalizing your priced timepiece. An engraving on your favorite timepiece will also give it that priceless sentimental value and should also be a thoughtful gift idea for families or your significant other. There are dozens of watch engraving ideas out there that can help you add a personal touch to your timepiece. 
Having a timepiece engraved is an entirely personal decision. You can engrave anything you want, whether a name, an important date, or interesting quotes about watches. However, if you plan on selling your watches in the future, you might want to refrain from having them engraved as this can affect their resale value. 
Now, there are several factors you need to consider before you decide on engraving your timepiece to avoid regretting it in the future. First, check out our article on whether you should engrave your watch to help you make a more informed decision.
Once you have decided to have your timepiece engraved, the next step is to find a shop that offers this service. While you will undoubtedly find a couple of local jewelry and watch shops that provide this service, the engraving quality might be an issue. 
To help you guarantee the best outcome, we have listed the best brands/retailers that offer watch engraving services. These are highly skilled and professional services that will guarantee impeccable results. So check out our recommended sites down below for all your watch engraving needs.

Where To Get Your Watch Engraved


Bloomingdale’s brand logo
Bloomingdale’s is an American luxury department store and offers a wide variety of services to their clients – one such service is watch engraving. Bloomingdale’s offers a broad selection of watch brands included in their catalog of watch engravings, such as Tissot, Bulova, Victorinox, and Frederique Constant, to name a few. 


Timex Brand Logo
A well-known watch brand in the entry-level market and offers a wealth of variety regarding their timepieces, Timex also offers watch engraving services and customization. Not only does Timex offer engraved watches to their customers, but the brand also allows for complete customization with some of their watch models. 
From picking the type of case and matching it with a slew of dial options to choosing a specific strap type, Timex aims to provide a highly personalized experience for their customers. Currently, Timex offers up to eight current watch models that you can fully customize and six that can be engraved. So if you are a fan of Timex, we recommend you go to them for all your engraving and watch customization needs. 

Porsche Design 

Porsche design brand logo
Porsche Design offers a fully customizable watch service that is quite rare for a luxury watch brand. The company even boasts up to 1.5 billion staggering combination possibilities. The foundation of this jaw-dropping watch customization is the Chronograph 1 timepiece, in which you will then pick every single key component for assembly. 
The engraving option is the last step in this detailed process.
Engraving pretty much guarantees a one-of-a-kind timepiece for each individual once completed. 

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Brand logo
Considered as one of the best entry-level luxury watch brands, Raymond Weil offers an excellent selection of stylish timepieces that are sure to turn more than a couple of heads. Being a Swiss watch brand, Raymond Weil has a reputation to uphold, something that they have done impeccably well throughout the years. 
Raymond Weil also offers personalization options for their timepieces, such as engraving, to add a personal spice to their classy watches. The watchmaker offers engraving services for free when you order a timepiece from their official website or any Raymond Weil boutiques in your area. 


Fossil Brand Logo
Fossil is another unique brand that provides engraving and embossing services. Fossil offers a vast selection of timepieces that can be customized for both men and women. Not only does Fossil offer an excellent level of watch personalization options, but engraving is also made free with your watch purchase. 
The number of Fossil timepieces that can be engraved is quite impressive, with dozens of models available for customization options. You will find a watch to engrave that will suit your style in Fossil’s remarkable catalog. We advise that you contact your local Fossil store first if you wish to have your watch engrave as this service is available in select branches. 

Vincero Collective

Vincero Brand logo
Vincero Collective is a relatively new up-and-coming watch brand that offers stylish and affordable timepieces. Despite the relatively cheap price tag, Vincero watches feature quality material and construction. The brand is also known for its excellent watch personalization options
You can have your Vincero watch engrave by choosing the “Add Engraving” option before you purchase from their official website. Their engraving services cost a little extra and will set you back at around $31 per timepiece. Vincero can engrave 40 characters with 20 on each line, so don’t expect to engrave a lengthy quote in there. 


Nixon Brand logo
The Nixon brand is known for its blend of traditional and contemporary selection of watches, and they offer engraving services as well. About eleven of their timepieces can be personalized and engraved with around 30 different modification options to create the best personalized watch to suit your preferences. 
The engraving option is limited to only 13 characters per line, but that should be enough to craft something thoughtful and sentimental. In addition, Nixon is among the few watch brands that offer full-on watch customization services, which should satisfy watch enthusiasts who love having a unique timepiece on their wrists. 


Undone Brand Logo
Another relatively new watch brand based in Hong Kong, Undone, has climbed the ranks as one of the leading custom watchmakers in the market today. The level of customization options available is simply staggering. Undone watches will surely satiate individuals who enjoy personalizing their gear/accessories to capture their flair. 
We’ve featured the brand multiple times for its unique collaborations and collections including Batman watches, Snoopy-themed watches and the brand’s reinterpretation of the classic California dial
Undone also offers full customization services for the dial and both solid and glass case back. They can add initials to the dial, engrave words on solid watch case backs and even print images on their watches that have glass case back. You can even request some further customization by opening a chat with their support.
Engraving services are currently priced at $20 per timepiece, which is relatively affordable. However, if you are looking to experiment with fully personalizing your watch, we highly recommend you check out Undone’s official website. 

Original Grain

Original Grain Logo
Original Grain is a relatively new watchmaker in the market that debuted in 2013 and is based in the Pacific Northwest. The watch company is another innovative brand the features timepieces made from both steel and wood. While their timepieces are designed in the U.S.A., all assembled in China. The variety of wood types used to construct their watches are all certified sustainable and are recycled to ensure eco-friendliness. 
Original Grain offers engraving for their wooden watches. Specifically, the Classic, Minimalist, Alterra Chrono, Women’s Barrel, and Women’s Avalon watch line for $30 and the Men’s Barrel series for $40. Unfortunately, some of their higher-end watch lines, such as the Grainmaster, MLB Reclaimed, and Alma Mater Collection, are not available for engraving due to these models’ specially designed case back. 

Michael Kors

michael kors brand logo
The American designer watch brand, Michael Kors, is a luxury watchmaker with a relatively short history seeing as the company debuted in 1981. MK’s selection of timepieces offers a versatile range from classy traditional dress watches to some with a more modern approach to its design. 
As a designer brand, it is no surprise that Michael Kors offers engraving services with a wide selection of their watch lines. Check out their website for complete details on the engraving process


Jord Brand Logo
Jord is one of those highly distinct watch brands that deliver a unique element to the timepiece market. This unique aspect comes in the form of Jord’s high-quality wood in the construction of their watches. That is certainly one way to catch the attention of watch enthusiasts who are open to some experimental ideas. 
Jord watches incorporate several types of durable and high-quality wood (sandalwood, olive wood, and walnut); it is a no-brainer that they also offer engraving services. Customers can send in their handwriting, imagery, or logo of their choice to be laser engraved into their timepiece for top-tier precision and detail. 
If you are in the market for, what is possibly the best and one of the most unique watch gifts, Jord is an excellent place to start your search.


Rado Brand logo
Rado is a well-known and highly sought-after luxury watch brand that offers top-tier quality watches. In the watch market, Rado is known for its innovative watch materials such as ceramic which significantly improves the scratch resistance of their timepieces. In addition, Rado’s ceramic watches also offer a distinctive aesthetic charm.
The luxury watchmaker also offers engraving services with their timepiece for free. However, engraving of the case back is somewhat limited due to the already present engraved information (serial number, material, etc.). That said, you can still have a thoughtful short message engraved to add a significant amount of sentimental value to this already high-end watch brand.

Nomos Glashütte  

Nomos Glashütte brand logo
The NOMOS Glashütte is a top German watch brand most notable for its Bauhaus-inspired design and generally minimalist aesthetics. With an excellent quality build and a reasonable price tag, NOMOS is undoubtedly one of the more exciting options out there. 
The watchmaker also offers engraving services for several timepiece models in their inventory. To have your NOMOS watch engrave, select the “Add Engraving” option during checkout and write down a maximum of four lines of text. You will be taken to a preview screen of what the engraving will look like before purchasing. NOMOS engraving will cost around $60 per watch. 


Shinola brand logo
The Shinola watch brand offers a great selection of entry-level timepieces with an excellent American-style vintage aesthetic, making it a pretty desirable timepiece. While not a luxury brand, the outstanding watch design that Shinola incorporates into its models more than makes up for its lacking in prestige department. 
The watch brand also offers engraving services for their customers, covering their jewelry products and not just their timepieces. However, Shinola requires an additional $20 if you wish to have your watch engraved with a personal quote/message. In addition, having your watch engraved will void the refund and return policy of Shinola.


Treehut brand logo
The San Francisco-based watchmaker, Treehut, is another brand that offers innovative wooden watches. With an earthly aesthetic that features bamboo and genuine leather, Treehut watches exude a nature-friendly vibe that will surely be appealing to outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists. 
Treehut offers dozens of watches with quote engravings in their shop, and they also contribute to engraving personalized quotes and messages. In addition, you can check their official website for a more detailed rundown of their engraving process, covering their other products such as jewelry and wallets. 


Woodwatch brand logo
Woodwatch is another watch brand that focuses on delivering high-quality wooden watches to the masses. The company also expands upon its promise to provide a fully personalized experience. The company offers a complete customization option for its timepiece selection and every facet of the product – including the gift box. 
Woodwatch utilizes high-precision laser engraving to deliver the most detailed personalized message, quote, or unique design that you want. Woodwatch can engrave a message of up to 60 characters, which you can write down during the checkout process. Having your Woodwatch timepiece engraved will typically require one additional business day before shipment. 


Stowa brand logo
Stowa is a German luxury watchmaker with a relatively rich history in the industry. Founded back in 1927 in Engelsbrand, Germany, Stowa watches built a reputation for their high-quality and refined timepieces. A fantastic entry-level luxury watch brand, Stowa is certainly a watchmaker to keep an eye out for all you budding watch collectors. 
In addition, Stowa offers engraving services in the most detailed manner in that it is not limited to the case back only. Several key components of Stowa watches can be engraved, such as the handmade rotor, case side, and the wheel complication. 
Stowa’s engraving services does seem to cater to the watch enthusiast with its incredible attention to detail. Additionally, engravings utilize a high-precision laser machine, which is a must with how delicate some of the customizable components are.


Cartier brand logo
Cartier is one of those highly sought-after luxury brands due to the prestige and heritage that comes attached to this watch brand. Their timepieces are classy, refined, timeless, and exceptionally made thanks to Cartier’s years of experience in the watchmaking industry. Cartier watches are definitely worth the investment for watch enthusiasts and collectors. 
Along with an impressive line of high-end luxury watches, Cartier also offers engraving services further to develop their timepieces into personal and sentimental items. Engraving services will take an extra two business days before shipment is processed. Several Cartier boutiques also offer engraving services; we suggest you contact your local Cartier store to see if they provide watch engraving services. 


Jaeger-LeCoultre Brand logo
Jaeger-LeCoultre (JLC) is one of the more prestigious luxury watch brands in the market today. The watch company is highly respected in the industry and has built a reputation for being one of the more innovative luxury watch brands. 
JLC further enhances its overall appearance by offering engraving services, specifically their Reverso and Atmos watch line. Customers can also request a unique made-to-measure, special engraving for those who wish to add their personal touch to their JLC timepiece thoroughly. 
JLC provides engraving services from their official website as well as select JLC boutiques around the world. 


Butler Brand Logo
Butler primarily excels in developing aviation watches. However, they are still a relatively new watchmaker who is still on the proving grounds. That said, their timepieces do offer a distinctly modern aesthetic that has its appeal. 
Butler also provides engraving services which is a pretty straightforward process. You can click on the engraving options during the checkout process. Afterward, Butler will contact you via a customer care representative to finalize your order and engraving. 
Engraving is available for all of Butler’s four current watch lines. Engraving options include the font style and one of four logos. Butler also utilizes a laser engraving machine to ensure absolute precision and quality. 


TruWood Brand Logo
TruWood offers an excellent selection of wooden watches made from bamboo, black sandalwood, and maple, which the company sources from Asian countries and assembled in China. TruWood is based in Ontario, Canada and is still quite a young company founded in 2016. Despite being new to the business, TruWood quickly found its niche in the market. 
As with the other wooden watchmakers on this list, TruWood also offers engraving services for their timepieces. You can fully personalize your watch with quotes and messages on the case back. Engraving services will cost around $25 per timepiece. 


Michele Brand Logo
Michele primarily offers women’s luxury watches, and their selection of timepieces celebrates beauty and femininity. Michele watches provide exquisite detail, elegant craftsmanship, and aesthetic flourishes to make them an excellent conversation starter. 
All the timepieces in Michele’s catalog are customizable. In addition, customers can have their watches engraved free of charge from Michele’s official website. So if you are looking for a lovely lady’s timepiece which you can personalize with a thoughtful quote, Michele has an impressive selection of watches to choose from. 


Tense Brand Logo
One of the pioneers, making some of the best wooden watches in the industry, Tense is a watch brand that has been around for quite some time compared to other wooden watchmakers. Founded in 1971, Tense is one of the early watch brands that introduced wood in the construction of watch cases. Tense is a misnomer, though, as their selection of timepieces exudes a relaxing style and comfortable wear with its lightweight build. 
Of course, a staple of all wooden watches is the option to engrave the case back. This service is offered by Tense, free of charge, when you order a timepiece from their official website. You can also have the presentation box engraved, which will cost an extra $15. 


Archimede Brand Logo
Archimede watches are best known for their pilot and outdoor timepieces. With a minimalist and practical approach to aesthetics, Archimede is quite popular with professionals who prefer a practical, functional, and comfortable watch. 
Engraving services are also available for Archimede watches. However, the engraving services fee is steep at around $100 for the standard layout and letter fonts. In addition, specialized engravings such as logos need estimation from Archimede. 

Amazon Engraved Watches

Finally, you will find an excellent collection of engraved watches on Amazon. These online sellers offer watch engraving services free of charge. You will also find official retailers from brands like Michael Kors, Fossil, and Original Grain on Amazon, so make sure to check the site out for a one-stop-shop experience. 


Arvo brand logo
Arvo is a Salt Lake City-based watchmaker that is also quite active in the charity scene, with a percent of their sales going to various charities. As for their timepieces, Arvo watches feature a modern aesthetic with a solid build and reasonable price tag. 
Arvo also offers engraving services, a relatively new feature that they have just recently added to their store. Take note, though, that Arvo watches are already pre-engraved with the timepiece’s specifications. So, the amount of space available for engraving is limited. 
In general, Arvo engraving services offer about three lines with 15 characters max. The custom engraving service costs $9.99 per watch. 

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