12 Wood Watch Brands (These Wooden Watches Are Golden)

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Wood watches have been increasingly popular in recent years. More and more companies are starting watch businesses that focus on sustainable and natural materials, allowing customers to have stylish timepieces with a less negative impact on the environment.

close up of wooden watch
Wooden watch. (Image Credit: Rodger Evans)

Aside from being environment-friendly timepieces, one of the most attractive things about wood watches is their hypoallergenic material, which is excellent for those who are allergic to stainless steel. Another advantage is that temperature changes will not affect the watch, as materials like wood and bamboo are not affected by temperature changes.
Below, we’ll talk about some of the best wood watch brands on the market today. We’ll introduce the companies and talk about their materials, as well as discuss their advocacies and partner organizations.

Best Wood Watches

Original Grain

Original Grain Brown Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch OG10SW1
Original Grain Brown Dial Wood Watch (Image: Amazon)

Original Grain creates watches and accessories that highlight wood and steel. These are some of the more expensive watches on the list (ranging from around $189 like the minimalist Cognac Gold to the 1923 Yankees championship chronograph fort $2,999), so if you’re looking for a high-quality timepiece to invest in, this could be the brand for you.
The brand also produces watches featuring US baseball teams. You will find watches devoted to teams like Giants, Dodgers, Mets, and Red Sox, which are also excellent things to give to loved ones who are fans of the sport.
Original Grain partners with an organization in Senegal called Trees for The Future, which help plant trees and feed families for every watch sold. You can read about the program.
See available Original Grain watches on Amazon here.

SVENN Wood Watches

SVENN makes high-quality wood watches using sustainable and recyclable materials. Founded in 2017 by four friends, SVENN focuses on giving back to nature and preserving the environment while fueling its passion for watchmaking.
With a focus on Swiss movements, tempered wood, clean build, and minimalist design, SVENN takes the second spot on our list for affordable and eco-friendly wood watches. The timepieces come engineered with Swiss Ronda movements and shatterproof sapphire crystal, further sealing their quality in place.
Most of all, unlike any other brand, SVENN allows you to engrave your handwritten message on the back of the watch. Making this a unique gift to celebrate your anniversary, birthdays, or special days. The brand’s eco-consciousness also extends to the packaging of the watch. Enclosed in a wooden box, the SVENN watch sits proudly with all the recyclable material to keep it safe. You can also pick up a matching pair of SVENN wood watches as part of their Couple Series, which offers a discount on the overall price of two watches when bought together.
Discover your SVENN wood watch here and remember, for every watch you buy, the brand promises to plant a tree in return!



JORD Wooden Watches for Men - Dover Series Skeleton Automatic/Wood Watch Band/Wood Bezel/Self Winding Movement - Includes Wood Watch Box (Ebony & Rosewood)
JORD Wooden Watches for Men (Image: Amazon)

Jord is an American company that specializes in hand-crafted wood timepieces. Promoting sustainability, the brand produces a wide array of styles for both men and women.
Looking at the website, one would notice that Jord takes inspiration from classic watch designs while incorporating innovative and unique designs. They also sell watch bands for those with Apple watches. The prices range on their website range from $180 (such as the simple but sleek Frankie 38 for women) to $615 (like the limited edition Meridian Black Palm).    Check Prices of Jord watches on Amazon. 


Kerbholz Adult Lamprecht Maple Watch Ahorn Grey
Kerbholz Lamprecht Maple Watch (Image: Amazon)

Kerbholz is a German watch company that was started in 2011 by two friends who traveled to Central American and were inspired by wood. Today, the brand has become a popular wood watch and sunglasses brand that focuses on sustainability and responsibility.
Since 2017, the company has also donated 10% of their sales to an environmental organization that invests the money in different projects that promote sustainable materials, recycling, and other projects that help protect the environment. They also support projects like the Ocean Clean-up, which you can read about here.
Kerbholz watches, which have clean, minimalist designs, are available in sized for men and women, and cost $200 and below. The materials that they use aside from wood include acetate, stone, and metal. You can read more about their design philosophy hereSee Kerbholz Watches on Amazon


Plantwear Wood Watches
Plantwear Wood Watches (Image: Amazon)

Plantwear is another watch brand that produces both wooden timepieces and glasses. Made by hand, these products are all made in Europe and uses both domestic and exotic hardwoods.
Ranging from $199 to $320, Plantwear has a wide selection of watches, from simple, minimalist designs to modern chronographs. Check out the watches here. For those who like accessories, the company also sells bracelets, wooden necklaces, and leather chokers.
The wood that they use comes from FSC-certified sources, and the company also contributes 50 trees monthly via the Nature Conservancy foundation.

Bobo Bird

BOBO BIRD Mens Wooden Watch Analog Quartz with Week Display Lightweight Handmade Wood Wrist Watch for Men (Black Dial)
BOBO BIRD Men’s Wooden Watch (Image: Amazon)

Bobo Bird combines Chinese craftsmanship and Japanese movement in its watches. All the materials that this Chinese company uses were made from natural, reclaimed wood.
If you’re looking for a wooden watch that’s affordable, this is the brand that you should check out. The watches start at a very affordable price point like the Zebrawood watch (check price on Amazon) and the brand says that Bobo Bird watch owners all over the world now exceed 60 million.
The brand sells watches for men and women, as well as sunglasses, wallets, and Apple watch bands.
Explore the different collections here on their website or see all the available Bobo Bird watches on Amazon here.


NAUTIC 62° NORTH Zebrawood Watch (Image: vejrhoj.com)

This is another brand that has an attractive minimalist design on its watches. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Vejrhoj makes use of natural hardwood and stainless steel in its timepieces, which combines durability and sustainability.
If you’re a fan of Nordic or Scandinavian design, this brand is for you. The company is relatively new–it was founded in 2014, and later teamed up with renowned Danish designer Bo Bonfils to create the Nautic collection, which you can explore here.
See the watch collections for men and women here and see why the company has received a lot of awards since its inception. US shoppers can find their watches at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Treehut Bamboo

Treehut Men's Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch with All Wood Strap Quartz Ana.
Treehut Men’s Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch (Image: Amazon)

Run by a husband a wife team from San Francisco, Treehut is a small, family-run company that focuses on natural materials and personalization.
This is a great brand for those looking for presents for their loved ones Treehut allows its customers to customize their watches, which is made using materials like wood, marble stone, and stainless steel. The brand’s website is formatted in such a way that customers can choose their preferred materials, size, price points (under $100 to over $200), and a wide range of wood grain. There are also 17 different collections to choose from. See all of the choices here on their website or see all Treehut watches on Amazon here.

We Wood

WEWOOD Womens Analogue Quartz Watch with Wood Strap WW52001
WEWOOD Women’s Analogue Quartz Watch with Wood Strap (Image: Amazon)

Florence-based WeWood is an Italian watch company that focuses on making wood watches that are free from toxic and artificial materials. They use reclaimed and recycles wood, and collaborate with different environmental organizations.
Like the previous companies we’ve featured above, We Wood also plants a tree for every watch sold. According to their website, they have already planted at least 604, 475 trees all over the world since they started with their program in 2010.
WeWood has a wide range of wood watches, as well as eyewear and accessories. See all of them here or see We Wood watches on Amazon here.

Lux Woods

Lux Woods watches are all handmade and make use of sustainably-sourced materials. According to their website, they make use of scrap wood pieces, and they require their suppliers to use wood that was sustainably harvested and trees were re-planted. Two of the brand’s partner foundations include Feed the Children and Plant a Billion.
Aside from wood watches, Lux Woods also sells Apple watch bands and rings. Explore their collections here.

Analog Watch Co.

One of the first things that you’ll find on the Analog Watch Co. website is a note about trees. According to the company, they have already planted tens of thousands of trees, thanks to the customers. For every purchase of their watch, the company will plant one tree.
Analog Watch Co. also makes use of marble material on its watches. A part of a customer’s purchase will help protect communities from the impacts of mineral and energy development.
If you’re looking for a brand that is devoted to different efforts that help the environment, this is the one that you should take a closer look at. Aside from wooden watch collections for both men and women, Analog Watch Co. also has other products such as sunglasses, rings, cuffs, wallets, straps, and phone cases. Explore them all here.


Based in Austria, Holzkern is a brand run by young professionals. The company was introduced in 2015 and continues to get more and more popular today.
The brand has a wide range of collections for different wrist sizes, from 45mm chronographs to 36mm unisex watches. There are over 300 watches on the brand’s catalog, so you will have lots of designs to choose from.
The brand makes watches with hardwoods sourced from different parts of the globe, and also makes use of metal and stone. For every watch sold, they also donate €1 to help fund reforestation projects in Nicaragua, or the employment of those who have “reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities“. To learn more about the brand’s philosophy, visit this page.


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