9 Best G-Shock Alternatives (Tough Watches Similar to G-Shock)

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G-Shock is one of Casio’s more popular products and is a brand that has carved its own niche in the watch market. G-Shock debuted back in the 1980s and has kept the ball running with its remarkable goal of providing the public with a modern, multi-functional, and extremely durable timepiece. G-Shock, which is an abbreviation for ‘Gravitational Shock’, is designed to provide optimum levels of durability not seen in your standard timepiece brands. With G-Shock’s broad selection of watch models, that range from budget to premium, you are guaranteed to find one that will fit your needs and style.
Casio’s G-Shock is also one of the most sought-after and respected timepieces in outdoor, sports, and tactical industries. If you are looking for a reliable watch that can withstand rough and harsh environments, chances are that you will find what you are looking for in G-Shock’s catalog.
However, what if you simply don’t like G-Shock’s modern tactical approach with its aesthetic. Maybe you are not a fan of the tank-like and bulky design. What other watch brands out there can offer a similar level of sturdiness but in a completely different type of presentation?
If you are one of those that are not fans of G-Shock’s design, but respect and like the level of functionality that their models bring to the table, then you are in luck! In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best G-Shock alternative brands in the market today. These watch brands offer similar levels of durability and features, but with a vastly different approach when it comes to their design.

Best G-Shock Alternative Brands

Casio Tough Solar

What better choice for a G-Shock alternative than something from the same manufacturer, right? The Casio Tough Solar watch line is another one of the brand’s outdoor/sports watches and comes with an emphasis on variety with its vibrant and energetic aesthetics. These models are also considerably sleeker and more compact in comparison to G-Shock models.
As you might have already figured out, the Casio Tough Solar watch is completely solar-powered. This makes this Casio watch series a good choice for outdoor use. You might also be familiar with the Tough Solar technology from several G-Shock models, as well. If you want something eco-friendly, we suggest you check out Casio’s Tough Solar watch series.
To help you along the way, here are some Casio Tough Solar watches that we highly recommend:

Casio Tough Solar Sport Combination Watch

Casio Men's AQS810W-3AVCF Solar Watch with Green Band
Casio Tough Solar Sport Combination Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Casio Tough Solar Sport Combination Watch is nigh identical to the G-Shock in terms of design. However, it is relatively sleeker with its 47mm resin case. The dial is protected by a mineral crystal glass which is quite durable. Underneath lies a Japanese quartz movement that operates the analog-digital display.
When it comes to functionality, this timepiece offers a World Time feature, the ability to set up to 5 daily alarms, and an LED light with an afterglow effect. This is quite durable and affordable as well. That said, the Casio Tough Solar Combination only has a 100-meter water resistance rating. This means you can wear it for recreational swimming, but refrain from wearing it when scuba diving.
All in all, if affordability is your main goal – Casio’s Tough Solar watch line is an excellent alternative to their main G-Shock models.

Casio Pro-Trek

Here is another outdoor Casio watch series that is a good alternative choice to the G-Shock. Casio’s Pro-Trek watch line is one that comes close to what the G-Shock can offer. Pro-Trek watches are equipped with Casio’s patented Triple Sensor design and also provides excellent water resistance. The Pro-Trek watch series also incorporates a dual-layer LCD screen and comes in a wide variety of designs, but manages to retain a sense of ruggedness and style with each iteration.
The Casio Pro-Trek does separate itself from G-Shock in terms of design with its sleeker build. The ergonomic and lightweight build of Pro-Trek watches along with the excellent combination of features makes it a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts. If you want a more in-depth look and comparison between Pro-Trek and G-Shock watches, click here.

Casio Pro-Trek PRG-270-1

Casio Men's Pro Trek PRG-270-1 Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multifunction Digital Sport Watch
Casio Pro-Trek PRG-270-1 (Image: Amazon)

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The Pro-Trek PRG-270-1 model excels in providing convenience with its user-friendly one-button operation design. You can use the various sensors installed into the Pro-Trek PRG-270-1 with a press of a single button. This watch is designed specifically for outdoor use as can be seen with its many features, such as a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, and compass.
Due to its outdoor-centric features, the PRG-270-1 is an excellent alternative to G-Shock’s Rangeman and Mudman models. It is relatively more affordable than the Rangeman and has Triple Sensor technology as compared to Mudman’s Twin Sensor feature. The Casio Pro-Trek PRG-270-1 also comes with the Tough Solar technology to further enhance its usability outdoors. See G-Shock vs Pro-Trek comparison here.


While Timex is best known for its high-quality entry-level timepieces, they also have some noteworthy outdoor and sports watches that can give G-Shock a run for its money. In fact, most consider Timex’s Command Shock watch series to be the closest thing to a rival for Casio’s G-Shock. Timex also has a couple of other rugged watches in their inventory like the Expedition and Ironman series – both of which are also worthy contenders to the G-Shock.
The Timex Command Shock, while not exactly an innovative watch, is a fairly solid timepiece that features a highly ergonomic and modern design. This is a far cry from G-Shock’s bulkier build which is one of the Command Shock’s main appeal.

Timex Command Shock

Timex Command Shock Digital CAT 54mm Watch – Blue & Gray with Fast Wrap Strap
Timex Command Shock (Image: Amazon)

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The Timex Command Shock takes several beats from G-Shock’s design, such as an emphasis on shock resistance and utilizing a sturdy resin case. The large digital screen is also one of its more appealing design choices, but it does leave the Command Shock with a rather large 54mm diameter case. As for features, it comes equipped with most of what you would expect in a G-Shock watch.
The Timex Command Shock features a countdown timer (24-hours), up to three daily alarms, a 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times, a hydration alarm, and the ability to pick whether you get an audible or vibration alarm.
The build of the Command Shock also gives it 100-meter water resistance. Based on the features that come with this timepiece, it would be a great companion during jogs, triathlons, and hiking activities.
See G-Shock vs Timex compared here.


Luminox’s reputation in developing some high-quality outdoor timepieces is unquestionable. Luminox’s outdoor and sports watches are lightweight, reliable, and durable. When it comes to a specific feature that Luminox excels at, this is undoubted with their self-powered illumination system. Luminox watches are known to maintain their lamination for up to 25 years. The luminescent coating used also do not require sunlight to recharge nor any button to operate.
When it comes to reputation, Luminox definitely stands on its own. Their watches are proven and tested reliably in harsh environments. Luminox watches are also pretty common in military and police gears, as well as thrill-seeking adventurers.
For a more detailed rundown, check out our Luminox vs. G-Shock comparison article.

Luminox 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch
Luminox 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Luminox 3051 EVO Navy SEAL is a highly tactical timepiece designed for stealth due to its rather low-key aesthetics. Being true to its moniker, the Luminox 3051 was designed in collaboration with actual Navy SEAL members.
One of the more notable aspects of Luminox watches is where it is developed. This is a Swiss watch, and as such, you can expect it to go through one of the strictest quality assurance process in the global market. As for its most prominent feature, Luminox watches deliver top-tier luminous technology that is brighter than (up to 100 times) your standard luminous dials.
Besides the rugged analog dial design, this timepiece utilizes Japanese quartz movement underneath its 44mm resin case. The watch is also water-resistant for up to 200-meters, similar to G-Shock watches.


Suunto is better known for its sports smartwatches and is a direct competitor of Garmin – so, why is it included in this list? Well, that’s because despite being mostly a fitness and outdoor sports watch, Suunto watches are surprisingly robust and durable.
While Casio’s G-Shock most certainly takes the cake when it comes to overall durability, Suunto watches take the top spot when it comes to advanced technological capabilities. Some of the most common features found in Suunto watches include a built-in GPS, running/cycling heatmaps, and even an offline map. There are also several military-style Suunto watches that can almost match up against some of G-Shock’s toughest models. See a full comparison of Suunto vs G-Shock here.

Suunto Core Sports Watch

Suunto Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch - SS014279010
Suunto Core Sports Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The closest Suunto watch that we can consider as a direct competition to the G-Shock is the Suunto Core. The Suunto Core is competitively priced and offers some nifty features that you can find in G-Shock models within the same price bracket. Blow for blow, this is definitely a close fight and can even fall under the category of a ‘mirror match’ with how similar the features of the Suunto Core are with several G-Shock models.
That said, Suunto definitely wins when it comes to the style department. Suunto Core might even have an edge with the overall features that it packs under its sleek design. Suunto Core is as versatile as they come and is considerably tougher than most fitness smartwatches in the market today.


Garmin is well-known for its GPS equipment and used its knowledge of tracking to make a name for itself within the fitness tracking market and outdoor sports watch category. This is most evident in their outdoor adventure line. Garmin watches utilize smartwatch connectivity to further enhance their functionality and offer high-end functions such as topographical maps on watches designed for hiking and adventures and even Applied Ballistics for their watches designed for hunters.
One of their most well-known model series is the Garmin Fenix with its fantastic level of customizability. So how do Garmin watches fair against G-Shock? Very well, in fact. Garmin watches have evolved throughout the years and with their premium tactical watches, the MARQ series.

Garmin Fenix 6S

Garmin fenix 6S, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, Smaller-Sized, Heat and Altitude Adjusted V02 Max, Pulse Ox Sensors and Training Load Focus, Silver with Black Band
Garmin Fenix 6S (Image: Amazon)

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This one is built for the rugged terrain and with its advanced technology, the Fenix 6S is definitely in a league of its own. It is packed with some of Garmin’s best features such as the Pulse Ox, a 3-axis compass that utilizes multiple global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Besides its outstanding GPS capabilities, you can also connect the Fenix 6S to your smartphone and take advantage of the multitude of compatible apps to further customize your experience and convenience.
The Fenix 6S is also designed to tackle outdoor trips and camping with its impressive battery life which can last up to 9 days (Watch mode), 25 hours (GPS mode), 20 days (expedition GPS activity mode), and a whopping 34 days (battery saver Watch mode).
See a detailed look at G-Shock vs Garmin here.


When it comes to the closest alternative to G-Shock, you cannot go wrong with Victorinox. This is a Swiss watch brand that is often seen as G-Shock’s true rival in terms of overall durability. While Victorinox might not have the same level of recognition as Casio or the current G-Shock rival, Timex, it is a brand that you should not snooze around on.
Victorinox watches are known to withstand harsh environments and rough terrain. Similar to their other popular product, Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox has imparted their timepiece products with the same level of high-quality craftsmanship that makes their watches highly resistant to shock, pressure, and extreme temperatures.

Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Stainless Steel Watch, 43mm, Black
Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Watch (Image: Amazon)

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If you want a G-Shock alternative that comes with a more traditional aesthetic but retains a high level of durability, then the Victorinox I.N.O.X. watch might just be what you are looking for. Besides using polished stainless steel for its case and bracelet, the I.N.O.X. watch also uses high-grade hypoallergenic stainless steel which is tampered to withstand up to 130 extreme endurance homologation tests.
While the I.N.O.X. watch may not come with the slew of features and functionalities that G-Shock has, it certainly makes up for it with its fantastic quality build. The watch is also designed with 200-meter water resistance.


Seiko is mostly known for their stylish dress watches and high-level dive watches, but they also have their fingers in the proverbial sports watch pie. In fact, if you are specifically looking for an alternative to G-Shock’s dive watches (like the G-Steel, for example), then you definitely need to check out the Seiko Propex series and the Seiko 5 Sports. For now, though, we will be putting the spotlight on a particular Seiko sports watch.

Seiko SRPD79 NATO Strap Automatic Watch

Seiko Men's Black Nylon NATO Strap Automatic Watch - SRPD79
Seiko SRPD79 NATO Strap Automatic Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Seiko SRPD79 Automatic Watch may not come with all the nifty multi-functional features of a G-Shock watch, but it certainly is one of the more reliable and durable in Seiko’s catalog. This watch features a self-winding movement with an analog dial. The dial is also well-protected inside a durable Hardlex crystal glass.
The Seiko SRPD79 comes in a high-grade 42mm stainless steel case with a black matte hard coating. The watch is also designed to have a water resistance of up to 100-meters. If you are looking for something stylish, subtle, sleek, and accurate – check out what Seiko has in their impressive catalog.


We finally arrive at the end of our list and what better way to cap off the end of this adventure than with one of the most versatile and best watch brands in the market, Citizen. Citizen is a Japanese-based watch manufacturer that offers a wide breadth of timepieces, from entry-level to luxury. In fact, Citizen has an outstanding collection of military-style watches that feature a more rugged design and is a perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts.
Citizen is also amongst the select few watch companies considered to be innovators and trailblazers in the industry. This recognition is thanks in huge part to the Citizen Eco-Drive technology which is their answer to the common quartz watch battery issue. By developing a highly reliable solar-powered technology for their watches, Citizen timepieces an endless supply of power source. It is in this particular factor that the G-Shock solar watches and Citizen go head-to-head.

Citizen Military Quartz Watch (BU2055-16E)

Citizen Men's 'Military' Quartz Stainless Steel and Nylon Casual Watch, Color:Green (Model: BU2055-16E)
Citizen Military Quartz Watch (Image: Amazon)

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The Citizen Military Watch features a more robust build that will appeal to thrill-seekers. It features a Japanese quartz movement with an analog dial display. The watch also incorporates chronograph features with sub-dials that display the day, date, and a 12/24-hour format.
The watch is quite sleek and comes in with a 43mm diameter stainless steel case. The nylon strap offers more flexibility and comfort, two factors that are essential in an outdoor environment. In addition, the Citizen Military Watch can provide a decent 100-meter water resistance, which makes it suitable for recreational swimming and snorkeling.

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